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  1. Hi Jeff, Without seeing the truck, this is an opinion with very few details. That being said, question always boils down to what are you going to do with the truck? If I was buying a daily, this truck would have too much premium. $43K will be depreciating with every mile, arguably if it actually is worth the premium in the first place. If you have plans to collect it because of your desire to own one of the last models you appreciate, then by all means a new one will never be that one. But, best value will be a new one which comes with the inevitable upgrades, dealer support, and resale value that the 17 will have a hard time supporting. If you're already at $40, mercilessly beat up a dealership for the best buy possible and go for it. If you're looking at a RCSB all these comments are mute. Scarce and guys selling know what they got. Good luck.
  2. Not saying "buy OE", but be careful to buy OE quality headlights if you go aftermarket. Cheap aftermarket headlights can be crap. Focus, aim, projection just to name a few. Aim is a real problem if you run out of adjustment. Look at online parts yards in your area. Price may be $300 ea. if pricing is normal. There's deal out there, good luck.
  3. Would not be surprised at all to see all electric drags, classes, days, Nationals, etc. And they will be faster than the top fossil burners too. Less ear plugs too unfortunately.
  4. Let’s make a photo page for 4wd raised, 2wd lowered, and stock short bed reg cab pickups, These are becoming by far the most hard to find and arguably desirable models, 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Blackout edition 2wd
  5. huh. What is this thing for? Just to make all the lights flash at once? Clown Car option?
  6. Pretty much any combo can be compared with this website: tirecomparison.com
  7. https://www.performanceplustire.com. Good prices great selection, easy Navi in site.
  8. Hunter Equipment is in most chain stores and their process/procedures have a brake pedal depressor to set the toe on older equipment and caster sweeps on all of them. Batteries running down is common so jumping to start would not necessarily mean there was anything wrong with the battery. Hope that helps.
  9. How did the kit lower the rear 3”? If you install a flip kit, expect about 6-7” drop from original height. Removing the second leaf will allow excessive torque flex. These trucks can twist the rear springs under hard acceleration in original configuration. Be careful.
  10. Will be following this thread. My W/T probably has the same base level radio. Sorry for the crappy pic.
  11. Make sure the diff vent is clear of blockages, if not, that is indeed a pinion seal failure.
  12. Hey Aidan, great looking truck. Don’t get in a hurry, although running boards, headlights and taillights are good ideas. That’s my opinion. There are some really unique aftermarket wheels out there. Checkout Perfomance Plus Tire, Google it. Great prices, free shipping, and this outfit will send wheels and tires mounted balanced lug nuts and ready to install. If nothing else, this website will show you a boatload of styles and sizes. If you don’t buy from them, you have a good benchmark on price so when you get another price somewhere, you’ll know what a good deal looks like. No offense intended. BTW: I am not connected in any way to PPT. Good luck and enjoy your new ride.
  13. I’m pretty sure you can get the ultimate kit you’re talking about on the truck but, from my experience, the kit will be a rough ride if you are not loaded. The 3/4T kits are designed much heavier than the Airlift kit. I built my own in 1999 and learned an awful lot in the process. Why is an HD kit necessary? Airlift makes a good kit.
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