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  1. The truck has been in the shop 4 times for the exact same issue. A trans sensor keeps going bad? I know i'm not getting charged for it when I go, so they are just replacing the same part. Personally I think it is a short going to one of the sensors, but they just tell me they replaced it. Next time it has to go in I'll have them look at other things. but just to add, hell yea I want a newer truck LOL. I just don't like the unreliability of this one. I have the option of waiting which is why I was asking about the 2022's. This truck has been paid off for a long time. My wife and I only do one car payment at a time, so I was hoping to get one soonish, since she will need another one in a couple of years
  2. thanks everyone. I really wanted a 2022 just for the interior. I am a little excited that the towing numbers increased on the 3.0. Not sure if its just cooling, software I don't know. I will try to hold off as long as I can. What helps is I do work from home, I'm just not able to get chores, landscaping, etc.. done. I think we're gonna just save 1k a month like we are making a payment and just use that as a downpayment. Hopefully I can wait that long, but if not, 2021 tundra here I come
  3. kind of need a truck. My trans is starting to go in limp mode a lot more often. I think there is a short leading to one of the trans sensors and I'm tired of being stranded (about 4 times)
  4. So I'm wanting to get a truck in the next 2-3 months. I was really wanting to wait until the 2022's come out, but everything I'm hearing, its not gonna be until LATE Q1, so April or so, and I can't wait that long. I've narrowed it down to 6.2, 3.0 or Tundra (2021 and under). My concern with the 6.2 GM is the lifters, and the 3.0 the long start. I know they will replace the lifters (the one thats bad) if its after 9k miles (I think thats right). I think I read where it was a bad batch, but has anyone isolated which batch or what plant they came from? Thanks for any help or advice!!
  5. I really want to look at the standard bed just because well... its longer . I do want to get at most a 4 inch lift and wanted to see if anyone had any pics of their standard bed lifted. Thanks for any help!
  6. thanks! I'm not gonna be racing it, but wasn't sure if a gas truck would need beefing up or tuning. 35's are gonna be the biggest tire size I go to. This would be my first gas truck in about 10 years so I'm kind of new to them
  7. Hey everyone, I'm possibly looking at a 6.2 and was wondering about the trans. and how much HP it can safely handle. I've had 3 duramax's and I knew that when you're getting close to the 450-500 HP range, things will start getting dicey. If I do get the 6.2, I'll probably be adding a whipple to it, or possibly tuning a 3.0. Thanks for any help!
  8. Hey everyone, got a weird issue. I was replacing my NSBU switch in my LLY and got everything bolted up and damn if the plug doesn't connect in the switch. I then tried plugging the plug in to the OLD one and it wouldn't fit either. Its like it won't go all of the way on. I can slide it on to a certain point then it gets to a certain point, then nothing. At that point, I can just slide it off. Any thing I'm missing??? I looked at the plug too, and nothing seems worn or broken off. Thanks for any help!
  9. awesome congrats!!! I am ready to start seeing some leveled/lifted standard bed trucks
  10. thanks looks good!At most I'd go with a 4 inch lift but its hard finding lifted, standard bed pics
  11. I’ve built a 6.2 GMC AT4 Smokey quartz, max tow, upgraded brakes and a standard bed that I think looks awesome. Add a 3-4 inch lift and a little bit bigger tires and that would be badass
  12. Oh yea I’m not touching the 3.0 lol. If I’m going diesel I’m going 6.6, but m stuck between 6.6 and the 6.2 gasser
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