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  1. Appreciate the thinking. Correct, full size spare and my gray door jam sticker shows its a 17x7 rim with a 265/70R17 tire. My factory tires are 265/60R20 on 20x9.5 wheels. Tire size dot com shows the spare has a 31.6" diameter and the factory tires are 32.5" -- a little taller since an AT4. Hmm, thought they'd be the same, will check the other door jam sticker with PSI on it next time I'm out there to see if the same size spare is indicated.
  2. Planning to tow ~6k pound load 3-4 times/year and wondering if it’s okay to rely on the factory included spare as my backup? Have considered purchasing a same wheel/tire spare but also happy to rely on the factory full size if it’s capable.
  3. Still keeping this in mind long term -- love the idea of a push button locker.
  4. Good info regardless, thank you! I installed mine in ~45 minutes fwiw, not bad. Kind of rushed through it, word of advice to folks, it's much easier if you attach the clip holders to the last piece before you put the folding piece on the truck. The instructions do cover this but I read them too late of course. Would also note that it's really easy to take the cover completely off if you did need to use the entire bed to move something, can just fold it to the end and then unscrew the two thumbscrew knobs on the underside that hold the final piece to the rails.
  5. So that's actually just MSRP, if you reach out to the folks mentioned above the prices they quote are much better. Just purchased one for $905 shipped.
  6. Appreciate the pricing info in here, thank you. Planning to grab an MX4 soon, question, I have a 2021 AT4, is there a way to tell my bed length using my VIN? Didn't even realize the AT4 came in two different lengths when I bought mine. Imagine I have the short bed but want to confirm. Can go measure after work of course too.
  7. I'm sure many of us have already considered it, does anyone have an idea as to how difficult the job would be? I personally would love to retrofit at least the rear e-locker to my AT4. The AT4X factory rock sliders and upgraded skid plates might also be worth a look.
  8. I finished installing everything and am quite happy with the end result for the price. I installed the doors first and listened to that for a few days then did the dash speakers, glad I got those as they seemed to make a big difference. One note, it seems like I need to turn the volume up higher to achieve the same volume levels as before but no big deal, listening volume for me seems to be about half way across, occasionally turn it up higher when my kids ask. Overall excellent results for fairly cheap speakers and no amp upgrade, I'd recommend this setup and probably won't change anything.
  9. Just picked up a new 2021 AT4 yesterday and wanted to say thanks for posting your sound set up. I was going to go crazy and do components, amps, etc. but decided I didn't want to do all that work and landed on just the speakers for now, pretty much following your lead. Went for the same dash and front speakers and then grabbed 6.5" rear Kenwood Excelon's that look the same as the 6x9's you got. For those interested on the rears: Kenwood KFC-1666S Item #1131666S Have installed many a sound system in my younger days so planning to install myself. Lots of YouTube videos that show how to remove the door panels, dash speaker, etc. Watched a few to prepare. Anyway, big thanks and will report back with my thoughts!
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