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  1. Good to know dealer will replace it for free. Here's a video I took from the driver's side today, warm idle.
  2. Dang thats crazy, almost same amount of miles as me. I routinely run injector cleaner through my fuel system (Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant) and everything stays very clean. If my truck has lost any power since new, I can't tell at all. Runs like a top after the fix. I do hear a new ticking sound from something on the serpentine belt... thinking its just the alternator though.
  3. Answered this in a previous post, unless it never posted. 57,000
  4. Picked it up today. Transmission was semi-warmed up and shifted smoothly, no bumping sensation when coming to a stop and no clunky shifts. True test will be the next time I cold start it. No more ticking noise, just that minute ticking coming from the alternator pulley or something. Wasn't cheap but they replaced rods, manifold, and 8 lifters. Fresh oil now of course too. Hoping its a new truck with another 100k left in it.
  5. Truck build says Mexico, however I'm not sure how I check the build location for the engine separately? I don't know how "lucky" I am since I'm paying for the repairs 7 months post-powertrain warranty. Sounds like you would have at least been covered under warranty for the engine replacement?
  6. No. Everything else was fine. 8 rods, manifold, gaskets. I will know Friday when I pick it up if it sounds better
  7. Welp... I am having them perform the TSB for the tranny fluid update. The same TSB I took it in under warranty and they "couldn't replicate the issue" and wouldn't do it. So now I'm paying for it. So fed up with how clunky this transmission has been since day 1 I just said the hell with it. If it helps even a little ...
  8. I guess the part I don't quite understand is that even though I have a tune with AFM disabled, there is still a mechanical piece to the AFM that is still functioning? Because your theory indicates it's when it switched back to V8 mode, but if its always in V8 mode, wouldn't there have been something else going on?
  9. There is a TSB for rod replacement? Service tech indicated to me they were damaged. I think this was a fluke breakdown and once repaired I should be good. You mentioned under or over oiling. Can you elaborate a bit more? I fill mine to where it is basically perfect in the center of the range found on the dipstick. Is it better to fill it closer to the top line?
  10. Afm is a joke. It doesn't actually save MPG except for the controlled Epa test so they can market +1 mpg. But the issues and costs are pushed to the consumer for its failures
  11. Mobil 1 filter, mobil 1 full synthetic changed every 7k miles. Throttle body cleaned at 50k miles but was barely dirty
  12. Okay cool thanks. By disabling AFM with my tune about 10k miles ago would that have messed it up? I disabled it to avoid having issues associated with AFM
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