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  1. I have an undercover swing case. I love it. It's pretty much full and it doesn't feel too flimsy. If you filled it with multiple heavy items like hitches, I could see a problem. But I love how it works, and it is easily removed if I want to use the whole bed.
  2. My truck VIN starts with 3. I haven't ever noticed any issue that I would attribute to built quality. Design, on the other hand, there are a few questions I have, but that is another topic.
  3. I think he should buy a 20" chrome wheel and hang that under his truck. Then, next spring he can complain about how pitted it is.
  4. maybe think about it this way: The leaf springs are as loud as they have ever been. but the rest of your new truck is so quiet that now your neighbors don't even hear you approaching until they hear the springs squeak. That's why they look startled. We never cared about the spring noise in the past because the rest of the truck noise would drown it out. You said it yourself, you are not used to this setup, so any sound is different to you. It doesn't bother me one bit.
  5. Naked all the way. Running boards scream "old man". If you can't get in your truck on your own, its too high IMO.
  6. I took advantage of the 4 free oil changes. I was unhappy when I found out they decided not to rotate the tires, even though that was supposed to be included. I called them back and was told they inspected the tires and decided it was not needed. Without talking to me. So take advantage if you want to. As long as you know going in they have a reputation for taking short cuts/ upselling/ everything else. Then you can inspect their work before you leave and decline any additional services.
  7. Yes, use 2018 when searching for parts online. Newdude explained it very well.
  8. You need to ignore the people who post their best trip with wind at their back. Averages over longer distances, with mixed city/hwy are likely to be closer to 20 +/- 2 mpg. Very similar to the 5.3.
  9. Jeeze, you got a 1 ton with a 7.4 liter and struggle to pull a 7,000 lb TT. Don't show this to the guys with new half ton trucks pulling the same size trailer. I'd second the idea to go back to OEM size highway tires. What you have on there now isn't helping you on the pavement.
  10. Nice photo session, I can tell you are a pro. I like the drone shots. You have a mavic zoom?
  11. Yeah, that's what its for. Am I the only one that has a hard time seeing turn signals from the side on newer vehicles? The old ones had a side lamp that is actually visible. I find myself yelling at drivers for turning with no signal on, and once they start going around, then I can can see the blinker. I think these suck. Yeah, I know, get off my lawn. haha.
  12. I love my Cooper Discoverer AT3 4s tires for all conditions. So I have no interest in storing a spare set year round. Now if storage space and funds are not an issue for you to sit on an extra $1000 worth of inventory, there are definitely pros to having a dedicated set of winter tires. You can extend the life of both sets of tires if you switch them seasonally. (not to mention protecting your "fancy" set from salt) How big a deal are the aesthetics for you? How many miles do you put on in good weather? How many days are you driving in snow? Only you can decide how it will affect your situation.
  13. What about every passenger car riding around on a donut spare? its printed right on the side to keep the speed under 55 or something. they work temporarily. They are not meant for regular use. You can throw your 32" spare on and drive home. If you have mismatched size tires on the drive axle, you will be wearing the differential more, but it could still get you 5 miles to the next tire shop.
  14. If you want the functionality of a truck, this is the kind of ride you get over sharp bumps. It happens to me too from time to time. Our truck's springs are rated to carry nearly an extra ton of weight. Try the hitting the same bump with 1000 lbs in the bed and you will find it does not happen. This same question pops up time and again. People always think changing the shocks will fix everything. The leaf springs are as important as the shock to your ride. Our leaf springs are only being used at 25% of capacity when the bed is empty.
  15. Yep, 2015 with Hellwig helper springs on rear, Timbrens on front. That is a shocking amount of sag if everything you said is accurate. I'm glad I'm sticking with my truck for a while. You sure you need all the 500lbs of junk in the bed? Is is randomly scattered around the bed, or safely tucked up near the cab? Again, 500 lbs shouldn't be that dramatic of a load in a half ton truck. If you have a tool box secured in the front of the bed, some of that weight (maybe 15%) should be acting on the front axle, not solely on the rear.
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