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  1. Had a couple nice days in a row up here. Was able to wash and ceramic coat.
  2. I have the mudguards on current 2020, but with x14s they’re useless. On my 2017 I took them off and had x14s and after 50k miles only had the one chip on tow mirror. I think that coating GM started using on the lower half actually helps. It’s weird cause you can literally press into it with your fingernail and it’ll dent. I’m guessing it’s just soft enough to make the rocks bounce off?
  3. I’ve had 12 or 14 wides on the last 3 Chevys. Never once got a rock chip on side of truck. I’ve gotten a small one on passenger tow mirror, but nothing more.
  4. Forgot about the zone ones. They’re not too bad with the price and visually look the best out of all of them IMO
  5. Rough Country makes the least expensive option at around $400. But I know BDS just released one that’s around $600. I personally had Kryptonite UCAs on my lifted ‘15 Silverado 1500. Idk if they make one yet for our T1s though. Icon and CST also make decent longer/stronger UCAs for improved strength and suspension travel/droop. If you don’t care about the looks or show quality Id just go with the Rough Countrys. They’re designed for what you want and they’re nothing fancy. Just stronger and more suspension travel to keep the ball joints from binding on 3-3.5” of lift
  6. Exactly. I’ve bought so many trucks from my dealership over the years and send them so much business through friends and family they regularly take loses just to put me into a new truck. It’s the only way I can get a new vehicle every 2 years and not lose my ass every time. Besides the fact that I’m 6’6” 300lbs and wouldn’t appreciate being in anything smaller. It’s definitely not because I enjoy or need good gas mileage though.
  7. Most people don’t buy trucks for good gas mileage either.
  8. If the person left the tpms sensors in them you won’t have to do anything besides go to your dealership and get them to reprogram to your truck. They just scan all four wheels and put in your truck vin. Takes 2-3 minutes. But yes everything will work just fine, no problems
  9. Yeah I feel you. Back in Houston where I’m from our style is a lot more accepted. But I’m stationed in DC right now, people either love it or hate it. I’ve gotten some of the looks you’re talking about also. ? Once I get back to Texas I’m planning on getting a 2500 and going more your route. With my 1500 Im keeping it relatively simple. I still have to color match bumpers/grill/mirrors and change the interior/sound, but then I’m done with this one.
  10. Where’d you get the lifted powerwheel truck, is it custom lifted? I need this for my daughter . Truck looks amazing. I can’t imagine all the attention and compliments you get. People chase me down and try to find me in restaurants after seeing mine in the parking lot just to say how much they like it or how good it looks. And mine has nothing on yours, so I can’t imagine what it’s like on your end. ? And I do not envy you having to polish all of that chrome and keeping everything underneath clean. I hated how often I had to polish my forces that’s the whole reason I went to brushed this go around. Good luck with all of that ?
  11. Readylift 8” lift kit 10mm spacers to clear brakes 24x14 Axe Offroad 2.4 -76 offset 35x12.5 Comforser CF3000 Removed lower front bumper valance and rounded off ends of bottom plastic on bumper. No trimming otherwise. No rubbing
  12. I was gunna do 4” but the more I thought about it I felt like being so long only doing 4” of lift wouldn’t look enough. So I went with 8” and I couldn’t be happier with it. Here’s a better side view for you.
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