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  1. I've looked at the diesel passats as well. I think they're getting like 45-46 mpg on the highway. Get some tuning and some internal work and they could well be at 50 if not higher
  2. wow this thing went off of the rails , thats good though, lets me see all sides. Most likely what I'll do is put about 20k miles on it, and make my decision then. At least by that time, I'll get more a feel for mileage and hopefully by that time, it will be paid off
  3. Corvette would be awesome but getting in and out of one would be my issue (I'm about 6'2 290). A while ago my dad have an 86 corvette that was real fun to drive
  4. thats correct. I would spend a little more on the commuter car and get a beater truck... Something like this.. https://www.hendrickcars.com/used/Volkswagen/2017-Volkswagen-Passat-baefc0740a0e0a1776af99feee146136.htm
  5. I bought the truck, then a couple of weeks went by and I got a job that I couldn't pass up although it was a little bit further away. I only owe about 6k on it, but damn I'd lose a lot on a trading it in. Maybe I should just get some BB tuning and HPtuners tcm and keep it till the wheels fell off
  6. I just got a job where I have to drive about 40 miles (one way) to work and of course I just got a brand new 2018 Sierra AT in August. I'm still fighting if I want to sell it and get something like a VW passat and a beater truck (for farm work). What do yall think I should do and what kind of miles are yall driving to work everyday??
  7. I just bought a 2018 All terrain and I'm pretty much regretting it. Couple of things would go in to me trading it... The trans might be the worst that I've ever been in (and I've had 2 dmax's with built trans that shifted hard). I've had it to the dealer 3 times for it and the said "its all within spec," then I had some driveline vibration (dealer couldn't feel it), and my steering wheel is off center (this pisses me off the most). Also a crackling noise (not loud) coming from the driver window at 50-55 mph. To add to the mix, I just got a job where I have to drive about 35 minutes one way. What I was wanting to do was get a vw passat (or something along those lines) and either an older cummins or a high mileage truck to keep parked. I just hate that I spent all of this money and will either lose my ass on a trade in, or have to spend over 1000 getting things fixed (tuning of TCM and ECM). If this were a used truck, I probably wouldn't think twice, but new... I don't know
  8. heres the response I got You can either:A: Send us your TCM and we will unlock it and return it to you.B: Purchase a spare TCM from us, provide your VIN number, and you will receive it unlocked and ready to go.It can then be tuned using the HP Tuners MPVi2.We offer custom tuning software (tools) that the professional tuner shop or hardcore enthusiast uses to create their own custom tunes.While the MPVI2 (which comes with VCM Suite, VCM Editor and a programming cable) provides full tuning support for your vehicle, it does not include any base/canned tunes, nor can we provide any specific guidance when it comes to tuning.You can, however, buy the MPVI2 and use it to collaborate with your favorite professional tuner--even if that tuner shop isn't local to you. If both you and the shop you are working with have an MPVI/MPVI2, they can serve you via email.The MPVI2 gives you the flexibility to work with a professional tuner or tune the vehicle yourself--if you aspire to do so.Furthermore, places like The Tuning School offer books and training if you are looking for specific guidance.With that noted, the MPVI2 comes with everything you need, minus credits.The device, cable and software (tuning software and scanning software) are $299.99It will run on any reasonably modern Windows 10 machine. (4+ Gigs of RAM, small to mid sized laptop, Surface Pro, etc)At the point of purchase or any time thereafter, you can add credits to cover the license fee for each VIN you tune, but you only consume credits (license fee) the first time you tune a new vehicle.You can then tune that car for free after the initial credit consumption; you are not charged for making additional tuning revisions.Most vehicles are 2 credits and credits are $49.99 each, though some vehicles are 4 credits, 6 credits, or 8 credits.The complete list of applications and credits consumed for each is here: https://www.hptuners.com/vehicles/This "pay as you go" is far better for the pro and for the casual tuner, as you do not have to come thousands of dollars out of pocket for tuning software..If a shop does thousands of tunes, they will buy thousands of licenses. If you only need to tune 2 cars, you will only buy 2 licenses.HP Tuners is infinitely scalable!You can buy the MPVI 2 here: https://www.hptuners.com/product/mpvi2/You can add credits during checkout or you can buy them after you receive the device by creating a login at www.HPTuners.com and adding your device under "My Devices".Once the device is added to your profile, simply click "Add Credits".Training:HP Tuners focuses on developing the best custom tuning software possible.Though we support the functionality of the tool, we do not teach tuning theory, nor do we create base or "startup" calibrations. However, there are many resources available to you if you'd like to learn how to tune.First, there is the HP Tuners forum. Many shops and enthusiasts post their tuning experiences, exchange files and help each other out in the HP Tuners forum. This is a valuable, free resource that we hope you use!You can register here: https://www.hptuners.com/forum/forum.phpWe can not overstate the value of the HP Tuners forum. Many shops and enthusiasts are eager to help!You can also attend The Tuning School.The Tuning School offers books that teach you how to tune vehicles using HP Tuners, including color photos and discussion of tuning theory. Links to these and other resources are below. Thanks!Free learning resources:www.hptuners.com/forumwww.masterenginetuner.com Inexpensive Books:www.thetuningschool.comwww.lasotaracing.com www.calibratedsuccess.comLearn at home, in class or online:www.thetuningschool.comwww.calibratedsuccess.comwww.EFIuniversity.comPS: Also, please take the time to check out our knowledge base. This link contains a vast amount of information as it relates to using HP Tuners and we definitely recommend it for power users and newcomers alike: https://support.hptuners.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List
  9. I need to shoot them an email to see if it comes pre-tuned or unlocked or what? The website says "You can now purchase New GM T87A TCMs for your 2017+ GM vehicle equipped with the 10-Speed and 8-Speed transmissions directly from HP Tuners that are already unlocked and ready for tuning. Simply install your new HP Tuners TCM, and you are ready to tune with your MPVI / MPVI2 and VCM Suite. Note this page is NOT the TCM Unlock Service, you are purchasing a NEW GM T87A TCM which is already unlocked and pre-programmed for use in your vehicle."
  10. I *think* it is but need to d a little more research. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to do black bear tuning(along with him tuning the trans) or just go with Diablew
  11. Do you have any pics of this set up?? Thats the size and tire I'm looking at
  12. Anyone seen this yet?? Looks like an unlocked TCM for $400.. This would definitely help the crap job of a trans the 8spd is https://www.hptuners.com/product/new-gm-unlocked-t87a-tcms/
  13. no kidding I started looking at UCA's and they're about 5-700 just for that
  14. this is the reason I'm looking to just piece something together. Just buy everything separate so I'm not having to sell brand new stuff. I need to price out a setup and see what the difference is
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