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  1. Joined up with V8 Junkie on YouTube, and a few other Trail Bosses, and we went to play.
  2. Update: I definitely need to get the hvac tube installed. Went 4 wheeling in the truck today. Had my phone sitting in the charger for several hours. It ended up getting hot, both my phone and the charger. And, it was over 100° in the area I was 4 wheeling, however my truck had the ac blowing at 69° the entire time.
  3. I finally got around to doing this install today, and I'm going to have to do it again. I blindly took the part numbers that were given in this thread and placed an order with my parts guy. He got everything I asked for, but one of them doesn't work for me -- the wiring harness. The harness I ordered doesn't have the connections for SD card reader, so I lost my factory navigation that I upgraded to and installed a few months ago. Doing some research I found out there's about 4 or 5 different wire harnessed that got used in this area. You either do have rear heated seats, or don't. You ei
  4. Iirc, changing the steering wheel control buttons requires changing the steering wheel to one that does what your looking for, plus a programming from WAMS. There's a thread in this subforum about it. Just scroll a few pages and you'll find it.
  5. They aren't bead locks. Not meant for serious offroading. But, arguably, neither is this truck. Too big, too wide, and too long, imo. If you want a serious offroader get a Jeep Wrangler. The Trail Boss is more for cruising down well-traveled dirt roads to go camping or hunting. Definitely not for desert running or rock crawling.
  6. If you want to take that reverse lighting to a whole new level, GM Accessories has that Putco blade lightbar for under the tailgate. It has red flag leds for turn signals, and uses those same leds for an additional stop light. However, when your reverse lights turn on the bar lights up in the same bright white the LasFit led reverse and license plates are. It's a whole strip of white light that really lights up the area you're backing into. The camera on these trucks really catches it, too.
  7. You're welcome. I wasn't aware that midnight edition had different headlights until a few months ago. One of the things midnight edition got were HID LED headlights that have LED turn signals, same as the LTZ and High Country trucks. Trail Bosses without the midnight edition package got non-HID LED headlights with halogen turn signals.
  8. There are some electrical plugs up by the spare tire that allow for the Putco blade tailgate led lightbar to work. I have that accessory and did the install. It was plug and play. The lightbar does illuminate white when put in reverse. Perhaps you could create a harness to work between both ends of the plugs.
  9. I'll post up what I find out when I get to doing this project. I've had a lot going on with family, and it affected my health. I'm getting over it now, but probably won't be able to tackle the project until this weekend. Wife thinks I may have contracted COVID based on my symptoms. She's an advanced practice nurse, and may actually know what she's talking about, lol. It's been a fun debate of her demanding I get tested, and me telling her to pound sand. I've done what I would do with any illness -- isolated myself, slept a lot via frequent dosing of nyquil, and remained hydrated.
  10. I'm not too far away from Death Valley, and drive through the desert occasionally. I'll let you know how it works out.
  11. The parts guy I use exclusively at the dealership by my house got it for me. He knows not to cancel my orders.
  12. Congrats on the kid. I have 3 myself. My wife is short, so running boards are a must. I recommend you get and install the protective rear seat cover now. You'll thank me later. Kids make messes that are guaranteed to ruin your seat. I have the one on GM Accessories installed in my truck. It works well with the child seats. I have 1 that doesn't need a seat, one that's in a booster, and one in a forward facing harness seat utilizing LATCH. I also recommend getting an under seat storage bin that has a lid. No kids means all their toys and food spills will under with your tools, etc. D
  13. Is it? Iirc, the block has the engine displacement size as part of the casting. The 6.2 litre blocks have a 6.2 sticking out on them.
  14. I just had a similar issue tonight, but I have the L87. Driving southbound on I-15 from Vegas, headed to San Diego. While dropping down into Baker, CA, cruise control was set at 78 mph. Time was approximately 10:30pm. Outside temp was 95°. AC was off because sunroof and rear window were open. Engine temp was normal, oil pressure was normal, and trans temp was 147°. Just me in the truck, and no payload nor trailer. Southbound I-15 dropping into Baker, CA is a steep decline. Iirc, 6% for several miles. The mountain pass parks at over 4,000 feet, and Baker is below 1,000 feet. Due to n
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