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  1. Tail lights are about $750 each for the Silverado led tail lights. I can't imagine them being $1750 more for the GMC. I'd question your dealers integrity on that one. Have you checked to make sure you're not low on blinker fluid, lol?
  2. Tyler, For some reason I'm having difficulty responding with a quote. Can you please stop playing mental gymnastics. I did not state, nor indicate, the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act gives total protection to the consumer. It does give the consumer protections from negligent producers. As i very clearly stated, GM would need to prove the pulsar device was the cause of the problem. Has such activity been taken? Based on the OP's statements, possibly not. Statements from the OP are going to be one-sided, and should be taken as such. However, that doesn't mean they aren't being fully honest. With that said, the pulsar may not be the cause of the problem, and may also not be used in a manner that would alter the vehicle. Should the warranty be voided for simply plugging in an OBD2 scanner, too? GM is definitely heading that way since they are opposing "right to work on your own vehicle" legislation. In the future I hope you take text at face value and not perform mental gymnastics to manipulate what is said for your miniscule benefit. Trying to tear people down does not lift yourself up.
  3. Anything and everything is always possible. Please tell us more about the truck, such as engine, trans, etc
  4. Google tells me P0700 is a transmission or transmission control module issue. P0607 results in an ECU/PCM/ECM programming issue. In my very limited experience it could've been an emerges gremlin that appeared for just a moment and went away just a quickly. The light was probably on for several engine start/stop cycles (5-10) and not seeing any new issues during that time resulted in the light going off. Computer may still have a record of the DTCs. Going back to the auto parts store to see if the code still come up may help in knowing this. Btw, whenever I have a CEL on any of my vehicles I immediately press the OnStar button and have them check for issues. If they find anything at that moment they can email you the results so you can provide documentation to your dealer service dept.
  5. I have 39,000 on my 2020 Silverado. 6.2 with 10 speed. No issues that I've noticed. I use to live in Highland Park (2012-2015). I had Chevys back then, too. Never found a good dealer out there. Maybe check with GMC or Cadillac dealers since they're more "upscale" and kissing butt is more important to those who spend more money on the exact same product you have. Dealer that told you the Pulsar voids your warranty is full of crap. It doesn't. They'd have to prove it caused a failure to deny warranty coverage. This is covered in federal law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. I recommend reading it and getting familiar with the law so you can call BS on dealers that try that crap. I've had to drop a copy of that on the service writer's desk a couple of times to remind them of how stupid they are for saying things like that. I suspect if I didn't move every couple of years I wouldn't have to flex so much with those guys, but it is what it is. Getting ready to move from California to Florida in a couple of months.
  6. Google owns YouTube. They don't own Amazon or Apple. I doubt they'd let you use their service to pay a product from a competitor they directly compete with. I could be wrong though.
  7. Only oil leak I've dealt with on my 2020 so far has been the lube tech failing to tighten the oil filter.
  8. Iirc, the 6.2 is known for a squeaky belt. Has the dealer tried to address that issue?
  9. Jarhead, as a Marine veteran myself I know that you are really happy with your purchase because you're complaining. After all, a Marine isn't happy unless they are complaining. Secondly, like all things when there's a technical glitch, call the Chair Force. Seriously though, turn off truck, open door, close door, restart truck, access trailer app. Did that fix it?
  10. Are you sure the sound isn't coming from the collar on the driver side half shaft?
  11. It's not just the winter gas and bigger tires. Winter has cooler air. Cooler air is more sense. The truck is programmed to run a mixture of air to fuel of 14.7 to 1. Therefore, as the air temp is cooler the truck is programmed to utilize more fuel in order to prevent it from running lean. Go to warmer climate, like Arizona or Southern California and you'll see better mpg.
  12. Option 1) Disconnect the wires from the plug, run the plug through the firewall, reconnect wires to plug. Option 2) Cut wires, run wires through firewall, splice wires back together. Personally, I prefer option #1. To figure out how to do I recommend looking it up on YouTube. Those were all separate pieces at 1 time. I see no reason why they can't be disassembled and reassembled.
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