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  1. Just install aftermarket lockers. Controls would be different, but functionality would be the same.
  2. I have the same setup and the truck sometimes does the same thing. You’ll be driving along and notice the AC gets warm all of a sudden. It usually only last a few moments and then the AC will come back cold.
  3. When I painted my calipers, I removed the rear caliper from the rear bracket. I did not need to put it in parking brake service mode. Of course, the parking brake was off. Note that I did not remove the brake line from the caliper. Install was straightforward. I will say that if you want to avoid having to reset error codes, disconnect the battery before you do this. If you are replacing the brake pads, the rear caliper parking brake mechanism would need to be retracted. I think that’s when you need to put it into some sort of service mode, although I believe there are some videos showing that you do not have to do that. There is a way to retract it manually. There is no cable on this set up; the parking brake uses an electric motor to screw in an out, causing tension on the pads.
  4. I have the LoMax, which may have been dealer installed for the first owner. The back two panels fold, but if I need the full length of the bed, I have to remove the cover. Some of the other options out there will fold up against the back window. Not a big enough deal now for me to spend the $1,000, but if I were ordering new, I would spend the extra money.
  5. GM is not ignoring the problem, but I honestly think they aren’t sure what to do. Also, I think supply chain issues are limiting what they can do. I suspect the real fail rate is low enough that they will just swallow repairs as they come. Keep in mind the scale here….there’s a bunch of these motors out there so even a small fail rate translates into a lot of failures. That said, acceptable defect rates for other manufactured goods are much lower than what GM is willing to do. RAM had a similar problem early on with MDS but I think they finally got that solved. The concept of DoD is good but I’m not sure anyone has a good system in practice. What’s the best, most reliable DoD system out there?
  6. That’s pretty slick. Beats fighting the seal with a pick.
  7. Couple of thoughts… yes, 220/221, whatever it takes. Awesome reference. There were no muscle cars 15 to 20 years ago. The ‘74 Trans Am SD 455 was arguably the last muscle car until….wait for it…the Buick GN. Yes, these trucks are quicker than most of the sports cars from 1972 to 2005, with the exception of properly equipped Fox bodies and 4th/5th gen Camaros. I recall factory Late 80’s fox bodies getting into the low 14’s and high 13’s and there were SOOOOO many performance parts for those cars. I remember the early LS F Bodies having lots of potential. I always thought the mustangs and F bodies were just garbage cars all around so I never bought one. The 6.2 is awesome especially when towing. The 5.3 is double the goodness of the first gen SBC, except for the stupid AFM/DFM…and only because of lifters failing…not because of the operation. If your 5.3 is a slug, you probably have a stupid high rear end gear. I had an Avalanche with the 5.3/6-speed/3.08. What a turd. I had a 3.73 installed (that was a fiasco) and that gear really woke up the truck. It was still a turd overall, but it least it towed my camper better. Building power with an LS is sooooo easy compared to the first gen SBC. Oh my gosh….dollar for dollar, there is no comparison. It’s all in the heads. The only LS based motor that was a bit of a turd was the 4.8. Anyone pining for a first gen SBC over an LS is waxing nostalgic….maybe you want your 300 baud modem back, too? Yes, I had one of those and thought it was the best thing ever. Yes, you would literally see text scrolling onto the screen, line by line.
  8. I did all four shocks. Put me in the camp of it’s an improvement, but not a huge difference. My Ranchos on my AT4 had 20,000 miles on them. I would not go out and replace brand new factory shocks with a Bilstiens but if you have some mileage on yours, you will likely notice a bit of an improvement. It’s not night and day. I did set the fronts at the maximum height. The truck sits closer to level, but the bad news is that when I tow my boat, the rear is about 1 inch low. So now I have to deal with that.
  9. ^^^. The answer is, yes. I’m all for waste not, want not…but this is getting ridiculous.
  10. Andersen Full Bed Support System for 2015 - 2019 2500/3500 HD trucks. This kit can be used with the Andersen Ultimate Hitch to stop bed deflection under load. Part Number 3243. These are new in the box. I never installed the set and I sold the trailer. Package is 5" x 6" x 9" and weighs 16 lbs. Info I'd like $30 for the kit plus actual shipping cost.
  11. I have a set of SuperSpring SumoSprings that I removed from my truck before I traded it in. They are in great shape. Part number SSR-207-47. These fit 2011 - 2019 (maybe more) HD trucks. e-Trailer SumoSprings $110 - Shipped to you via USPS
  12. inTune i2 tuner for GM vehicles unlocked with license. I unmarried the unit from my truck before I traded the truck in. Unit is completely functional and updated. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. This is the i2030 model for GM vehicles. Should cover 2014 - 2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500 Check website for complete compatibility list. Compatibility List $150 Shipped to you via USPS
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