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  1. I recommend getting out your paperwork and looking over the exclusions now so you aren't disappointed when you eventually try to get something covered. Most warranties are sold as "covering everything", but the salesman fails to explain that anything that just wears out due to normal use is not covered. That's a lot of parts that normally need maintenance. (brakes, tires, belts, filters, fluid......) I find it extremely hard to believe they would warranty the "entire truck" for 150,000 miles, unlimited time, for only $3,000. If you are not exaggerating, you need to tell me how I can get that plan. I regretfully bought an extended warranty from my dealer, even knowing what was all excluded. I wish I put that $2,000 in my bank account instead.
  2. Rear diff cover

    Unless he just likes the way they look. Most mods done to trucks don't actually improve performance, they are just just for looks. lol.
  3. Truck Package Headaches

    maybe I'm an example of ignorance is bliss when it comes to power seats. But here's my thought. My couch doesn't have 10 way adjustment. My desk chair only has 4 manual adjustments. I spend more time sitting on my couch and my desk chair than in my truck. I don't know why I would need my padded truck seat to adjust any more than forward, back and recline. But I don't need lumbar support or anything special for my back. Maybe people at a certain age value that more than I do. At this point in my life I say keep the power adjust seat and give me a lower purchase price.
  4. Topper Questions

    My dad said he spent 1700, base price was 1400, but an extra 300 for side windows that flip up. Its a LEER. He ordered it through the Ram dealer.
  5. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    1% maybe. Don't let this forum fool you. Every single person with an issue posts online. The other 900,000 with no problems don't come running here to declare their truck is just fine. I would be patient with your dealer and let them run through all the possible fixes before you get too frustrated. They might be able to take care of it for you pretty easily. The tires and driveshaft are two things i would make sure they take a look at.
  6. Topper Questions

    Around here, we get truck caps from Lakeland. http://www.lakelandtruckcaps.com/index.iml You can get a quote via e-mail just to compare to what you are seeing around you. My dad just got a brand new fiberglass one on is Ram. I'll ask him what he spent on it. When I bought my previous truck, it had a topper on it that I didn't want. I can't remember now, but I think they took $400 off the sale price to keep it and sell it themselves. (that truck was 8 years old when i got it) So they have some value in the re-sale market but not much. You'd be better off selling it privately if you ever get rid of the truck.
  7. Truck Package Headaches

    I would get the remote start and not think twice about a power seat. I'm pretty sure I haven't touched my seat controls in about 3 years. Unless - you frequently let other people drive your truck who are much different heights than you are? How often would you use each feature? That should tell you which option is more important.
  8. Programming the truck to the key is easy. You just need a working key to do it yourself. The cutting is the expensive part. If you get a new key cut, just program it right away. Unless you are solely worried about your truck getting stolen with your hidden key, then I get it.
  9. Better MPG on 93?

