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  1. The green movement is about government control and a huge money making scam. Climate change is a real thing but man made climate change is hugely exaggerated.
  2. That's the dealership where I bought my previous truck and it was bright red too, but a Silverado.
  3. I really like the show but the music was the kinda stuff I listened to in high school.
  4. I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone on this forum and their families a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year. I hope Santa brings you all of the mods that you hope for!
  5. I tend to keep my vehicles until I get tired of them and trade them in every 2-3 years. My only exception was my last truck that I kept for 12 years until I traded it in last fall for a new truck. I loved that truck but then it started to cost me money and I was losing interest in it, so it was time to sell and buy a new one. I have been buying new since I could afford it. I have always been a car and truck guy. The way I look at it, I could spend my money on far worse things. It's all about personal preference and I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.
  6. A buddy of mine drove over some freshly painted lines on the road that he didn't know was wet and now has white and yellow paint splashed on his dark red truck... Any tips on how to remove this without damaging the paint on the truck? I know it might be a little dicey, especially since he drives a Ford... LOL Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  7. Haha. I recognized that dealership right away! I bought my 2008 there.
  8. Not sure what is available in your area but for my summer car I take it to Krown every 3ish years and no issues. It will depend on how much driving you do and how the weather is where you live but I would suggest having it reapplied every 1-2 years.
  9. Column shifter for me! As mentioned it frees up a lot of space and I do not like push buttons.
  10. Merry Christmas to all of you guys too!
  11. I agree! I was thinking the same thing when looking at the new trucks at the dealer the other day.
  12. Looks like I'm going to have to look into the gauges. Everything seemed good. Took it for a half hour drive thru the city and it was good, get on the hwy and it drops.. Get off the hwy and it goes up again. It's very erratic. Plus I let it idle today for about 45 minutes and it was fine. Oil pressure checks out fine.
  13. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. I'm experiencing this issue now too.... I'm going to look into this filter..
  14. GPGuy


    Although with the toilet paper shortage that there was, I have to admit, eating one of those would have given me a bit of a rush lol Sent from my BlackBerry Key 2 using Tapatalk
  15. GPGuy


    As stated above, actions have already been taken and more can be. Everyone has been good at keeping this thread on topic and it has provided a great place for people to discuss a topic that is effecting us all. However if it continues the way it's going, more vacations will be handed out and it will be locked.
  16. GPGuy


    Let's take it easy on the political talk guys.
  17. GPGuy


    Numbers still rising here, but there are many people that still aren't listening. You do NOT need to go to the grocery store every day people. Just over the border in NY State it's quite a mess there..
  18. What has the dealer told you about your issue?
  19. Yes! Music is a must!
  20. Late to the game on replying to this but I totally understand how detailing can relax you. Actually I thought that I was the odd one for thinking that. lol I remember in the days after my dad passed away I spent countless hours detailing and waxing (mostly his car). It was my escape and always has been for as long as I can remember, whenever I'm stressed.
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