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  1. See my past post about problems, radio would not work, truck would not start, finally after about a year of using a jump box to start my truck at least once a day had battery short out. Dealer replaced both batteries and I have not had a problem since!! Just my $0.02 worth.
  2. Is it the new body style for 99? I had a 99 with the 6L motor and I do remember looking for parts one time and seeing that they had the 5.3 or 6.0 but I could not figure out why, unless it was to help corprate fuel numbers.
  3. Don't rag on the powerglide!!! A friend of mine had a 64 Nova with a worked on 235 ci and powerglide ran mid 11's with it. It was a 4bbl Holley carbed 9,000 rpm monster that ran a highly modified torque converter with a 6500 stall in it. It was a fun car to work on most of the internal parts were small block parts so we always had a few spare parts..
  4. I'm not coming from a new gas truck upgraded to Duramax in 2011 and now have a 2019 it now has 96,000 miles on it and I've not had a single DEF problem with this truck like I did the 11 truck. Just my $0.02
  5. I finally think the problem is fixes!!!! Two weeks ago, I noticed a strange smell in the cab, I looked around and saw a cattle feed lot and thought oh thats the smell. I went on down the road and stopped to shop at a Home Depot and I noticed the smell outside the truck and no feed lot. Couple days later drove the truck and had to walk in front of it and noticed smoke coming from underneath the hood, popped the hood and the battery was smoking!!!! Replaced both battries again ( This time on GM's dime) and it has started everytime I wanted it to!!!
  6. Do you like calling attention to your self? That's all the the loud exhaust does for you, tires squeal cops hear you guess who gets stopped? You can be loud but not out of line, most of the Mustangs are just loud they don't sound good just loud. Back in the day I had a pretty good old Chevelle, 396 4 speed that had been worked on, so it was a true 10 second quarter mile car. I kept the stock exhaust on it along with the hubcaps so it was a total sleeper to anyone who did not know me, I looked for the loud cars and trucks because most of them could not get out of there own way. Just an old guy digging up the past, my $0.02 worth.
  7. I have not had any problems but I have read about people having issues with the Platinum stuff in the 19-21 trucks, so I would stay away from it for right now. I also try to only use the truck stop stuff had 160,000 miles on my 11 truck and now have 83,000 on this 19 truck and can say I've only bought 3 jugs of def all the rest that I have used has been bulk at truck stops.
  8. This issue is 5 months on going, random nonstart, will just click like dead batteries. Batteries were replaced in January, dealer Tech first thougt that the air ride system was causing the problem since it is one of the 2 non stock items on my truck, so we disconnected it from battery and it would start, so I did that everytime I shut the truck off and unpluged my Edge CTS this worked for about 3 days before it would not start again ? At times different things will not trun on when I start the truck my radio presets will disappear, the truck will say that one or more of my turn signal bulbs are out (I'll check and they are both working but they will flash fast) the parking sensors may turn themselfs off, or the light sensor on the dash my turn on red like the older trucks did with the security feature, or like it did today the radio will not play? In the past when I had to use the jump box to start it my presets would be gone but I could manually set the radio and it would play, today not a sound one from radio feature, the seat belt chime works the turn signals click, I can use my blue tooth phone and play music from my phone, and use apps off my phone both wired and not? SOMEBODY HAS GOT TO KNOW SOMETHIN???? Thanks
  9. Sorry that it has been so long to reply to this, both batteries were replaced in January. The dealer kept it for 4 days and could not find the problem. They said it was the air ride drawing the battery down, so every night I would disconnect it from the battery and also unplug my Edge CTS and for about a week it started every time and then one day when I needed to leave work early with them disconnected it would not start. This has been going on for 5 months now with the random not starting I have a jump box that will start the truck every time. The latest now working feature is the light sensor on the dash was lit up red!!! And today even when it was jump started I would have to tune the radio, the presets would not work but now the radio is totally quite, with the volume turned all the way up it has no static? I can use apps and it will play, the turn signals click the seat belt alarm goes off, I can blue tooth my phone and it plays? I'm at a loss and the Tech can only say "I've never seen this before" MAY DAY MAYDAT!!!!
  10. Phil, could you PM me about a problem with my 19 3500 no start issue? Thanks
  11. Long story but when I bought my '19 truck I drove 500 miles to get it, when I saw it the dealer had added Ranch Hand bumpers front and rear from the Wednesday when I called about the truck until I got there at 7:00 am on Friday, I found salesman that I had been talking to, he said he didn't know they were going to add the $1600 bumpers until he saw them on it, I told him sorry but I don't like them and there is another identical truck 800 miles away that I was going to go buy!!! He talked me into staying while they checked for the stock bumpers and to see how long it would take to put them back on. Owner of dealer ship came by and started talking to me about what I wanted, I told him stock bumpers he went away came back in about 10 minutes said he would give me the Ranch Hand bumpers AND the stock bumpers that I could put on if I wanted to. Made sure they took that item back off of the sales agreement and then we went to work to make a deal.
  12. This what my set up looks like, I can’t find the up close picture of the bracket but I’ll get one in the sun and post it tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I found a guy in NY that was building some super simple brackets that go under the rails on my Retrax cover and then use the Thule drip rail mount type risers. and then I use a Large size Sears car top carrier, it looks a little strange but does the job very well for extra dry lockable space.
  14. Long story short stock truck will not start from time to time. Finally did not start first thing in mornings three days in a row so its at dealer now. Any one else had this problem, no trouble codes stored. Tech has seen draws on batteries a few times but it stops before he can isolate it. Any help would be great, driving a Dodge every day is killing me!!!!
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