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  1. VIN 2GTEK13M57******* Engine code M I'm curious if this problem is related to the active fuel management issues these engines had. This truck was built in Jan '07. I started having oil consumption issues at around 50,000 miles. Fought with GM over and over. Starting using well over a quart of oil every 3000 miles. GM stated that was "acceptable". But that is another topic covered on here extensively.
  2. For those of you that have noticed oil pressure drops, etc. There IS a screen below the oil pressure sending unit that does become clogged!! I have an 07 GMC Sierra, 4x4 Crew Cab, SLE2 package, 144,000 miles. 5.3 litre. I change my oil faithfully at 3000 mile intervals, use Castrol GTX High Mileage oil and Purolator oil filters. Air filter gets replaced every other oil change. Now for what happened...... very cold day, pulled out onto the Interstate and accelerated only to hear the truck rev, and go nowhere. Dropped it out of overdrive and got going, then lost that gear. Limped it to a shop in 2nd....yes the tranny went out. Had a new tranny installed and the mechanics called me and said when they test drove the truck, it had lost oil pressure and shut down. They replaced the oil pressure switch, and it had 40 psi of pressure but slowly dropped down to nothing and shut off. By now the first thought was oil pump or pick up. I called a couple of shops to get answers, and no one ever mentioned (or had even heard of) a screen located just below the oil pressure switch. Called local GM dealer and did confirm that there indeed is a small screen below the switch. $5.80 filter screen. We pulled the old one out, put in the new screen, reinstalled the new pressure switch and all is good. Now some of you may know about this little screen/filter. But I did not, and neither did a few reputable shops. Basically I am posting this to inform others. That's what we're all here for. I'm not sure if this filter is installed on other engines, or even what model year. Maybe someone that knows can chime in. In this case it really paid to call a GM dealership with a good service department. I might have been pulling an engine over a $5.80 filter screen. As to why it plugged up, I'm not sure. We cut apart the oil filter, and no sludge or foreign material. Hopefully this post will help inform someone and save them some big bucks............Or maybe I live in an area where we are way behind on our info on GM vehicles....lol
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