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  1. Christmas is coming up, you could ask Santa for a sweatshirt. one thing that might help you- I remember being discussed on here a lot for the K2's, just because the little yellow light is on next to the AC button does not mean its actually cooling the air. The compressor always turns on during remote start in order to dehumidify the air in the cabin in case your windows are foggy. Maybe your truck is working as designed between 50-59 degrees, but since the fan is blowing full speed when you get in, you assume the AC is on.
  2. yeah. If you don't want remote start to blast the AC when its between 60-70 degrees, then why are you remote starting in those conditions? The point of remote starting is to let the engine warm up in the cold, or to turn on the AC when it is hot.
  3. Assuming fuel cost is a wash (I don't know if you included that in your monthly cost), insurance premiums cost more based on the replacement value. Also I know some states charge annual plates/tabs based on vehicle value (Wisconsin doesn't so I'm not too in tune with that.) Everyone knows depreciation is worst in the first year. Now the last year has been a bit crazy, but I'm talking in general. That said, it is definitely cheaper to operate an older vehicle. You can debate the monthly payments vs regular maintenance, but keeping a vehicle for several years after its paid off always puts you ahead. Some people value having their ride under warranty, so always paying a monthly fee gives them peace of mind. I don't believe that is worth it in the long run, but its a personal choice. I have an extra vehicle so if one needs work, I'm not stranded. I have owned my vehicles for 8+ years on average and I don't plan to stop that trend. My wife would prefer a new one about every 5 years. Purely from a money standpoint, I think it is wisest to own vehicles around 4-8 years of age. Some people are more trendy than I am though. My 2014 Chrysler 200 work beater is bare bones, less to go wrong. Give me an FM radio and a heater and I'm good to go.
  4. I call BS on this- no way he averages that over a long term. For a trip, sure. But there are too many variables to compare to others MPG, we don't know the weather, wind, grade, tires, speed, etc. My best tank ever was 22 mpg, cruise set at 70 driving across Iowa in summer. My Hwy Average is in the 18-19 range, and closer to 15-16 in city. I log on a per-tank basis. I have a 1500 with v8, 3.42 gears, 6 spd tranny. There is nothing you listed I wouldn't be more than comfortable doing with my truck. And you have 2 extra gears which will only help you. There is no way I'd daily drive a 2500 unless its for work.
  5. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery check out their searchable gallery for different wheel sizes, etc.
  6. the rear inside tire will skip/skid/bounce while turning before you blow anything up internally. When driving straight (or mostly straight), you are only wearing the tires a little bit more than normal due to the different spin rates. I once drove over 100 miles on dry pavement, it was snowy & ice in town and I was in 4WD, then got on the freeway which was salted and forgot about it til I exited halfway across the state. no issues. But definitely noticed it once I tried to turn into a driveway.
  7. I don't get why they are still called bug shields. Aren't they just for protecting the paint on the edge of the hood? I'd second the PPF. I kinda wish I would have installed that when mine was new. Now my leading edge is full of little paint chips. GM uses the thinnest coat of paint possible to hold its color.
  8. I looked into winter wheels/tires for my wife's acadia. Different size, but same solution: Don't worry about what the wheels are, just find some take-offs and go with it. You aren't buying them for looks. 18's are actually an upgrade in ride quality. Bigger rims are only for looks, and that's subjective at best. Any used take-offs will be cheaper and fit just fine. I wouldn't want to ride on 20" winter tires anyway. If I were you I'd be looking on craigslist and marketplace for 18" wheels, and then your choice of tire. I found OEM GMC alloy wheels with barely used snow tires as a set for $600 (again, smaller tires, so they are cheaper than on the truck) But I don't care. we'll run those a couple years and I can get new rubber if the wheels are in good shape.
  9. Stop it with all that logic. Some people don't know what to do with their paycheck if $500-700 isn't going straight to GM Financial. Don't tell anyone that a key to financial freedom is not having a car payment.
  10. The only must have is a crew cab. Child seats take up a ridiculous amount of space. I've never been into all the other electronic gadgets that are outdated before your warranty is up. The only recent tech improvement I like is android auto for mapping, but I think that comes on all new vehicles now. I will second (or third) that if you even think you want any electronic function, get it factory installed. It won't be easy/fun/cheap to install later. Every damn thing is run through the computer and if you want your truck to work right, get it installed off the bat. I would recommend the plow prep package though for someone in Michigan, who sounds like you do contractor work. Definitely nice to have that income in the winter. That gives you better upfitter switches and wiring for the roof light (at least it did last time I looked closely at the package)
  11. Fluid film works great on bare or painted steel. I used it to coat my plow in the off-season. It still looked new after 5 years. I've seen complaints about what it does to other surfaces such as rubber. I don't think I'd just go to town spraying my entire underside with it. But some people who run old plow trucks do coat everything. I also think it does not play nice with the noxrust coating though.
  12. Well holy &^%$, there it is. I just went out and looked. We do have it. I swore I read somewhere that it didn't exist and I never bothered to look. I'm pretty used to it shutting off now, and yes, just lifting the foot 90% off the brake it will fire up. Now I don't know what I'll do when driving her vehicle around. My truck is a 15 so I don't have to worry about it at all.
  13. My wife's 21 Acadia Denali does not have any option to turn it off. Most of the time it doesn't bother me as I don't drive in a lot of traffic with lights due to where we live. If it shuts off at a stoplight, it turns on quick enough not to be an inconvenience. It does turn back on after a certain time. Definitely using the AC keeps the engine on more. The worst situation I endure is a 4-way stop where I have to wait for someone else to clear the intersection, I may be sitting still for 2 seconds but the engine shuts off in that time, then re-starts. Its teaching me to roll through the stop sign rather than hard-stop it.
  14. "committed to giving every customer a truck at a price point to meet their needs" LOL But hey, we now have a lifted Colorado!
  15. Some people park far enough away from their desk that the fob doesn't reach. Ya know, back when people went into an office to work. In the winter, you need more than 2 minutes for it to warm up. Anyway, I had the app for 5 year for free, I probably used the app to remote start 20 times in that span. So it's not enough to justify paying what they are asking, but it would be a nice feature to have nonetheless.
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