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  1. Definitely could’ve been the issue. Was lazy and didn’t have a ring terminal.. I’m gonna get some more and do it right
  2. Interesting! We may end up adding the hood lights from avs too so good to know. The low beam headlight?
  3. Worked like a charm! Thank you. One quick question tho… after installed we got a ‘service abs system’ alert and the check engine light is on. What could have caused that?
  4. Is 3 high beams? So the avs lights will go on even if headlights aren’t on?
  5. Yep.. as soon as parking lights are turned on. (Didn’t bother my brother). hoping someone can help me out with a good fuse location for cab lights!
  6. Hey guys. My kid brother has a 21 custom trail boss. I recently wired in some aftermarket fog lights into the parking light fuse. Worked perfect. He recently purchased the avs aerocab lights.. any advice on which fuse to tap into so that they come on with ignition (or parking lights). I know there is another parking light fuse but it’s located right next to a relay and makes it difficult to fit the tap. appreciate the help and apologies if it’s a dumbass question. I’m mostly new to electrical stuff!
  7. Yet another 2014 I’ve found that has the older looking my link. Strange. Would love to figure out if maybe these weren’t just updated? Not sure if they can check for updates over WiFi like the 15-18 can.
  8. Yeah for some reason all the 14s I’ve seen for sale recently have the top style display. Very odd
  9. Hi there. Thinking of purchasing a 2014 that still has the older my link interface. I’ve seen some 2014s that have the same display look of the 2015s. Does the dealership update them? Is it done by usb? Here’s pics of 2014 and 2015 to see what I mean
  10. Thanks man. questuon.. is it just the grille, headlights and front bumper that are different? Or are there different brackets on the 16-18 frame? Just figuring out all the things I’d need
  11. Yeah the good news is my brother doesn’t seem bothered if the inner gate wouldn’t work. Merely wants it for aesthetics.. so hopefully I can find a take off or a decent shape used one
  12. Good idea. We’ll try that. He plans on keeping the truck forever.. so just a matter of an aesthetic mod I guess lol. Who knows maybe they’ll retrofit a harness with enough demand
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