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  1. Hey everyone, got a weird issue. I was replacing my NSBU switch in my LLY and got everything bolted up and damn if the plug doesn't connect in the switch. I then tried plugging the plug in to the OLD one and it wouldn't fit either. Its like it won't go all of the way on. I can slide it on to a certain point then it gets to a certain point, then nothing. At that point, I can just slide it off. Any thing I'm missing??? I looked at the plug too, and nothing seems worn or broken off. Thanks for any help!
  2. awesome congrats!!! I am ready to start seeing some leveled/lifted standard bed trucks
  3. thanks looks good!At most I'd go with a 4 inch lift but its hard finding lifted, standard bed pics
  4. I’ve built a 6.2 GMC AT4 Smokey quartz, max tow, upgraded brakes and a standard bed that I think looks awesome. Add a 3-4 inch lift and a little bit bigger tires and that would be badass
  5. Oh yea I’m not touching the 3.0 lol. If I’m going diesel I’m going 6.6, but m stuck between 6.6 and the 6.2 gasser
  6. Seeing this just makes me uncertain about what to get, diesel vs gas. I’ve only had diesel trucks (all tuned and deleted), but I dont tow anything that heavy anymore. With a tuned diesel I can get about 25 mpg highway if not a little more but damn they’re expensive. For the money I’m saving on NOT getting a diesel, I could get a supercharger on the 6.2 and be pretty damn fast. I just wish someone would make a larger aftermarket tank
  7. I wonder how the 3.0 does in comparison to the 6.2?? I think the tow numbers are a little bit lower with the 3.0 but it is a diesel
  8. I think a standard bed, tool box and a 4 inch lift, and 35's (don't know if those would fit, just guessing) would make these amazing looking trucks
  9. I had a 52 gallon titan tank on my other diesel truck and LOVED it. And you're right, I have looked pretty good for aftermarket gas tanks and haven't found any
  10. awesome thanks for this. I'm looking to get another truck (I've got a 2005 LLY Diesel with 225k miles) and was wondering how it would tow. I'm not towing anything real heavy now. I had a 2018 GMC 1500 and sold it after about 7k miles because of the trans. Seemed like it was always hunting and just had huge clunks. Dealer said it was fine, so I got rid of it
  11. I guess I need to see it up close. From the pics of building one, it seems like its a little more "sandy" or not as brown as yours, but they both look good
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