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  1. I am thinking about buying the silverado ZR2 , but i am worried about the 6.2 reliability how reliable is it ? I read alot about it some people say its invincible and some say its not , anyone have experience with it ? I only tried the vortecs 4.8,5.3,6.0 those are reliable as hell never had issues with them but with all the lifter failure i am hearing about should i be worried ?
  2. If you get a flat tire it wont hit the ground unless you break the rim, in that case all cars will hit the ground , i saw someone make a test where he deflated the tires to 0 psi the arms were close to the ground but didnt hit
  3. Its actually 12cm off the ground do you know how low that is ? A can of coke will hit those arms , its becoming a very big subject here in the middle east alot of people are avoiding the new tahoes/yukons the sales seems to be so low that the dealers are getting crazy by putting ads everywhere , crazy discounts , unbelievable maintenance free for 3 years if you buy it , i really hope GM look at it and try to do something about it, i am not sure if the sales are low but i sure dont see alot of it which pretty sad the new tahoe looks amazing such an iconic suv
  4. Hi, i wanted to ask how reliable are these new engines ? I have been thinking about buying a TB with 6.2 , i hear alot about bent pushrods / failed lifters , but here in kuwait i asked a trusted person who is very close to the dealer and said that since 2019 only 5 persons out of thousands of people who bought 2019-2021 sierra/silverado/tahoe/yukon/escalade had any issues with the engine so far , so i am wondering is it a problem i should be concerned for or not , thanks
  5. i dont need a jeep and its not a very good car especially for the price , a rubicon has the same price as a Z71 tahoe which is ridiculous i’d rather buy a big comfy suv with less capability off road than that plastic they call jeep , anyway i’ll just keep looking if the aftermarket has something for that low component in the Tahoe or just stick with a truck
  6. The Tahoe Z71 in middle east does come standard with eLSD like the yukon but i know its not a real locker , i asked the dealerships and they the same reply its the component is very strong but dont drive too fast , And its not covered under warranty i guess i’ll check the TB or sierra AT4
  7. I am shocked that no one is talking about this , how can an off road SUV have this , its way too low , i’ve thinking about buying a new Z71 Tahoe , but after seeing this i am a bit concerned , anyone knows if it will effect off roading?
  8. I hear everyone complain about the AFM but i never had an issue i asked Some mechanics about it , they told me its all about oil change never change at 10k km always at 5k and if u can change it at 4-4.5k km , have doing that for 6 years and not a single problem with the engine 5.3 6spd 2016 sierra with 220k km still going strong
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