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  1. Yes install was very easy just need to be careful with ribbon conecters and the cable plug pins that go through the rear of the screen cover took less than half an hour, when my problems started they were very intermittent and always cleared if I stopped the truck for a few minutes and restarted but became more frequent with time
  2. Well after 2 years of problems with the 8"touch screen on my 2017 gmc Sierra I have finally fixed it it would randomly change stations and flick icons as if you were touching the screen, hours of investigating poor earth's and low voltage as suggested on various forums but to no avail, my truck is a personal import into the UK so no dealer back up here I decided to remove the screen and disconnect the touch digitizer from the screen by unplugging the brown ribbon cable put the screen back in the truck and everything worked OK, obviously the touch doesn't but I could use the buttons below to navigate the screen and radio icons so all functions now worked without any problems, after driving for a few weeks with no problems I was confident that the touch digitizer was the cause of the original problem, ordered a new one from China as GM buy them from there just $239 plus shipping for the screen and digitizer as I didn't fancy trying to remove the digitizer off the original screen, a week later it arrived now installed and working perfectly Thought I would share this as I didn't think it would be such a cheap fix,
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