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  1. If anybody wants to buy a chip for a heated seat, I'll sell mine out of the drivers seat. I never use it, my "seat" is naturally warm enough on its own.
  2. Last winter I finished a 275 SF room in the basement for my wife to use as a home office and exercise room. We liked the LifeProof LVP enough to use it down there as well, with a thin underlayment to gain a little bit of padding/insulation over the concrete. My wife took the kids to visit her family for a weekend and I spent Friday afternoon and most of Saturday & Sunday alone just installing the floor and putting in the baseboards. You can score them with a utility knife and snap it. So the ends aren't terrible. But the long walls that need to be cut along the entire length are a pain.
  3. Donstar, We also chose the Lifeproof LVP from Home depot. I wanted distressed and character. The Mrs. wanted light grains. We managed to agree on the Trail Oak color. I love the way it looks. But one warning, if you drag a chair (or anything really) across it and there is any sand on the floor, it scratches pretty easily. I have never used a broom and dustpan so frequently in my life. But I want to keep this floor looking nice for a while. I wouldn't recommend for people with large dogs. Kids are even questionable. But it sure looks and feels nice.
  4. I use AA exclusively for google maps and nothing else. I love the ability to use that when I'm in unfamiliar territory, or for the kids to see the countdown time to our destination. When my wife gets near it automatically opens up CP and then if I want it connected to my phone its a pain to switch. But that's a minor problem most of the time. Only when we are both in the car on long trips and it tries to switch phones. I'm not super techy, so I don't know how to tailor it to my wants. I guess I'm just glad I get to use a good mapping app without paying GM for updates.
  5. Do you really need bigger/wider tires for where you drive to the boat launch or deer camp? If you are really concerned with fuel economy, I suggest you look for some good tires that are closer to OEM size. The 5.3 with more gears should suffice for everything you need it to do. ( I have a 6 speed 3.42) If you want the 6.2 just for the "fun factor", that is purely up to you and not a financially driven decision.
  6. What brand did you try? I have a Truxedo Lopro and don't experience any of the issues you talk about when opening and closing mine by myself. I installed it myself in maybe 1 hour. I would never want any other folding cover that blocks more of my bed when open.
  7. I got the GMC rear cargo mat for my wife's Acadia. had to pay a few bucks, but I'll take the roughly $100 discount the points got me.
  8. cool, that is new to me. I guess one nice thing about a ford is having a completely flat floor in the back seat....
  9. I've been waiting 5 years to get underseat storage but it would be useless for me with the car seats installed. I like your idea, but not sure how well they would stay in place if you didn't secure them. Right now I have a couple small tool boxes stuffed under the seat and they don't slide much because I have the Husky full floor liner, which is fairly slip resistant. I'm following to see what you come up with.
  10. Yep. Onstar is a crock. Its a joint venture between GM and some tech companies to try to dig deeper in our pockets with a subscription service. Too bad they don't offer anything my smartphone can't already do. I agree that it would be nice to use the smartphone app, but not at $15 a month. I maybe used it 15 times in the 5 years I had the free service. I'd pay a one time fee to use it for the life of the vehicle, maybe. But no way I'm giving them my credit card #.
  11. I look at extended warranties as optional insurance. My wife really wanted to feel "safe". I would have walked out laughing at the salesman who offered it to me. But the boss would rather pay 2,000 or whatever it was now, to hopefully avoid some much higher bill later. Maybe we come out ahead. More likely we just donated 2,000 to the dealership. similar to car insurance. I have never made a claim beyond a windshield replacement. Yet I continue to donate money to American Family Insurance every month. I guess it makes me happy to know that if some uninsured numbskull t-bones me, I w
  12. Well then, the GMC Denali is definitely for you. Its covered in chrome plated bells and whistles. (After all, its your money not mine.) When shopping for my wife's recent new Acadia, she demanded adaptive cruise control. So that limited our choices. I could do without all the other nanny systems. I suggest you research and figure out what "package" you will actually be happy with and start from there. Every half ton GM makes is suitable for daily driving and occasional towing.
  13. This problem has been known and discussed on this forum for over 2 years. I have copied some links below. There are hitches available that drop below, or stow out of the way for people who do not want to take the hitch out when not in use. It is your choice if you'd rather remove the hitch to use the tailgate feature or not.
  14. The "road noise" as you call it likely is due to the tires. Your modification has changed the way the tires interface with the road surface. You didn't say if they are OEM or oversize. Oversize tires are just plain louder. How many miles on the current tires? how often do you rotate them? are they worn unevenly at all? Getting an alignment and making sure your air pressure is correct will make a big difference.
  15. It will save you headaches to just get the model with the features you want already on it. Even if it comes with extra stuff you don't need. How much time are you willing to spend adding standard LT features to a WT? I was willing to look at WT trim when I bought mine. I don't need carpet floors, in fact I have covered all the carpet with Husky liners anyway. Never had remote start before, figured I didn't need it. I do enjoy that feature somewhat. But the boss demanded heated seats so we had to go to the LT1 with All-Star package. Which turned out to be on about 50% of what my dea
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