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  1. GM Pickup Sales Drop - Media Forgets Why

    Just another example of the media trying to make a story where there is none.
  2. SarahGMC's 06 GMC Build

    The truck turned out great and I love your dog's bandana!
  3. Definitely looking forward to seeing this truck develop. Is it a crew or double cab?
  4. New member

    Lots of information to be found here and welcome!
  5. Ford Guy

    Welcome! Good lookin' rig!
  6. SarahGMC's 06 GMC Build

    Wow you really have been doing some serious work to your rig. Looking forward to seeing the final pics.
  7. Truthfully I'm not entirely either.. got some summer things I want to do but as soon as those leaves change! Look out! Although sometimes I do like to tease the snow hatters by reminding them how many days till snow/ winter etc. For instance I got an email from a ski resort yesterday reminding me that it's only 100 days until they plan to start making snow. I guess I'm just evil like that.
  8. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    I would like it better if it weren't made in Mexico.
  9. In my photography business I like to give people a sneak peek of a few of the images from their session or wedding a few days after. In recent years I have invested in this software that basically turns their pictures into an app for their smartphone for them to share etc. Most absolutely love it! Such cheap advertising for me too.
  10. Definitely missing the snow! I've had it with this heat.......
  11. Dash Cams

    I have a Thinkware X350 and I've been quite happy with it.
  12. Window tint

    My question with installing tint over tint is if it would distort your vision a lot. I'm not 100% certain as I've never done that but it makes sense to me. I did 5% on one of my previous vehicles, which is what we call limo tint and in the daytime it was great but at night it got rather annoying... add in a rainy night and you're backing up and to me it became really difficult to see unless you're in a really well lit urban area. Moral of the story is that I never did it again because although it looked awesome and nobody could see you, it just pissed me off. To add to it, it can become a cop magnet in some areas.
  13. I have the Weather Tech clip on for my 08, so that I didn't have to drill any holes in my truck.
  14. How do you use your truck?

    I agree. Mine has so many uses. Towing a trailer here and there, hauling camping gear, plowing thru the snow in Northern Ontario in the winter to either snowmobile or ski, enjoy being able to look over traffic when traveling down the highway and I just all around prefer driving a truck.

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