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  1. Yes! Music is a must!
  2. Late to the game on replying to this but I totally understand how detailing can relax you. Actually I thought that I was the odd one for thinking that. lol I remember in the days after my dad passed away I spent countless hours detailing and waxing (mostly his car). It was my escape and always has been for as long as I can remember, whenever I'm stressed.
  3. GPGuy

    Ryan Newman

    Glad to see he's doing so well and that definitely wouldn't be possible without the safety advancements they've had in Nascar.
  4. From my experience with ordering vehicles thru GM, in Canada at least, they honor the best incentives, whether it be at the time of order or time of delivery. Welcome to the forums, by the way.
  5. Recently added a Sigma 35mm F1.4 lens to my arsenal.
  6. Nice looking rig. Welcome!
  7. Welcome. They did in fact sell both body styles because as they were switching over to the new body style, they couldn't keep up with the demand, while the lines were retooled. Same with the 07 Sierra and Sierra Classic actually. I believe Dodge did the same with the Rams this year too.
  8. Welcome! No shortage of ideas here.
  9. You will find no shortage of information or ideas here! Welcome to the group.
  10. Welcome to the group! We welcome the knowledge that you can bring to the group.
  11. I'm so tired of crossovers... They're boring and all starting to look the same.
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