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  1. Just bought some BFG All Terrain KO2's (second set). If these are in any way as good as those, they will surely be a great tire.
  2. It's not often that you see someone on here from this close.. There have been a few but not that common.
  3. The colors here are just starting to change... but with the cold nights we're expecting this week I think that's going to change very quickly.
  4. Off Road Pictures

    That's definitely not a clean truck.... Nice work!
  5. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Very nice! I do like the beefy look of that Colorado for sure!
  6. I am and always have been pro GM as well but that doesn't mean that I can't find fault with the brand as did my father. By the way hello from St. Catharines.
  7. Today's Wash And Shine

    I second this! The only time I have ever done this is before I clay bared.
  8. For me it can be for different reasons. When the repairs start to become equivalent to the payments of a new truck is one. Sometimes I might get tired of it and just feel like it's time to get a new one. Or there have been significant upgrades to the newer model. To be honest when I drove cars I would trade them in every 2-3 years because I would get tired of them, but since I got this truck I honestly haven't felt the same way and consequently this truck is the longest that I have ever owned a vehicle.
  9. Stevan’s new Silverado

    Congratulations on the new truck.
  10. I have to say that today is the first day that it has truly felt like fall is in the air. I'm not quite ready for it to turn frigid just yet because I do have a number of fall activities still planned but it's coming! Just sayin'.
  11. GM Pickup Sales Drop - Media Forgets Why

    Just another example of the media trying to make a story where there is none.
  12. SarahGMC's 06 GMC Build

    The truck turned out great and I love your dog's bandana!
  13. Definitely looking forward to seeing this truck develop. Is it a crew or double cab?
  14. New member

    Lots of information to be found here and welcome!

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