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  1. Is it based on Cab size? I thought all the CC's were Mexican and all the double's were from MI.
  2. Extended warranties

    Take the amount they are offering to sell it for and put it in the bank. 80% chance you will have money sitting in the bank when it would have expired. If you need a repair, you already have money set aside for it. There are too many things not covered by ext. warranties that they fail to explain to you, basically every item that you would expect to repair/replace under 100k miles is not covered. I thought about cashing mine in, but decided that for the amount I'd get back, just wait and see if it pays off. I haven't used it once yet.
  3. I would NOT even consider driving my truck for uber. Not letting random drunk idiots wreck it, and it doesn't pay enough to cover gas. And as an infrequent customer, I would also not pay $0.01 more to ride in your AT4 than the next clean car that is available. All I want is a ride from here to there. If you really want to drive for uber go get a clean Camry. Or better yet, a minivan. Those 5+ passenger rides are where its at!
  4. Your list is not cut off. The last one is 636R, which is the paint code. They just don't provide the gear ratio code in the list anymore. See here -> https://gm-techlink.com/?p=9801 You would need to get the full build sheet from your dealer. Or possibly from someone at GM, but good luck getting someone on the phone. There was a GM customer care account on this forum a couple years ago. They actually e-mailed my build sheet to me, but i don't think they have been active in quite a while. I'd just call your dealer.
  5. Yeah, you basically need a garage with 20'-0" clearance from front wall to back wall (then subtract a few inches to allow the garage door to close without hitting the support ribs on your bumper.) Any closer than that and I would want to test park it.
  6. Mid-sized truck logic?

    I don't know why anyone would put a rear facing child seat in the center if they didn't HAVE to. I definitely agree with your comments about family space. We load up for 5 hour (each way) trips to the in-laws about every other month. 2 kids in carseats, plus all gear they require. My CC has so much more space than my wife's Terrain. Its so much more comfortable. My wife would climb in back and sit between them when my son was an infant. You can't do that in a mid-size truck or car. Though, my wife still wants to take her Terrain in warm weather to save on gas, haha.
  7. did you confirm that your winter tires perform the same way? that would remove all doubt.
  8. so what is the verdict now that you have had a couple days with the lower air pressure?
  9. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    well, darn. that shoots my theory that the DIC is good at calculating moving mileage, but ignores fuel burned while idling/remote start. wierd.
  10. Tailgate not dropping

    yeah. That was supposed to be a joke. sorry it didn't come across. All I was saying, is if its not popping out, something must be sticking. First thing I'd check for is places to lubricate.
  11. Tailgate not dropping

    Sounds like something is not lubed well enough. Is there a spring that is supposed to push it back out of the "closed" position? But I don't know. Mine opens every time I pull the handle, with 0 lbs of extra force required. The more complicated you make a tailgate, the more problems it creates.
  12. this is exactly the problem. they took away a free feature, so we would have to give them our credit card info to keep using it. they're happy give out a promo rate to get you into their billing system. then BOOM, next year rolls around and you're being charged full price. I'll probly just go without. I refuse to let onstar get away with that garbage. I've heard lots of bad reviews about them not cancelling when you try to get out as well. I'll spread negative publicity about them anytime onstar is brought up on this forum. Please don't pay their asking price for this, demand it be given free for the life of a vehicle!
  13. Mid-sized truck logic?

    You could also go buy one of the 4 different SUVs that every auto maker offers then. Most of them are also capable of towing a 3,000 lb trailer and have AWD.
  14. I plan on having a nice chat with them the day my basic plan expires. I know they will wheel and deal with you if you threaten to walk. I thought somebody said they already got a deal of like 99$ for a year of the Remote Access plan. That's down to $8.25 a month. Still too much, but a lot better than the $15 they are advertising.
  15. Mid-sized truck logic?

    My dad just moved on from his dakota v8 that he had for almost 20 years. It was the cab and a half (no back doors, but small bench seat) and it had a longer bed than my current CC. That truck was everything he wanted, but it was tired. He came to the same conclusions you did. Instead of paying more for less truck, he found a close-out 2018 Ram double cab, standard bed that is equipped close to mine, for significantly less than I paid for mine new. The big 3 only care about selling volume to the majority of customers that will spend the most money.

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