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  1. Congrats on the family addition! fwiw, I installed mine by myself, but helps to have a friend when lifting canister onto bed. Pretty simple install when you follow the instruction steps.
  2. No argument here about that. If it wasn't already on the truck and for the money spent, I'd be looking at the Wilwood package for all four corners. Eventually I'd like to see about dual piston for the rears.
  3. Adding Installation Sheet Light Duty Truck 5JL 6-Piston Performance_84766669.pdf
  4. Ditto on that when I was getting clear film from a well established installer in the area. Told me the same for the chrome. This is really unacceptable. Have you all went up the chain to the regional level and receiving the same answer?
  5. I decided to start a new thread on this dealer-installed GM performance upgrade, in the hopes of receiving some answers to questions I have and in turn, providing information I've gathered since owning this truck for a short time. A little background on the truck. I bought and received my 2019 LTZ used through a dealer with 7K miles, with the 6.2L L87 / 10 speed transmission in May 2021. The previous owner had the Brembo upgrade installed and soon afterwards, installed the Kooks LT headers / Y-pipe with green cats. The latter I'm thinking of either doing another thread or ma
  6. I have the Retrax XR and the ability to lock in place all along the rail I liked. this present day polycarbonate offering from Retrax is well built and nothing with the cover feels cheap. Think Lexan for the cover and from website FAQs, "has excellent impact resistance and is unharmed by sun, moisture or temperatures from -50 to +200 degrees F." I can say the cover remains closed at stop-and-go traffic and the highway. It doesn't rattle while driving either and smooth while operating and glad I decided on the T-track system for added flexibility. I've experienced no leaks and that's having go
  7. Ha! I ordered those as well. A bit pricey, but blends in perfectly. I wish I would've thought of this with my 3D printer.
  8. fyi - For the money, I'd rather spend that amount for all 4 wheels. Wilwood and Aero are a couple options vs. Brembo.
  9. Interested how many miles drove since replacing rotors and using the EBC pads and do you still have part numbers please? I'm think I've seen the rotor numbers, but thought I'd ask for backup. Sorry to hear about OP's experience. I bought my truck used with 7k miles with this Brembo package as factory option by previous owner in Virginia. I'll keep a closer eye on mine, but so far with nearly 10k, the rotor/pad wear is minimum and even.
  10. Another fan of the Corsa system, after having the system on my '03 Sierra Denali with the 6.0L. I also liked the double wall exhaust tips. I'm also a fan of the quad round tips, which with the nice sound, Magnaflow is a close second. That Borla S-Type system added another option I saw and that was the quad rounded square. That's a nice look and have seen a few aftermarket manufacture these SS tips in the same style. After listening to a number of sound clips of the different systems, Corsa and Magnaflow was to my liking, at least to my ear. While listening to sound cl
  11. Correcting this post, since doing a bit of research on the bolt patterns and finding out the differences in measures of the rear door (crew vs. double cab) for fit. It was frustrating at first, as I was a bit annoyed how low the truck sits for simple oil changes and how few applications for double cabs with steps that didn't take away too much ground clearance. I'm running GM 84011396-622495034 chromed aluminum running boards, at 81.5 inches. Havoc HS2 / Nfab Podiums, Westin Outlaws, Westin HDX series and the OE GM Sport Steps. Havoc/Nfabs slipped in for stainless, good
  12. After weeks to decide whether to go with another folder tonneau or putting the $$ out for a retractable, decided on the Retraxone XR. One of the issues of the Extang folder I had on my '03 is that it did have more leaking that I liked. The Retrax seems to address that and I definitely like the looks of it on the truck. Installed the EGR in-channel window visors also. First time with this brand and felt to be quality. I liked also it didn't have the brand stamped on the outside and didn't protrude out more than necessary.
  13. Yeah, sure wish there was another alternative to HP Tuners. Besides the $$$, you'll lose the use of your truck for a week and that's if you time it right to schedule with the tuner for another grand on the dyno. From another thread. Cold start and a few revs. The trucks sounds tame and this is with S&B CAI, opens up on the open road when passing. I thought my 6.0L sounded good with LTs and Corsa Touring, can't wait to hear the 6.2 with finished exhaust.
  14. Ah, Vofono. Yes, we have those here and I looked at those. They make a fine CB antenna also.
  15. I used the Pro Clip on my other truck and a great holder. A question on the wireless charging compartment, the manual says it gets hot. How hot does it get? I've been told the sound is much better through the speaker system with Apple Carplay/Android Auto vs. Bluetooth. Apologies OP, don't mean to hijack the thread.
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