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  1. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. You currently have the truck, and ownership is guaranteed if you buy it. Ownership of any other vehicle isn't guaranteed at this time. New and used inventories are very low in quantity and inflated in value. Take what you currently have and keep it. If you choose to part with it later on down the road, do so when things are back to normal. You won't be able to get the money for it then that you can today, but at least there'd be a better chance of having another vehicle to buy at a reasonable price. And, 100k miles shouldn't be an issue for these trucks, imo.
  2. Would a micro SD card work if I used an SD card adapter?
  3. My truck is blue, so no pic (except my profile pic). Agreed with red. No shaking/vibrating. Been in some nasty wind and only heard a high pitched whistle from near the mirrors. It's happened twice, and venting the window where the sound was at made it go away, so I don't think it was the mirrors. I suspect the culprit is the WeatherTech window visors.
  4. The nitrogen gig always makes me laugh. $40, for what? About 70% of the air we already breathe is nitrogen, and the separators aren't at 100% efficiency. You'll be lucky to get 98%. Most operate at 90%-95%. It was $20 in the Intermountain west, then I moved to SEVA and it was $40. Nobody is selling it on the west coast. They'd rather sell snake oil branded as fuel cleaner, oil conditioner, trans shampoo, or whatever crud they can think of that'll get them a few dollars. Here's a simple idea: Just honor the Costco pricing agreed upon, with a smile, so I don't think you (the dealer) are trying to rip me off. It'll result in return trips for service, parts, and future vehicle sales.
  5. My choices were California or DC. It was a decision of how I'd like to be bent over. I picked California because it was closer to family. My mother passed in Nov 2019 from cancer and my brother was struggling coping with it. Btw, just picked up my wife at the airport. She flew back from a business trip in Asia. One of the communist countries. The topic came up about how that country is handling COVID. She said the people in the communist country are more free than the people in California. They all wear masks, but 6 feet distancing, vaccine passports, restrictions on large gatherings, etc are not in play over there. California is now more restrictive than communism. Let that sink in a bit.
  6. That's really clever. Have you considered manufacturing these to sell?
  7. I posted the link to the EPA's mpg ratings for the F150 in a previous post. He wants to complain about purchase prices but doesn't care about ownership costs. He's not relying on facts. Only feelings. Can't reason with somebody like that.
  8. How about EBT WIC cards distributed to all families with school age children that were required to stay home because of the lockdowns. $1,100 per card to all families, including nonresidents and millionaires. Keep in mind the schools were still distributing free food during the lockdowns to whomever rolled into the parking lot. My neighbors said they only had to tell them how many and that's what they'd be given. I ended up with 2 of the cards in my mailbox (2 of my 3 kids are school age). Never applied. Not a resident. Never went and got the bags of free food. Have zero need for the assistance. Your tax dollars needlessly thrown away.
  9. He's not justifying anything to me. However, he's also not responding coherently. See the post of his you quoted. Nothing in line with what I said. Go to Ford's website and you'll see you can't get a Lariat with the hybrid powertrain. I looked before I posted. Even outlined that in the post he quoted. Click on the link I posted about the generators. They are neither Honda, nor gas, and much cheaper than the price he posted. I wonder if he's crying for attention, and we're giving it to him. Oh, and aren't gas generators illegal to purchase in California now?
  10. You didn't read a thing, did you? No cookie for you. You didn't win anything. Btw, cheapest 2022 Silverado LTD is $30,400, not $29,300. What I said about Ford still stands. But cheap, get cheap. Every quantifiable thing you've said has been proven false so far.
  11. I'll have to see if I can find it. It was one of those recommended articles you get from Google when you open a new page and have Google as your homepage.
  12. Article I read gave the numbers I posted. That's why I posted that.
  13. Look up Fiero Formula. Also, nothing could be faster than the Corvette. Fiero was so small and light that it definitely could've destroyed a Corvette with the correct powertrain.
  14. The fire issue was due to a typo in the service manual stating it only took 3 quarts. Apparently some people were too stupid to check the oil dip stick back then.
  15. I've been saying it, and it looks like I'm right. ZR2 is $70k. MSRP is $65,100 before you add any options to it.
  16. There's some funky magic going on with these LED lights. I went to check the fluid. They looked dry and I couldn't find a way to refill them. They aren't like the old halogens. There's no space for the fluid to be stored. Same with the turn signals. Somebody help! I couldn't find anything in the owners manual.
  17. Why not just route the seat belt behind the seat and clip into the buckle as designed? I just saved $10 with that one. Now I can go get a spicy chicken meal from Chick fil-A. YAY!
  18. 5100s are said to give you better ride over the stock suspension. Ready Lift is a good, but cheaper, alternative, but you don't get the better ride the Bilsteins get you.
  19. I never remote start my truck. I back into the driveway for ease of accessing the bed. Never had an issue with the truck opening when the truck is turned off. Is it frozen closed and the vibrations from driving break it loose?
  20. 285/70/18 275/70/18 = 33.16" 285/70/18 = 33.71" The difference is just over 1/2". Manufacturing differences may vary slightly. A 275/75/18 would be a 34.24" tire. That's more than 1" difference. If you want a more detailed explanation just ask.
  21. I routed mine differently than in the pictures. I don't have my truck at the moment because it's at the dealership waiting for GM Tech to get off their rears regarding the off camber reverse camera, so I'm not able to get you pics until I get it back.
  22. GM has its wiring for the sport bar and offroad lights running through the front stake pockets and into the space between the bed and fender. At the top of the front sides is a round rubber plug you could pull and route the cable into the bed. Use a velcro wrap and secure it to the nearby tie-down loops. Just a thought. Somebody may come up with something better.
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