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  1. There are very few changes between 2015 to 2018. Yes, you do get new grille and LED lights. Maybe upgrade to the 8 speed transmission. I'd never do that. but that's just me, I want to keep a vehicle and drive it into the ground. Also, there are many who won't buy the 1st year of a new generation because there are unknown problems that they can usually work out by the 2nd year model. So I would say, either get the 18 now because its a good price, or wait for the 2020.
  2. true dat. So changing to a smaller tire size is probably the best bang for your buck to gain torque. Too bad almost no truck owners want to to this.
  3. That's barely going to change anything. The first number is the width of the tire in mm. The second is aspect ratio. Your two tire sizes are a whole 4% different in diameter. So the smaller tires would make it feel like you had 4% more torque than the larger tire. https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  4. This is right in my wheelhouse. I'm on currently on my second 1/2 ton truck with a 7'-6" blade. I mostly do my own driveway, but have helped out with a couple other "paying customers" over the years. Driveways are no problem for my truck. The few big storms we've had, i just take my time. Like the others already said, if you plan on doing big parking lots commercially, you will be wasting time with a smaller blade, when a HD with 8-9' blade can do it much faster. So the short story is, you can definitely plow with a half ton. Just make sure the truck fits the job and you don't try to drive it like a HD. I'd be happy to answer any other questions for you.
  5. yeah, none of the interior buttons or lights turn on until you put the key in. Just like the heated seats. They are on even though the button doesn't light up. you can turn the radio on by hitting the power button even without a key in the ignition.
  6. If this isn't going to be a frequent need, why not just get a small electric compressor that will run on the truck's 120 v outlet? I have a cheap black and decker compressor (tankless inflator) that I mostly use for lawn & garden & bikes, but it will put out 70 psi if I want to hold it on long enough. Your 30 gallon tank would probably only inflate 1 flat tire using a full tank. Try it out at home by dropping the pressure in your tires and unplugging the compressor to and see how much it can do on one tank. Then you'll know.
  7. For anybody in the upper midwest: Buy 3 get 1 free Cooper Tires this week at Fleet Farm. Just in time for deer season. I have my Discoverer AT3 4S tires ordered, just waiting to get installed. https://www.fleetfarmtires.com/specials.aspx
  8. These new cabs are sealed so well that you need very little air blowing to maintain temp after its warmed up. I drove my truck across the state for holidays several times with the kids. (5 hour ride) I've found the auto thermostat to work pretty well. Setting at around 68 keeps it warm enough for my wife and I'm not sweating. It usually blows only on the lowest fan setting I believe.
  9. There's always people looking for decent cheap street tires. I've sold take off's with barely 1/4" of tread on them for $75 plus I didn't have to pay the disposal fee. I'm planning to sell my stock SRA's next summer with over half tread on them and I'll get $200 too, about the same mileage as you I'm guessing.
  10. My wife knows I'm not going to do anything to hurt my truck, so she doesn't care what I do. Back when we were dating, I asked my wife to go on a date with me to plow 2 long rural driveways in my '98 K1500. She got motion sick, so then plowing time became me time. But my kids get a kick out of riding along now. That's why I had to go from regular cab to crew cab, haha.
  11. +1 for Cooper. I'm a big fan of their tires. I've had their AT3s on trucks and CS4's on cars with no issues.
  12. yeah, its unfortunate that they do this. But its industry wide. No truck comes off the line with a real off-road tires anymore. If you don't like it, negotiate with your dealer to put tires you like on it before you buy it, or swap them on your own afterward. Going back to your dealer after you purchased to complain about the tires is pointless.
  13. This complaint has been brought up before. Its very unfortunate that they call these street tires "all terrain". They are definitely not, as you have stated. But GM has done this and will keep doing this on all their "off-road" capable trucks. You aren't going to get anything from your dealer. You're better off to take the tires directly to discount tire, trade them in on something you want and move on with your life. As you can see, on my Z71, I was upcharged $150 for all terrain tires too. My Goodyear SRA's are not that. But you may as well go argue about the Bose Audio System for $500 that comes with every truck. I didn't have the option to choose my speakers, they were just part of the package.
  14. I will try to figure out what mine is set at after work tonight and reply later.

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