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  1. Don't blame the poor birds, haha. That little mourning dove or whatever it is weighs about 4 ounces. Hardly enough to do any damage to a tile roof. Weather (sun, wind and rain) is what beats up roof systems.
  2. I just found this, I think its cool. A pull down storage rack that mounts to the ceiling of your camper shell/topper. Can be used for guns or small items to keep the bed open for larger stuff. https://www.cap-pack.com/index.html
  3. I was going to joke before you brought this up that they wanted to do a test to see how much accidents were reduced when people put their phone on "do not disturb" but they couldn't get any volunteers to test it.
  4. Is this question a joke? The instant MPG depends on 100 variables and could be anything from 10 - 99. It doesn't mean anything to anyone who isn't in your truck at the instant you read it. Yeah, if your're in V4 mode, it will read higher because you are either on flat or downhill grade. If you are on uphill grade the engine switches to V8. Mine switches back and forth more than once per minute, since we have a lot of gentle rolling terrain here. Instant MPG is totally situation dependent. To get any meaningful data you need to track whole trips/ whole tanks of gas/ multiple trips/tanks, or many years of driving.
  5. That sucks. I also worked in a lumberyard during high school. I treated every vehicle as if it was my own. But I would never walk away from my truck while someone else was loading it, either with a forklift, or by hand. I've seen how often people fail to use the pink stuff between their ears. Heck, I get annoyed when the "helpers" at the costco checkout try to load my cart for me. If you want something done right, do it yourself! haha.
  6. I tried to find out more, but I can't. When they say reduced crash by X%, what is that compared to? the same model car without said technology? Or is it compared to all other cars on the road? Thus far, to get a vehicle with this technology requires a high end trim. So the people driving them represent a certain subset of drivers. I'm betting relatively few teenagers are driving brand new top of the line models, and they account for a large percentage of all crashes. I could also hypothesize that 2015 and newer LTZ models are involved in 80% less crashes than any other car build before 2010, based solely on the people driving them. So I'd like to understand this data a bit more.....
  7. Maybe their mom can also tell them which size tires fit without rubbing on every possible wheel/level/lift combo. That would cut the number of new threads in half.
  8. To elaborate on your point: If you drive for an hour at exactly 80 and I drive for an hour at exactly 60, I will destroy your fuel mileage. (But they also say time is money, haha. So you will be 20 miles farther down the road than me too.) My truck can run around 25 mpg at 60 mph (as long as no headwind) but increase my speed to 70 mph and now it takes favorable wind conditions to break 20 mpg. The speed makes a huge difference because of your increased air resistance and drag. If you are constantly hitting brakes and then accelerating on the highway, no matter what the speed or vehicle, you are also wasting fuel. Drive with the flow of traffic and life is a lot less stressful.
  9. Do you have the snow plow prep package? I thought that's the only way you get that button. I wish I had one.
  10. I know, just giving them crap. Buying 1 yard of topsoil at a time is also not a consideration I take when purchasing a truck. haha.
  11. That may be true, but why are you guys buying wet dirt?? you can't spread it worth a crap anyway. I'd wait a day or 2 and get it when it dries out. My local landscaper screens it daily, so no need to get it from the packed hard wet pile. If you need more than 1 yard, a trailer may be in order, or just have it delivered.
  12. 45-55 mpg is the best for mpg. Basically the slowest the engine can still drive in top gear. Anything faster than that and you increase air resistance dramatically. What speed do you drive on the freeway if traffic isn't in your way?
  13. The outlet produces 150 watts = 1.25 amps. I'm betting it will blow a fuse when you plug that freezer in. I know you can run a medium slow cooker on warm. I know you can run an air mattress pump. But appliances with a surge at startup will be a challenge.
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