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  1. 2019 RAM Heavy Duty

    My cheap work truck Ram has had 5 recalls done in the last 6-8 months with one of them stating ( If the gas tank straps fail at any time in the next 10 years we will replace them free of charge) boy that's a load off my mind!!! When was the last time anyone had a gas tank strap fail???? What beer cans are they using for this??? It's the little things like this that I can't just go to Ram.
  2. PRNDM_1

    Not sure about your TH350 but years ago my brother had a TH400 he had built behind a 454 BB that I saw and felt go into 1st from as high as 75 MPH!!! I'm sure that if it had been a stock motor it would not have done it very often but this truck at idle sounded like it would be lucky to get to the next stop light!!! That thing would run like crazy, I've still got the old truck but it broke a valve spring 15 years ago and my brother never fixed it, he was always going to do that next (spring/fall you pick) and never got the chance.
  3. Hello from Arizona!

    Welcome from a former East Valley resident!!!
  4. This is my current tag no guesses on this one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. OK, just noticed today that when I pulled up at a stop sign on a hill the truck did not "hold" in place when I took my foot off the brake??? Did they take Hill Assist off the L5P, or does it only work now with tow/haul turned on??? Does anyone know?
  6. Add fuel, and DEF and enjoy!!!
  7. The dealer color matched and installed the Ranch Hand bumpers front and rear. I almost didn’t buy the truck because of them!!! I got them and the stock bumpers thrown in on the deal!!! Had them shown as a $3500 add on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I’ll just leave this here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Chit chat

    Made a run to Lowe's yesterday, as I was coming out to the truck a dad and his twin 6-7 year old sons were walking by when I unlocked the truck and one looks at dad and says "that's a pretty truck", dad says yes and other son says "pretty mean looking" so I told them thanks. It makes you feel good when someone says something nice about the pig!!!
  10. In cab: 45, backup 9, extra napkins, umbrella, extra cloths, plastic trash bags. In bed: two large tubs, one containing Dewalt power tools, pipe wrenches, and other related tools, one holding : ratch straps, 3 different sizes, tire chains, tow strap, jumper cables and last but not least is my 5 drawer metal tool cabinet, its a Craftsman that is 15 years old and is the best $100.00 I've spent on any truck that I've owned!!!
  11. Thieving Ba$$tards!

    My BIL truck was stolen with his Club on it!!! Oh by the way 8 years later when they found his truck going down the freeway the Club was still in the truck, the thief was still using it!!!!
  12. In a local bank buy out a friend had just financed some new equitment and owned the bank about $250,000 and had made one payment. The big bank bought out the little one and so he made the second payment, a week later he gets his check back in the mail the new bank said "The loan is paid in full", so he say you what one day they will figure this out and come for all of the back payments so he opens another account and pays the monthly payment into it, that was 7 years ago and they have never found it or tried to collect it from him. He told me he talked to a lawyer about it and he said that if they don't correct it within 7 years they can't do anything.
  13. I can tell you that a 2019 3500 DOES NOT HAVE TPMS!!!
  14. 2020HD Wish List

    My 1/2 ton Dodge work truck has had 6 recalls done on it in the last 4 months and a 7th one that at any time in the "next 10 years or 150,000 miles when the gas tank falls off FCA will replace gas tank straps" Oh by the way 3 of the recalls have been transmission safety issues!!! That will inspire confidence in a truck owner, also while I'm getting on to my dodge with the rear end on this truck if you get off the road and the truck is leaning any at all I need to put it into 4 wheel drive to move!!!
  15. I'll let you have my 17 Dodge work truck, it has had 4 recalls done this year and I have one that states "Gas tank strap recall, if your gas tank falls off up to 10 years and 100,000 miles bring it in and we will repair it!!!!! So off you go and if you have problems just bring it back!!! I'll stay with GM and the worst problem all of the Dodge recalls have been mechanical!!!

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