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  1. That is my feeling exactly. I like the app, but its not worth that much to me. I'd be in the market at about $3 a month. I'll probably buy another magnetic key box and hide it under the frame, like I've done with my other vehicles.
  2. Yes, you got the "basic plan" for free with a new vehicle which lasts for up to 5 years. They make this confusing for a reason. Your initial "free trial" included everything. When that expires in a few months, the "basic plan" continues alone if you don't pay them anything. They recently changed their plan structure and now offer a new plan called "remote access" to replace the "Basic" services which include the app with remote start and lock/unlock, you can continue this indefinitely for a fee of $15/ month. you have to hunt for this on their website, its not immediately visible when you look at the plans.
  3. Last good z71

    I came from a 1998 K1500 WT long box non Z71. That thing rode like a truck. It felt very sure footed and had good traction in wet conditions, but I attributed that to the Cooper Discoverer A/T tires. My current 2015 Z71 rides more like a car. Its very comfortable, but it is a far cry from how my old one felt. Still on factory crap tires. While I can break the rear end loose when I want to, I can also drive just fine without spinning around corners. You just need to drive like your mom or child is riding with you.
  4. I hope you got that in writing. The extended warranty is barely worth the paper its written on. This just sounds like a salespitch to get you to buy the extended warranty from them. I did it too and I've regretted it since the second day I had my truck. I wish I had my cash back and sitting in the bank.
  5. Anyone considering mods to their wheels and suspension should know this. And not be surprised when it happens to them as well. The warranty is only good on the stock truck. Once you change anything, they are looking for a way to deny coverage. This is coming from someone who put Timbrens on the front axle to support a snow plow. I know when my front end components wear out I'm paying full price for replacements.
  6. That's exactly it. The wind drag increases exponentially with speed. One of my best MPG tanks I ever had was spent in cruise control at 60 mph. I was in v4 most of the time getting 25 mpg. When I'm going 70 it averages between 19-20. Maybe 22 max with favorable wind. those people that always drive 75+ on the highway will never see the benefit of V4 mode because the truck is working too hard to push the air.
  7. You are correct in saying that I cannot prove it. I can only estimate that during the 25% of my highway drive where only 4 cylinders are being used, I would burn more fuel if it was being dumped into all 8. You stated that your truck never even entered V4 mode before you deactivated it. So how can you say it wouldn't have saved any fuel for you if the road conditions, weather conditions or loading conditions allowed it? All you are proving is that your typical drive apparently never benefited from AFM in the first place.
  8. Interesting. I find that mine activates while travelling 70 mpg on flat roads when not driving into the wind. This may only be 25% of the time, but I know that I would burn more fuel if I deactivated the system.
  9. I don't know if that statement accurately assesses the value of AFM. Many of the people who disable it do so because they have either tuned, or lifted/leveled with larger tires and/or modified exhaust and probably drive a certain way. Let's hear from some people who disabled AFM on an otherwise stock truck and see if it made any difference for them. AFM is only useful for those who are fuel conscious. The bulk of people on this forum are more concerned with the look & sound of the truck. I would estimate that said group probably doesn't care or want the v4 mode anyway.
  10. Crew or Double Cab?

    when we were kids, the child safety seats and laws were a bit different. I rode in the back of my grandpa's dodge crew cab farm truck with 6 cousins, none of which were bucked in. My mom carried me home from the hospital in her arms. Try that today and see what looks you get. The hospital won't let you out the door with a baby until they see your properly installed rear facing car seat. And that is why I bought a crew cab. And brought my son home in it.
  11. Deal of the century?

    That is ridiculous. The photos show 3 miles on the odometer. I can't believe it's real. Maybe that truck sat on the lot and they used it for a loaner since the photos were taken. I'd ask what the current miles are on it, and that might reveal the truth. I took my baby in for an inspection before my warranty ran out and they loaned me a brand new 2018 with 10 miles on it. My wife said they were trying to entice me into a new truck. But the 2018 was exactly like mine for all intents and purposes, so no point in upgrading. Either way, heck of a price.
  12. don't let AFM deter you. I've had mine for 3 years, barely notice it. V4 mode is for cruising at constant speed. When you hit the throttle, it immediately fires on all 8. I think the only thing that might bother me is if I did a custom exhaust and heard the drone. But if you just replace the muffler that is not a problem. I intend to put a flowmaster in there soon.
  13. Crew or Double Cab?

    Everyone is pretty much in agreement and I will second: if you plan on having adults or kids ride in the back seat, you need a CC. If you always drive alone, then go for the double. The bed length is dependent on how you use it. I came from a regular cab long bed, and i loved it. Had to switch to CC when we had kids. I hate having a short bed, but if I had a standard bed on mine I wouldn't be able to park in the garage, much less turn into parking spaces.
  14. My truck is cursed?

    Ain't this the truth. I am extremely careful and gentle when sticking my hand in the area behind the handle, and it is still all scratched up. I watched a service guy open my 2 month old door into a large truck, chipping the paint on the very edge of my door. That pissed me off. But I touched it up and its not noticeable because of the location. I also put a dent in my rear passenger door because I failed to fully insert and lock the plastic pressure washer tip. Had to touch up the clear coat and there is a noticeable indent in the metal. Its one thing when I scratch my own truck, but finding damage left by someone else just hurts more.
  15. Well thanks for that explanation. I'm going to save it, just in case I try to tackle this some time. I already checked and know that my truck does not have that wiring, so I would need a whole new system. I'm probably more likely to hire this out, but knowing this information will be helpful either way.

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