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  1. Yes, you can. But there are two very important differences with the App that the fob cannot do: 1) The app works infinitely far away from the vehicle, the fob must be within a couple hundred feet or so without obstructions. like I said above. Imagine you are inside the big box store, or at work on the far side of the building. your fob won't start the truck from there. you wouldn't be using the lock functions from there, but remote start only. 2) The app provides feedback telling you the truck is started. So if you can't see it you know its on. The fob does no such thing. again, if you never remote start the vehicle, you probably don't care. You almost never need to unlock the truck when you aren't standing near it. One scenario you could benefit from- if you (or the wife) ever lock the key inside, even if your phone is inside as well, whoever still has their phone could unlock it from work, home or anywhere as long as you remember the phone number to call them, lol. My wife and I both have the app with access to both our vehicles. Granted, these are small luxuries, that's why I stated I'd only pay $3/ month for it. But if I don't have the option to use it, I would be annoyed.
  2. Since your signature says you are in texas, I'm guessing you have no value in remote starting your truck to warm up in winter. Yeah, most of us will just live without it. But every once in a while its nice to warm up the truck when you are out of range of the key fob. Say you are leaving work and the parking lot is on the other side of the building. For that matter do you even know that we are talking about the "remote app" functions specifically, not the onstar service in general. You are right that 90% of people never pay for onstar. But this one service, (the remote app), was available for free for several years when you purchased a new vehicle. Now they are trying to to charge us. That's why we're annoyed. If you don't want the service, then don't worry about it.
  3. I totally agree. I would pay for an app 1 time that lasts forever (as long as I own the truck). Maybe some tech nerd can create a new app that works that way. I hope someone from Onstar is listening....
  4. Wow, aren't you just onstar's dream customer. Sign this guy up for throwing away another $179.88 per year. That's nothing on top of his lease payment and insurance. Who needs to budget their money??
  5. I heard this a couple months ago and thought it was a joke too. I think Onstar is a massive waste of space and resources, but having the ability to remote start/ unlock the truck is one nice thing they offer. It is the only thing my smartphone can't do without them. Every other "service" they provide is just a duplicate of the phone I already pay for. Now and then I may leave my keys on my dresser and want to get in the truck, but how often is my phone not in my pocket? And I can also access my wife's car from the same app. Its a nice little convenience. But I don't NEED it or use it often enough to pay $100 or $150 a year just for the option to use it maybe 10 times. Once all the free trials are done and no one is paying for this service, hopefully they'll reconsider and drastically drop the price. I'd be a buyer at about $3.00 per month. Any more than that, I'll just keep the key in my pocket.
  6. yup. I only plow for myself. This winter it is staying in Grandpa's shed. Next year when we have the new house, I'll have a big enough garage, that I won't care about dripping crud after I plow.
  7. I picked her out

    I guess so. But when I got to that part of the paperwork, I stopped. I asked if they could complete the transaction without it. He said no. I made my salesman bring the finance guy over and I told them both right there that I was not financing through them and they should not run my credit. I thought I took care of it, but they went ahead and screwed me anyway. That is why I was so pissed about the extended warranty, because this was the same guy that I bought that jewel from a year earlier.
  8. I picked her out

    I still don't know how they make money on it, but they have to. My deal was so weird- the loan went to my credit union anyway, so at the end of the day, it didn't even matter to me, not 1 penny difference and my payments still went to the same financial institution. But the dealer was adamant that they should submit the application for me. What P'd me Off was that I already applied for my own loan, and my credit got pulled twice. My credit score took a hit that month. After I specifically told them not to do it because I was getting my own financing. I know its different when the loan is from GM Financial, but this is nuts. Basically anything a salesperson offers that you didn't ask for is a scam to make them more money.
  9. That bad? It depends on the temperature of your garage and your tolerance for walking through slop. If you drive on roads that have been salted after decent snow, the slush cakes in there. There is always a trail of dripping crud out of the rear bumper. Is it any worse than the regular wheelwells of our other two vehicles? not really. But the difference is I can walk around and clear out most of the crud with my foot or a snow brush on the other vehicles. I can't access the slush under the truck bumper.
  10. I picked her out

    I'm sorry to hear that. Seems pretty shady for them to retract the offer after you put a down payment on it. You're probly better off avoiding that dealer. When buying my wife's CPO car- I was about to go pick up my loan check from my credit union when I got a call from the dealer that my loan paperwork was ready. I was like WTF? I never gave you permission to run my credit. I told them I was financing through my CU. Apparently they get some kickbacks for doing financing in house and get all bent out of shape when you go elsewhere. Luckily for my situation, they matched the term and rate I was going to get, so it didn't affect my deal.
  11. I picked her out

    Maybe. But I also plan to keep this baby for a decade. So I will reach the mileage you have eventually. That was the only reason I agreed to it at the time - for the long term benefit. I regretted the decision on day #2 after I had more time to think about it and research. There are way more parts that are uncovered. Anything that is wearable and regularly replaced - you are on your own. They try to sell you on all this possible savings. Well, I'd need to blow up the engine and tranny before I would see any savings. On these trucks you are much more likely to pay thousands to repair electrical problems that are not covered. I wish I had the cash back to spend on my house or new tires... or anything else. Edit: I'm also bitter about this whole situation because I really do not trust the snake that sold it to me. I thought I did at the time, but I had a later experience with him that really made me reconsider. Just like duquephart said above, they are not running a charity, they are selling it because they make money off you.
  12. I picked her out

    nice rig. If you can save up to pay for an extended warranty out of packet, just put the money in your bank and don't touch it. You'll thank me when you need to pay for a repair on any of the 90% of the truck that the extended warranty doesn't cover. I bought an extended warranty and regret doing it.
  13. 4.56 gears K2XX 4x4 L83

    I don't see where the OP mentions any tire size, but I'm assuming he has large tires. I don't know why else a person would make this drastic a gearing change. So since I'm assuming he had very large tires, that was killing his MPG (12 average). Now with the new shorter gears, the engine speed to ground speed ratio is back closer to what a stock truck has so his MPG is only returning to "normal". So I can see a decent improvement in city MPG. But that will be cancelled out on the freeway when he's running at 3,000 rpm.
  14. OK, maybe "custom mod" was the wrong words. Its like shelby cobra. Ford doesn't make them, someone else takes a stock vehicle and tricks it out. Same thing here. I don't know who is doing it though. Edit: I found this article naming a couple dealerships offering the package: https://www.hardworkingtrucks.com/retro-big-10-chevy-option-offered-on-2018-silverado/
  15. Saw a photo of the green one a while back on this forum, those look sweet! Definitely not a GM package. Someone is just doing a custom mod.

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