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  1. Hello Everyone, I have a newly powder coated gloss black set of stock exhaust tips. They are perfect and include all stock hardware. Price shipped to your USA location is $150. Message me for info and photos.SOLDSOLDSOLD
  2. Very nice job. I tried a lace on cover several years ago and screwed it up royally so went with the factory wheel. Yours looks as good as factory.
  3. Yes, the air bag must be removed. There are plenty of videos that show how that is done. Just be sure and disconnect the battery before removal. After the air bag is removed you'll see the Torx bolt.
  4. I purchased the Amazon variety and they fit perfectly.
  5. I've had Katzins dealer installed on two Chevrolet trucks, and a Buick wagon. I've also had plenty of GM vehicles with factory leather. In my experience, Katzkins is better looking and more wear resistant. I highly recommend it.
  6. My first mod was LED headlight bulbs from Amazon. Made a marked difference is night driving.
  7. Here is a shot of the quad tips on my 2020 Custom. They were installed by the master himself, Kirk Robinson of Kinney Muffler in Ft Worth, TX. I had the tips installed on my stock system because I wanted the truck quiet for road trips. Since the stock exhaust involved a Y pipe, it was quite a chore to get each side perfectly balanced, but Kirk did an amazing job. With the tips, the truck sounds just a little more throaty on start up because of the megaphone effect, but it is still quiet at cruise. For those who asked, the stainless steel tips are custom made for Kirk and come in a nicely polished or black finish. https://kinneysmufflershop.com/kinneysmufflershop.com/HOME.html I promised the "war department" otherwise known as my lovely wife, that the tips would be the last mod. So far, the truck has the following changes: Katzkins leather heated seats, LT leather steering wheel, Pro Clip phone holder, black Bow Ties, 327 hood emblems, Husky rear fender liners, front camera, LED headlights and a quad exhaust.
  8. I had the front wheels off of my 2020 Silverado Custom with the 5.3 and got a good look at the front brakes. The discs are massive and the calipers are the fixed four piston design rather than sliders. I've had plenty of big time Wilwood and Bahr brakes on my rods and customs. These stock GM brakes compare very favorably. I suggest caliper covers or paint if your want to dude your brakes up.
  9. I'm 20 minutes away from Kinney and a frequent flier because Kirk Robinson has touched virtually all my rods and customs. His great exhaust work gets drive in customers from all over the country.
  10. That's a nice look. Kinney Muffler in the DFW area does great work and I've already emailed them a photo.
  11. Here is one alternative that has worked out well on my 2020 Silverado Custom.
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