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  1. Long story short, had flat time changed tire without any problems. Fixed tire and when I tried to unlock the lift the key will turn but the lock will not come out. If i pull hard the plastic cover wants to pull loose some of the way, anyone else had this happen if what fixed it???
  2. I have a recall notice in my 2017 DODGE 1500 work truck that "WHEN THE FUEL TANK STRAPS FAIL FCA WILL REPLACE THEM". I got it when the truck was about one year old I just keep hoping that it don't fall off!!!!
  3. Quick trip to Wally world couple packages of Fish Stink bait, few bottles of deer piss, if you can go over the bridge they are under put one or both out so it runs down into their camp even living in a city you will be surprised at the numbers and types of critters that show up to chow down!!! I've dropped a few bottles of deer pee on accident and had the stink bait fall off the back of the truck a couple of times near people and some of them did not last to long after that. :jester:
  4. My 19 model has been using more DEF than my '11 truck did, in 165,000 miles on the '11 truck DEF cost was $0.00244 per mile. The '19 truck at 49,850 the cost for DEF has been $0.00511 per mile. I have noticed the cost of bulk DEF has gone up the last few years, but I have only used bulk since I first saw it at the local Flying J in 2012!!! with the larger tank in the '19 it is going less miles on average than the '11 truck got about 6,500 miles to tank and the '19 is going about 5,000. :jester:
  5. Years ago we had a church that was given a station wagon around a 79-81 model with very low miles on it to use for $1.00 a year for up to 10 years, the church had to provide everything for the car and could not sell, rent, give away or lease it to anyone. They kept it for years to transport kids and things and after the 10 years they could do anything with it they wanted to. :jester:
  6. My 19 truck is a little rougher than the 11 truck was, but I knew that it would be going into the deal and don't care about a car like ride. Speed bumps can be bad if you hit them to hard, but for the bigger payload it has worked out good for me. My 11 truck would squat about 2-2.5 inches when hooked to my 32 foot cargo trailer and the 19 only goes down about 1 inch with the same trailer and more weight in it. :jester:
  7. Guys this is a GM site we are here because we like the trucks, tires are like oil there are as many who like one brand over another for lots of reasons. I'll run Goodyear's as long as the store manager stays the same, he and I understand each other and get along well, if I go in and need tires he will let me know the best time to buy tires for best price. Tire stores are just like dealers they are only as good as the employees working there. Just my $0.02 worth!!! :jester:
  8. We use a plastic folding step stool from Dollar General, it is light and folds us so if we have a load of people or stuff its not hard to fit it into the back floorboard. We've been using this for about 5 years not on both my 11 and 19 trucks. I sometimes get funny looks when I open the door and put it on the ground but as soon as they see my wife step up on it and then to the step bar and then into the truck most will say "That's a great idea". :jester:
  9. I have bought my last three trucks from out of state dealers, I live in AR also and the only issue I've every had was one of the finance guys asked me if I would register his truck because our fees are so low!!!! All the dealer had to do was contact the Department of Revenue and they will ask where you live if it is a city or county and they can tell the dealer how much the tax, title, ect will be. Sounds like to me the dealership got lazy and now have got caught either by the state telling them they didn't send enough money to cover the cost. Also the state will send the tags to you not the dealer, the tag does not belong to the dealer because they paid for it, you paid for it and they just sent in the paperwork!!! :jester::
  10. Difference between front of bed and rear axle, try to put swb hitch in lwb hitch will be way in front of rear axle. Put lwb hitch in swb truck it will be behind the axle.
  11. My Ranch Hand is a replacement and sometimes one of the sensors will "fall out" of the hole in the bump and start going off, it has always been the right front one. I've put it back in about 10 times over the past couple of months not sure if that is what yours is doing or not. Also I have read that they may go off at times due to another sensor being near by such as a car or truck in front of you or even one in the other lane, wish I had better answers but I am still working to figure mine out also.
  12. I bought my truck in South TX and the dealer had installed the ranch hand on it between posting it on the internet and me getting there to look at the truck!! I was mad as all hell when I saw it!!! Got over it and bought the truck anyways, The only concern with it is the trannie runs about 15-20 warmer in this truck than it did in my 11 model, is this because of the bumper or did GM change something else? I've asked others and they all seem to think that the 19 model trans just runs hotter than before, but I would look for one that does not block the cooling stack!!!
  13. The engine braking on my 19 is not as fast as it was on my 11 truck, I turn mine on as part of the start up of the truck every time. I drive the same route to work and with the 11 truck at 45 mph I would cancel cruise about 1/4 mile before the first stop light and if the light was turning to red the truck would just about come to a complete stop with out me ever touching the break pedal, with the 19 truck canceling cruise at the same spot it might drop to 40 mph!! I played with it for the first couple of months that I had the truck and got to where I've started turning off the cruise about a mile before the light and using the foot feed more. Just my $0.02!!
  14. With that size trailer I would be all over the 6.0. I had the first year 6.0 in my 99 2500 put 180,000+ miles on it pulling a lot of trailers and it was a good set up to do the smaller trailers but when I stepped up to a box trailer for one of my hobbies the 6.0 just did not like the trailer and I did not enjoy the driving experience then.
  15. My Ranch Hand has the holes in the bumper for the sensors, front and rear!!
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