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  1. Thanks for the feedback and clarification, I found this out as well. Some adjustments could be made to my 10 speed, but would need to gather those details when a date is set. Unless a change in the tuner/performance world comes in the interim, as it relates to my 2019 6.2L Silverado, HPtuners will be the route I take for now and thought seriously about a supercharger install with this kind of money. I haven't turned away completely from the latter, but the difference still in cash I can use for the suspension or exhaust. I don't know which I dislike worst, how low the truck sits or that beautiful rattle sound from the exhaust rattle. The one thing that does gripe me about HPtuners, is how they charge 8 credits with the Silverado, compared to 4 credits for the Tahoe and other models outfitted with 6.2L...nice.
  2. Go back to page 2 and look at Jmike's post. Similiar look using RC 3" suspension lift and 35x11.50rx20.
  3. I picked up the ECU for $250 and would have it reflashed to my vin. I can always resell it if nothing else, but having it to tune, whichever route I decide to take is far better than not having the truck to drive for me. HPtuners vs. Diablo looks to be an expensive decision either way and weighing out the pros/cons, since I've had discussion with local tuner, on the HPtuner side and prior to looking into this Diablo option.
  4. I went with S&B this go round for extra air flow. The truck already had headers installed when I purchased it. The only thing I wish I could change out, is going towards a dry type reusable filter replacement. Not a real fan of the oiled.
  5. I'd be interested on your feedback as well. I've been thinking on going this route to address the couple codes from headers. I bought a back-up ECM to tune, as I couldn't do without my truck, even for a few days.
  6. See if you can find the pads here on CARiD: https://www.carid.com/brembo/?filter=1&ptype-groups[]=Performance+Brakes%2C+Pads+%26+Rotors&ptypes[]=Performance+Brake+Pads Also PPV RPO J55 brakes from the 2021 Tahoe PPV (Police Pursuit Vehicle) are the same as these I read and may cost a bit less, without the paint bling.
  7. Same story here. Only one, 2003 GMC Sierra Denali, had it since 2005. Loved that truck with the Quadrasteer. Sold to a guy who had been looking for a long time for one and reacted the same as I did, when I first saw the truck. A couple pics with the Silverado's tire/wheels the day I sold her -
  8. I've been debating on a dash cam or not, but with all that goes on around your vehicle, I'll probably get one sooner or later. Interested in your reviews after you receive.
  9. I'll agree with using your brain, that's why the last sentence is key. In my state, none of the preceding items help to avoid a ticket and having a CDL, as I do also, holds you to a much higher tier of responsibility. In short, we know better and doesn't much serve as a positive. Friends unfortunately have had to deal with the penalty when caught, depending on the speed, can be rather severe and $$$. I had a Uniden R3 that served me well, but recently moved to the R7 with the change in detection technology and tactics. The V1 is a very good detector, as well as the Escort, but preferred the Uniden.
  10. I had the Corsa touring on my 2003 Sierra Denali 6.0L and next to having a true dual system, I was happy with the sound of start-up and acceleration also. The Corsa tips were a nice compliment too.
  11. I'll echo an earlier post on user's experiences of the tunes mentioned from HPtuners, Diablosport, or others with these trucks. Coming from a 2003 GMC Sierra Denali, with the 6.0L/4L65, with a basic tune, where the company sent me the modified ECM and once installed, I returned my original back. Through the years of ownership, read through forum posts from different sites of user experiences and comparisons, Diablosport, HP Tuners and Blackbear named the majority of the time. That said and after following the link and watching the video provided, I'm on that fence of really two choices that I know of. Now that I recently own this 2019 LTZ, with the L87 6.2L/10 speed transmission, truck has previously installed long-tube headers and now has a S&B CAI installed. With having my truck down nearly a week for the exchange, I 'm considering buying another ECM($250), to mail in for the tuning under the vin number. For the long-tube headers, I need to delete the rear O2 sensor, to remove my current associated codes of P0158(O2 sensor circuit high volts/Bank 2 Sensor 2), P014A(Fuel/Air metering), where both tunes can address, as I understand. With the above in mind, would the choice break down to choose, as I've read good review history for both - Diablosport that suit my purposes for my immediate needs for the codes and performance basics for drivability, along with smoothing out some of the shift points in the transmission? If I had plans to add cams, new heads or supercharger type mods, I'd go HP Tuners, correct? I have talked to a local tuner for my truck a couple months ago and the price was a bit higher for the exchange(~$1300) and would cost me an additional $1000 for the dyno-tune. I do like from Diablosport, that they tune my ECM and return it back. Predator 2 7222-R ($629.95) With HP Tuners, the "L84 & L87–E90 Modified ECM Exchange Service", the exchange a tuned ECM for your original ECM ($699.99+$19.99 (mpv12 usb)). Sorry for the long post, just trying to break it all down from reading/researching, while learning about this new truck.
  12. Congrats on the family addition! fwiw, I installed mine by myself, but helps to have a friend when lifting canister onto bed. Pretty simple install when you follow the instruction steps.
  13. No argument here about that. If it wasn't already on the truck and for the money spent, I'd be looking at the Wilwood package for all four corners. Eventually I'd like to see about dual piston for the rears.
  14. Adding Installation Sheet Light Duty Truck 5JL 6-Piston Performance_84766669.pdf
  15. Ditto on that when I was getting clear film from a well established installer in the area. Told me the same for the chrome. This is really unacceptable. Have you all went up the chain to the regional level and receiving the same answer?
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