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  1. Definitely. The dealer will be happy to take your trade-in and put you in a newer vehicle for the same monthly payment. They will just gloss over how many more months of payments you just signed up for. We don't know what your finances look like. It's your money, if you have plenty and will be happier with the new truck, then go for it. But you're not going to come out ahead financially.
  2. sorry, I didn't specify, I'm running OEM size which is 265/65/18. I did add Timbrens on the front for snow plowing, but other than that stock suspension. So my front end is maybe 1/2" higher than stock.
  3. I have the same tires, but in the 4S version which is P rated. Not the XLT which is load E, like you are looking at. I love the tires, great ride, great traction in snow, quiet on the road. I highly recommend. Load E will be slightly different than my ride, but I'm confident you will like the tires.
  4. I really hate the subscription model. they just want your credit card info so they can jack up the rate after a certain time period and hope you're too dumb to call back and complain. What I want is a one time fee to just keep it for the life of the truck. My 5 years will expire in June. I plan to call them an b*%^h about their service. I would like to keep it and would pay a nominal fee for the service, but no way am I paying $15 or even 10 every month. They don't care about people who keep their vehicle long term, they want me to go back and buy a new one every 3 years. Sorry, I'm keeping my money in my pocket.
  5. On the K2's there is a switch on the drivers door arm rest to turn child lock on/off. Do they no longer have that switch on T1's?
  6. I came across this kit from KC when I was looking for reverse lights. These lights are excessively bright. (i'm using them for back-up lights) But the kits gives you a switch and all wiring for $80. https://www.kchilites.com/light-type/led/cyclone/cyclone-led-2-light-universal-under-hood-lighting-kit-kc-355.html
  7. no need to use 4wd on solid, clear pavement. the front wheels want to rotate faster than the rear while you are turning, but they can't on solid ground, that's why you feel that.
  8. If you kept any of the OEM parts, you can replace them, then sell your mods separately. And still get the 30k on trade-in. Selling stuff online is a challenge. You are free to ask anything you want, but you also have to store it until it sells (making payments, in your case) while dealing with dozens of low-ballers and tire-kickers. Maybe you find that one guy that values your mods, who knows. Trading it is definitely the easier route.
  9. Whether the response is appropriate or not, only time will tell. I have my early guess. I now get to figure out how to watch two children and still hold down a job. I don't have 2.5 months of sick time to use. I just hope they open up child care sooner than June.
  10. Why would you keep them at max psi unless you are daily hauling the maximum weight allowed by your truck's configuration? I would think most reasonable people would find the sweet spot based on their typical daily usage. Is your GVWR 15,000 lbs? Tires can usually support more weight than your truck's GVWR would allow, so no need to go up to 80psi.
  11. No, I have never thought about it. I express methane gas into my fabric seats regularly to test them. never noticed any issue. If I was going to get in my seat while drenched in sweat I would sit on a towel, just like i wouldn't sit on my seat with a wet swimming suit on.
  12. aseibel


    I thought the 19 came from the fact that it began in December 2019. I don't know anything about COVID #1-18.
  13. I have a truxedo lopro and I love it. Keeps the bed completely dry, even in car wash. (only leak comes through tailgate edges.) It Easily removes, or rolls up out of my way. I use my bed for large items often and don't want some big heavy thing in my way. If you never open your bed, then a hard/flip version is for you. If you use the bed, get a roll up. All covers leak a little bit depending on conditions. I wouldn't trust one that relies on some little tubes to drain. Mine sits above the rails and does a great job of shedding water. As for security, the main concern is keeping things out of sight. My cover cannot be opened without the tailgate opening first. If someone feels the need to destroy it, I don't think the type of cover makes a whole lot of difference.
  14. This forum already has photos of a million trucks. You can just type in google-----> gm-trucks.com (insert your favorite color) truck photos I'll get you started:
  15. ditto. I work from home some days, drive the beater some days. truck may sit in the garage until Saturday. My truck is usually the cleanest out of our 3 vehicles, but it still doesn't last long!
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