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  1. It's been a very odd winter here thus far too.
  2. Jogging

    Looks rather "fresh" there lol
  3. Lucky to be alive!

    Definitely well done and very lucky for that guy.
  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

    That sounds like a good idea to me! I don't know if I fooled Santa that much though..
  5. Vinyl Care.

    For the vinyl tonneau cover on my box I use Meguiers vinyl & rubber spray, not wax. If you get wax on the matte finish plastic such as makes up the handles I have found that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works well to take off the wax there. I also use the same vinyl spray on the rubber door seals to keep them from drying and cracking.
  6. I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone here, all the best this Christmas season and into the new year. May Santa bring you all of the truck parts that you dream of!
  7. Delete my account

    I agree. This is very true...
  8. Top Tier gas no guarantee

    Often times the problems with the gas are not so much about where it comes from, but rather the tanks that they get put into at the station because that's usually where the water in the gas originates. My mechanic used to be at Top Tier gas station and let me tell you they were checking those tanks every week.
  9. I should have done that but I didn't. They were getting down and like I said I wouldn't have wanted to be on them in the snow but all things considered they weren't terrible. Looking at where you're from you shouldn't have a problem with that. lol I can say without hesitation that when I went to buy new tires I didn't even consider any other tire. The new ones even have a more aggressive look than the old ones too and I was happy with the looks of them.
  10. I got 65,000miles out of mine. They were getting down and wouldn't have wanted to drive them in the snow but for the summer they were still good.
  11. Off Road Pictures

    This is a cool thread! Hopefully others keep contributing to it!
  12. Something to look forward to, eh?

    Funny that you should mention this. I was talking to the owner at a body shop not that long ago and he said that this is the most common place for rust on every brand of pickup from Chevy to Toyota. Sometimes the undercarriage isn't even that bad but it will still rust right here...
  13. Looking like it's shaping up to be a pretty awesome snowmobile season on my neck of the woods. How about yours? I've already hit the ski hill around here and that was just the middle of November, which is a record for me. This has been a good year all around because I have hit a record for earliest start and latest finish of the season (My last time skiing for the season was April 21st and if I had been available I could have done April 29th).
  14. Black, white or blue are definitely my top choices for color on my next truck.

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