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  1. I don't have any experience with AFM removal. Just wanted to let you know your truck doesn't have AFM. It has the "new and improved" version called DFM. The difference is instead of a V4/V8 mode it has 17 different modes for deactivating the cylinders that can go as low as only 2 or 3 cylinders running. As for tuning the other items you mentioned, GM locked these trucks down really well. I read an article awhile back where somebody at GM said you'd need several computers working together in the correct sequence to unlock the ECU. As far a I'm aware the only method to tune the truck is to buy an unlocked ECU and have HPTuners program it. Iirc, that'll cost you about $2,000.
  2. That should rule out step #1 then. Maybe the remote crapped the bed?
  3. Gucci is better, imo. Forget that Chanel garbage. In all seriousness though, try wiggling and adjusting the window visor. I've had no issues with mine since I installed them almost 3 years ago.
  4. Stupid question, but did you install the battery correctly in the key fob?
  5. If you have a full warranty I recommend contacting your local Department of Consumer Protection. The dealer is required to honor GM's warranty.
  6. How long did it sit? You eluded to the dealer making such a statement, but never told us how often you drive it. My wife's car sat for 5 months while she was deployed. The battery died. I had installed a new battery in the car only 4 months prior to her leaving on her deployment. I knew I should've installed a battery tender, but was lazy and didn't. There are no other problems with the car, and in this scenario it wouldn't matter if she drove a GM, VW, Toyota, etc. It would've still happened. Fortunately, her battery was replaced under warranty since it was less than 1 year old.
  7. From my couch the first thing I would recommend is try swapping out the knob. It's merely a switch, and it's possible it could be malfunctioning.
  8. Did you scan the computer, or contact Onstar, and find out what the code is? I highly doubt the bowtie is the problem since it's a simple plug and play into the truck's electrical at the driver's headlight. If the bowtie was going to be the source of a problem it would've been nutcracker at the headlight.
  9. I tore into the tailgate last night and can't find any other issues. I have started looking into how to test the switch with a multimeter.
  10. Before the flaming starts, I've searched the forum and Google for my specific problem, but I'm not finding it. 2020 Silverado Trail Boss LT with 45,000 miles. No power lift, no multipro. Just a standard dampened gravity drop tailgate. I do have a tonneau, but the tonneau is not the problem nor has it been a problem for the last 3 years. Today I went to the grocery store to buy groceries for my family. When I walked outside to put the groceries into the bed of my truck the tailgate wouldn't open when the button on the tailgate was pressed. No click, and the tail lights didn't flash. I tried a few times, but got the same result. I then tried the key fob and the tailgate opened. The switch on the instrument cluster also worked when I got home with the groceries and parked. Playing with the button on the tailgate I was able to get it to open only a few times, but most times there was no click or flash of the tail lights. Do you think button on the tailgate has failed, or could it be something else? The button has been used almost daily several times per day. Is it possible that it is just worn out? Btw, I'm in San Diego, CA. This is relevant, imo, to point out that I don't think this is weather related. Weather here is far from extreme, even when at its worst. I don't think wear or damage could be at play here. If anything, I think I could be just looking for a confirmation of my suspicion. If I'm wrong please point it out.
  11. Sorry to thread jack, but I must ask. What was it like flying with Maverick?
  12. I agree California sucks, but not looking forward to the humid weather. Military orders. Unfortunately, I've had people tell me that those who leave California are failures who couldn't make it in this state. My departure has nothing to do with success or failure. Edit: I'm originally from Utah
  13. I always press the OnStar button whenever an indication light comes on and ask the rep to run a diagnostic. If they find anything I have then send the info to my email.
  14. I'm in San Diego for the next 8 weeks. Moving to Florida on July 1.
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