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  1. Maintenance for 70k truck

    Sorry, Its a pdf download. Maybe you can't view it on a mobile device.
  2. Maintenance for 70k truck

    There is a page in your owner's manual for exactly this reason: Page 11-5 Service and Maintenance.pdf
  3. Hes just asking because this is very high mileage for this truck model. People have wondered about the longevity of the engine with AFM activated. Some people deactivate it because they fear it will cause problems long term. You're not using Canadian KM measurements are you? 219K Miles is a lot for 5 or 6 year old truck.
  4. Time for Tires

    I'm a huge fan of the Cooper Discoverer AT3. Quiet, Great tread life on my old truck and great traction for plowing snow. The new set I'm running only have a couple thousand miles on them. I liked them enough to buy again.
  5. I don't see why it wouldn't work on your trailer axle in an emergency. See this old thread with photos after I did some experimenting with the "fancy" OEM jack on my 2015. Your signature says you drive a 2016, even though you posted this in the T1 forum. I don't know if the new truck model has made any changes compared to the jack I have.
  6. Best Price On Tires

    I always watch my local auto/farm store ads. A couple times a year they offer buy-3-get-1-free deals. They mostly stock oem sizes. Either way, shop around and watch store ads and you can find a decent deal. Do you have Discount Tire nearby? I think they will give you some $$ for your OEM tires if you trade them in with tread left.
  7. What type of hitch is this?

    If he welded that himself, he did a good job. I think it looks like it was bought that way.
  8. Just curious, how much of a difference would it take to consider it a lean? Mine is 1/8" lower on drivers side. But that is with me on the outside. I assume once I get in, it leans a bit more.
  9. Lift kit brand ?

    Trail Master it is
  10. 250 maybe for just the 1 piece of steel. The full bumper with all the plastic trim included, Which I assume he is selling all together, is worth a bit more.
  11. Shipping is going to kill you for something that large/ heavy. Hopefully you can find a local buyer. I wouldn't mess around with ebay for something like that. I looked on gmpartsdirect.com OEM replacement for chrome front bumper with fog lights: $440 rear chrome without parking assist: $675 So use those as your guide. I'd ask like 75% of new price and see if you get any takers. Nobody will pay more than that when they could just get a brand new one.
  12. Wow, this is very interesting. I just remembered that I have a coating thickness gauge in my tool bag, I rarely use it. but I went out and took 10 readings on my '15 truck hood, both the leading edge and top. The average was 3.81 mils. It seemed like the thinner areas are along that front edge, where most chipping occurs. on top of the flat hood is more like 4.0 and above. Then for comparison, I looked at my '04 grand am hood, that was around 5.0 mils average.
  13. For $400 it's worth the shot. That fisher plow looks newer than the truck. Take a wire bush and rattle can to the plow and you can sell it for $500 if you don't want it. Then the truck is free.
  14. yeah, we're a friendly group, haha. As long as you are happy with the price, I'm confident you will be happy with the truck. I love mine.
  15. Overcome Power Loss?

    You are obviously exaggerating a bit here. The truck can do so much more than a prius: ground clearance, weight carrying ability, 4x4, towing, etc. Your "need" for larger tires and lift kit/level don't really help any of those, except in very extreme off-road situations, which in reality, almost nobody really needs. You don't drive a rock crawler as a DD. This is true. I had them too. All you need to do to fix it is replace them with some decent all-terrain tires in the same size. Many options exist. I found Cooper Discoverer AT3 to meet or exceed all my expectations. Larger sized tires do not improve performance in any way, they are purely for looks.

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