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  1. Tie Down Track System

    You could bolt a section of E-track to the back side of the tool box. But using that would require the tool box to be very well secured. It seems like having a tool box there is very inconvenient for transporting dirt bikes. I'd try to come up with a different tool box solution so you can use the factory tie down locations in front of the bed. Have you ever seen the undercover swingcase? http://www.swingcase.us/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvLLZBRDrARIsADU6ojBOYpxtxSHW1MD_yvd0zMbwy7kXhdHwsD-o3lSODnW8h52RWdsU9TUaAgdpEALw_wcB
  2. DIY bedliner

    This. Unless you have access to a sand blaster, how do you plan on doing the proper surface preparation? I attempted to put herculiner in an old truck, I found it peeled up way too easily. I even sent photos of some damage to the company and they sent me a new small can to repair it. But I would never go that route again if I plan on using my truck bed to haul anything more than cardboard boxes. Save yourself the time and go to your lacal LineX, Rhino, Bullett dealer. You'll be happier with a durable liner than you would be trying to save $300 and ending up with a crappy liner.
  3. Exhaust

    I'm with wforrest 08, if you just want a nice sound, but not stupid loud, have a shop weld in a replacement performance muffler and keep all the factory pipe. I like flowmaster as well. I've done that on 2 past vehicles and now that my truck is past the 36 month warranty, I'll be looking to do the same on this one. I was in HS when Fast and Furious came out, I don't like the look of a big shiny tip, its like those fart can's they put on ricers. That's why I keep the factory pipe out the back. But if you are after looks of the tip and whatnot, then you need to just choose what you like the best.
  4. My baby was born in Mexico. I'm pretty anal about things being straight and aligned. I haven't noticed any defects due to manufacturing. Now the paint is a different story, who doesn't have some chips on the front edge of the hood?
  5. He's not squatting at all. Must have airbags or all the gear is in the back of the trailer. I love seeing leveled trucks with bumper pull campers. I don't know how the drivers can see over their hood half the time.
  6. yeah, some performance car tires are directional, but I haven't seen that on a truck either. They should be cross rotating the tires. My second "free" oil change and maintenance they didn't even rotate mine at all. My wife picked it up so I didn't have a chance to call them out on it. I called them later from home and asked why they didn't do it. They said I didn't have enough miles on it since the last time. Whatever, its a free maintenance, I went in every 6 months. Do you d&mn job. not the first lazy technicians.
  7. New Truck Owner

    yes, any free QR code reader app. I have QRDroid. The code sticker is inside the driver's door jamb.
  8. New Truck Owner

    If it doesn't say on the window, you need to ask the dealer to verify what gears the truck has. The new ones have a QR code you can scan look for the codes for axle ratio: GU4 Axle Rear 3.08 GU5 Axle Rear 3.23 GU6 Axle Rear 3.42
  9. New Truck Owner

    I rented a diesel car in Ireland that shut off every time I came to a stop. I was shocked how quick that got going again. It was a stick shift, little car, so I don't know how the trucks will handle that. but there's always a risk with new technology. On the flip side, if they find anything wrong early, there is usually a free fix: recall or service bulletin. Yes the GM trucks sit lower than some others. Part of that is just the air dam in front which you can remove. I would not spend money to lift a truck because of the few minutes of launching boats. I don't think the rear end is any lower than the competition. The front axle and air dam are the lowest points. As far as axle ratio, you are kind of off track. The number means your driveshaft turns that many times per every axle rotation (tire rotation.) Changing to bigger tires does not change this ratio, but it does change how far the truck moves for every rotation of the driveshaft. Bigger tires make it act like you just lowered the gear ratio- (more distance traveled, less torque). So if you plan on putting big tires on, make sure you don't get a 3.08. If you have 3.42, which comes on most of the 4x4 Z71's you will be fine with large tires. Amxguy is correct above, you don't NEED 4wd. It is basically a luxury. Only you can decide how useful it is for you and if its worth the price. I don't know what the cost increase is because nobody buys 2wd in WI. My dealer doesn't even have any on the lot. In WI, you couldn't give away a 2wd truck. But since you are in CA, that is a different story.
  10. New Truck Owner

    For what you described, the 5.3 engine would be more than adequate. I wouldn't spend any extra money on the 6.2. you could probably even get by with the 4.3, but I don't think you are saving much on up-front cost or fuel mileage, so I would suggest you stick to the V-8. But I agree with 4wd if you plan on launching decent sized boats. The rear tires are often in the water and without much weight in the bed, the tires will spin easily. You can pull a 17' fishing boat out of the water with 2wd no problem, but if you think you will have 8,000 lbs back there, you will need a little more traction.
  11. 1. driving up to a locked or gated driveway, passenger can jump out to open gate, you don't need to shift into park twice to them out, then back in after you drive through the gate. 2. pull up to mailbox/ drive-through/ carwash, but can't quite reach what you are leaning out the window for. So you open up the door a couple inches to allow you to lean farther. 3. I pull my garbage bin up the driveway when its empty and I arrive home from work. I open the door and drive slowly with the bin in my left hand. So there are several instances when I open the door while in gear, none are vital, and I could survive if i had to put it in park. You may never encounter these situations, but I do. This feature is just a tiny slice of convenience for me, and saves some unnecessary shifting since we are forced to have auto locking doors when in motion. I grew up riding around with unlocked doors and never fell out of a moving vehicle once. Go figure.
  12. Most vehicles that commonly carry children have some way to disable the back doors so kids don't open them from inside. Our 1993 Dodge caravan had it. If your kid is riding in the font seat, according to the safety police, he should be like 10 years old and better know not to open the door when in motion.
  13. Remote fob windows down

    Yeah, I have never, nor will I ever, open the windows when I'm not within view of the truck. I park in a garage at home so that's not a problem. Basically if I go to Menards or Wal-mart, I will grab my fob when I exit the store and hit the button as soon as I can see my truck. Hence the 1-2 minutes of open windows is all you need to let the hot air escape. Or if i'm travelling alone and I don't leave anything of value in the truck, I just leave all the windows down 1" or so. the vent shades cover the opening so you can't really see that they are open from the outside. But on a real hot day, that still doesn't do enough. I live in WI, where we only have maybe 10 days of 90 degrees a summer. I hate those days. I can't imagine living in texas.
  14. You can disable the back doors from opening from the inside. There is a little button on the divers door next to the window and lock buttons.
  15. Remote fob windows down

    I use it every time its hot out and I'm parked in the sun. If its 90+ outside, your interior is 120+. When remote starting, you are just blowing around the super hot air and slowly mixing with cooled air from the vents. If you lower the windows a minute or two before you get to the truck, AND remote start it, all the hot air has escaped the windows and you can get in and enjoy the cool AC immediately. Especially useful when loading the kids into the back seat. It saves fuel and cools the truck faster.

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