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  1. I'm so tired of crossovers... They're boring and all starting to look the same.
  2. I can really see just from everyone's pictures in different light and from different angles how much it changes.
  3. But hopefully once you start trying, it doesn't happen right away, because you'll have to keep trying haha
  4. 4 and she still wants another? ... Well at least the making the baby part is fun, hopefully it takes a while.
  5. Deal! Be careful though as Florida is one of my favorite states.
  6. That doesn't sound too good... What happened?
  7. That truly seems like the true Cheers spirit.
  8. Maybe push a couple of Tundras into the ditch?
  9. I know what you mean. The dog I had before the one pictured above was a real chewer and the Kong was a lifesaver.
  10. That sounds really cool! You guys have fun!
  11. What are you plans for new year's eve? Eat, party, bonfire, sleep? Any new year resolutions?
  12. Interesting. I haven't seen an 18 on the lots here since late spring.
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