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  1. So I am doing an escalade dash swap in my 2008 silverado, now for the wiring that goes thru the fire wall, the guy cut 2 bundles of wires witch I don't know what they are for, they don't go into the fuse box and they are not for the windshield wipers, it would help knowing what they do
  2. Yes gm can program it but only to the features that the vehicle came from the factory witch my silverado didn't have very many, doesn't the pcm have to match the vin of the ecm too? I am taking the keys and looks, steering column from the cady so it should all be with the bcm
  3. I contacted a guy that is known to be fairly good at programming and he told me to keep the escalade's BCM, then what he would do is take my ECM from my silverado and program the vin from the escalade to the ecm, at this point the BCM and the ECM are talking to each other just as if nothing happened, but here comes the issue, my engine in my silverado is just the regular 5.3, the engine in the escalade is the 6.2, now my ecm has the tune for a 6.2, I could throw a custom tune in for a 5.3 unless some of the other electronics will not work that way, If anyone has a better solution please let me know,
  4. I hate to start a new topic but looks like I had to, So I'm doing an escalade interior swap on my 2008 chevrolet silverado 1500, I got a full donar vehicle, what I will do is pull the whole dash, counsel, seats, and all the interior wiring, but use my silverados bcm, one issue that I am facing is how will I add the vci numbers for the seats and pretty much the whole dash to work with my 2008 silverados bcm since it never came with all those features, Gm in Canada here is to stubborn to create vci numbers and they simply won't do it, Is there any advice I could have? Can gm program the bcm without the truck being at the dealer?
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