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  1. I did not push down on the red tab. I thought it was only a lock. Will try it in the morning. Thanks.
  2. Having a serious issue getting this passenger side headlight disconnected. I have pulled the red tab pushed tab and no go, pushed the red tab and pushed the tab no go. Tried from top and under wheel well. What’s the f’ing trick?
  3. I installed a BDS 6”(4” over stock) on my ‘22 Trail Boss this weekend. Added 18” x 9.5 -18 offset Black Rhino Arsenal wheels and 35” Goodyear Duratrac tires. Looks pretty tough if I do say so myself. Sorry for the dirty pic, but it’s been raining all weekend.
  4. My dash cam uses both constant source and switched sources. I use fuse taps and the fuse block on the passenger side of the truck. I can’t remember which fuses, but it’s easy to find out which is fused and not with a multimeter.
  5. I never heard back from either of the companies above.
  6. My 2022 Trail Boss pulls my 28’ Jayco TT with out issue. Towing capacity is 9200 and payload is 1694 lbs. The trailer is 6560 dry loaded with most supplies at the Cat Scales. No issues what so ever.
  7. I sent messages to both companies, no response yet.
  8. One thing you must consider is payload capacity. Make sure you look on the inside of the door for your truck’s info. Tongue weight has to be calculated into total payload as well as occupants and cargo.
  9. does anyone know what settings in a iPhone to have the voice command button to work when NOT in Apple Car Play? Mine works when connected to Apple Car Play, but I only use that if I need navigation. Also can anyone see media or radio info on the info screen?
  10. Glad you got it working. As for connectivity, when I’m driving I use the truck’s WIFI connection ($25/month is a rip off, I know) and when I’m home it connects to my home WIFI. So it is always connected.
  11. That is the bolt I used for my negative. It is’ s one of the dash hold down bolts, so I’m sure it’s going into the body. Hope you figure it out.
  12. I would try to use the bolt behind the large connector as your ground point. If your truck runs then I seriously doubt there is an issue with the fuse panel, it’s got to be a tool or technique issue.
  13. Yes I used a multimeter and found a always hot and a switched hot.
  14. Without going out and taking the side panel off I believe I used F22 and F12
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