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  1. My first and last fill ups were filled the same - Fill then let sit for 30 seconds and fill it again until it shuts off. I'm happy with that feeling of doing it correctly. Trip 1 (to CA) 676.1 Miles / 26.48 Gallons used / 26.9 MPG on cluster / 25.53 Hand Calculated Trip 2 (to Utah) 667.3 miles / 27.15 gallons used / 27 MPG on cluster / 24.58 Hand Calculated 1343.4 miles total / 53.63 Gallons used / 25.04 MPG Hand Calculated Just under 1 Gallon DEF Fluid used Towing this weekend and I added the S&B intake back on the truck. Will see what numbers I show with that.
  2. I hand calculated my miles on a recent 13xx mile road trip - surprised how far off the gauge cluster is. Also ran B20, it worked but I prefer to not run it if I don't have to https://youtu.be/JmBPHulIYL4 I have a trip in two weeks where I am towing and I will document the mileage on that as well (exact same trip) then after that, I should be in the LZ0 and we have sema coming up !
  3. Who's had theirs built? I know some people chimed in on early september TPW's My order was accepted but no TPW yet 2023 1500 High country - LZ0 - Max Tow
  4. I installed the PPE trans cooler on my 2022 1500 Duramax, It will fit the 5.3/6.2 as well as far as I know. I did not have an issue I was trying to resolve, more of a peace of mind when I do tow across the desert in the middle of the Summer. Installation was mostly easy, minimal parts for removal - The gains were huge, if you are moving, it's cooling. https://youtu.be/7X4Tyqo7rSk
  5. I came across the info when scrolling through the Supplement for the diesel in the suburban/tahoe. I won't post the document on here but I will provide the document number for those that have access... Doc 5878813
  6. There are updates available for many of these issues now. Not sure when they will become over the air updates, but your dealership can reprogram.
  7. I just ordered a 2022 with the 3.0 LM2 order went in on 6/30 and was accepted because the dealer had allocation available. So, anything is possible.
  8. Correct, I did mean rear cover on my post. It's a habit, haha. I'm going to work on an update to the video in the near future. I found the labor times via "oil pump sprocket" regardless, the alldata times I reported are too low and it needs to be corrected on my video as well as the alldata labor time guide. thanks for the comments/updated info !
  9. Alldata still shows the same labor time as I quoted. Warranty times were not posted at the time of my post and are up now. I'm assuming alldata will also update their times and I will update it in the future. That's a good list you made there, I see where it came from on service information, aside from the part numbers, thanks for researching that. That's a good help for everyone. Some special tools aren't required when replacing the front cover as a whole, as well. And my reasoning for just replacing the whole front cover is as you assumed, but that was outlined within the video itself.
  10. right side, the paint is chipping, truck has 700 miles on it. left side there was some kind of repair done to it before it left on the train. I took delivery of it immediately off the truck. i think it got damaged while getting the bedliner and they made a poor attempt at repairing it. As for saying something, what do you mean? I felt I did. I also took it in for repair and had GM reps look at it and agreed it was a factory issue and the brand new truck bed will be repainted...in august, i guess.
  11. As a tech, i have not seen one turbo issue nor have any other techs in this dealership. I do know the 20's had harness issues and I would assume that's a potential cause for these repeat/same code instances. Sorry to hear about your luck on this.
  12. Here's mine - I got the option of paint defects and repairs before delivery to the dealer. left side doesn't even match the right side because the left side had been repaired/covered up.
  13. same ! HaHa, I like the noise. This will be the 3rd duramax to get this intake installed, it may be getting worn out now. Love the choice on the Corsa ! That's what i'm running on my Camaro !
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