    You can decide if you trust these sources, i'm just sharing. "If your car does not require premium gas, there are no added benefits to your car’s performance or longevity. Simply put, you’re paying good money for something you don’t need. Premium costs 15-30 cents more a gallon than regular. In a consumer notice, the Federal Trade Commission, notes: “In most cases, using a higher-octane gasoline than your owner’s manual recommends offers absolutely no benefit. It won’t make your car perform better, go faster, get better mileage or run cleaner.” https://www.truecar.com/blog/2011/03/03/premium-vs-regular-gas/ "Designed for performance cars with large, powerful engines, premium also helps minimize the risk of preignition inside highly-stressed, hot engine cylinders. On a track, the extra boost given by premium can mean a few tenths of a second difference on a lap time. In the real world, it barely affects performance, or fuel economy." https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1077286_busted-7-things-that-wont-improve-your-gas-mileage
  10. I don't fully understand. You want GM to cut you a deal on the repair because you needed to replace shocks at 54,000 miles? I know, any repair hurts the pocketbook and we can all agree that the labor rates dealers charge are insane. But as you stated, sh*t happens. To all makes and models. I hope you express your frustration to GM, as I would do if I felt the same way. But I don't think anything will come of it. I saw on JDPower awhile back that GMC initial quaility rating was lower than Chevy. Its funny because they are made with 99% the same parts. Shouldn't they get the same rating? Do you think the difference in customer satisfaction comes from the expectations of some GMC owners who believe (due to marketing) that they are getting some kind of premium product, instead of just a chevy with a different grill on the front? https://www.jdpower.com/Cars/Ratings/Quality/2018/Large-Light-Duty-Pickup
  11. I would build a garage big enough for all your vehicles. Then you don't have to worry about if some fabric cover can keep the bird poop off. seriously, if you are driving it regularly, do you want to have to un-cover and re-cover it every time?
  12. I can't believe 1 cm wider would cause any problems with clearance. But I'm curious to know why you think that extra 1 cm will help when towing?
  13. It seems that you are already aware of how the size and ratios of different parts of your driveline affect things, but I just wanted to throw this out there: You currently have 3.42 gears and OEM 265/65/18 tires. If you changed to 3.08 gears and larger (taller) tires, then you could achieve higher ground speeds while keeping the driveshaft RPMS down to safer levels. Just a thought. Since this all hinges on what speed (RPM) the driveshaft explodes, I don't think you're going to get an exact number for that. Keeping the RPM's down is critical.
  14. that is reason enough to get the CC. you won't regret having the additional space. I had to sell my old regular cab long box when the kids came. I still miss it. But when you have to haul 3 other people, the cab space is more valuable than an extra 2' of bed.
  15. I just sold my OEM tires with 28,00 miles for $200. Yours have 12k miles, so about 3/4 of life left. If you are selling the full set with sensors ready to bolt-on, I think $1000 is a reasonable price. Your asking price depends on how fast you want them to move. I'd ask 1200 and let them negotiate a little.
  16. Buy the coopers and don't look back. I'm a proud owner, also got the buy 3 get 1 free deal in november.
  17. any bulb that fits a 921 can be used. I got some cheaper ones from Amazon. My 2015 taillights were not sealed, i don't know about 2016. No resistor was needed for me.
  18. the bed lights don't come on in reverse, unless the cargo switch is enabled. And those aren't bright enough to bother my vision from inside the cab anyway. I keep the tonneau cover closed if its snowing, so i don't even see the bed lights. I don't need the extra bumper lights on all the time for normal driving. I only wanted extra light if I'm plowing (which is like 1% of the time I'm in my truck or doing some other work outside in the dark.
  19. From someone in a northern climate- I like parking inside just so I don't have to deal with frost on all the windows every day from october to march. I know I could park outside and remote start and wait til it warms up to melt all the windows. but the ability to park inside leads me to really be happy with my CC short bed. Now if I had a shed to park in, I would rather have more bed, BUT I have a trailer for large loads, and my truck turns like a battleship already. So unless you daily need 6' of bed length, just make life easier and get the short bed.
  20. If you really need more truck for towing, then you need to get the 3/4 ton. A 1500 with the 6.2 does not offer any improvement over your current ride in the braking and ability to control the trailer. (both very important for towing) It sounds like you are just looking for an excuse to get the bigger engine. Like most people who want the 6.2 - just get it if it will make you happy.
  21. Reverse lights in bumper steps

    KC Cyclone LED lights installed in bumper step cavity. Wired into red wire (cargo light circuit)
  22. Have you noticed any difference in ride quality? when you go over a bump does the front end bounce up and down more than one cycle? what if you go push on the front bumper? I would not be paying my dealer to replace shocks either, I'd go to a local shop I trust to do it for a much more reasonable labor rate. GM dealer only gets to work on electronic crap that requires their computer. All other maintenance can be done by a regular mechanic.
  23. Yes, they are cheap but meet the minimum federal requirements for safety and fuel economy. But are any tires "good" in wet slushy snow? Snow is difficult to drive in. No tires you buy will make you drive like its a dry road. Snow on the road requires you to alter your driving according to conditions, no matter what tires you have.
  24. Agree. And since the OP just asked how the crap SRA's handle in snow, we answered that they are ok. Not great. Not better than all-season, not better than snow tires. Just ok. They will get you to from A to B. They are Better when they have full tread. (aren't all tires?) By 30,000 miles, start looking for new rubber. No one is saying they perform anywhere close to the other tire options. They are just ok. Well, you are definitely not representing the average consumer who leaves his 3 bedroom house in the burbs and drives 30 minutes on multi-lane roads to the office. For you, I definitely agree that dedicated snow tires are a must. But not many people are going to share that same need with you. Telling people that they need to get a separate set of wheels/tires and store them all year is just not practical for most people.
  25. You don't need the police at the scene to write a ticket. How do you think they mail out tickets for running red lights at intersections with cameras? Take your video to the local cop shop and show it to them and see if they'll ticket her.

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