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  1. Where it says “contact us” and then you can send a message. I have it figured out now thank you and you can delete this thread if you want to
  2. As in much of the country we went from greener pastures to having to cross a graffiti covered bridge of uncertainty.
  3. You’re absolutely right my friend.. apparently I post too many pictures just went and deleted about 100 hope nobody needed them for reference lol
  4. How? So each person on here is only allowed a certain amount of memory space?
  5. I’ve always post pictures the exact same way, same format and everything.. there has always been a size restriction to the amount of spaces images could take up and now it’s like a quarter of that so I have to shrink the image by posting the small option and it totally distorts the image. it says image has to be below .4 mb
  6. I tried contacting moderators of the site but I haven’t gotten any responses I was just wondering why I can’t post photos except for the smallest sizes all of a sudden.
  7. Yah a little over the top but he has much more reasonably priced grilles.. and he has a ton of different cuts he can do for the grille layer.. of you have IG get ahold of him on there, much easier to talk with about specifics.
  8. I’m not sure why but I can only post small size pictures so I deleted it
  9. Oh very nice.. something about when you get that custom plate in the mail just makes you feel better about your day!
  10. I know you are Jim.. and I’m just giving this guy s*** because he’s what I dislike in people.. style and opinion go hand in hand.. everyone has one and is usually more fond of their own but some people should be seen and not heard like my mom told me lol.. the truck looks good too, emblem upgrade ?
  11. Too much.. I have the LED 3 layer that I bought in raw form from him for just under $500.. I color matched the outer shell and first layer, the second layer I polished and had a custom candy copper powdercoat shot over and then the third layer and led cover plate have been chromed.. so right around $2200
  12. So I have a cutting edge off road grill myself and if you want lights he can incorporate them into it. His grill is much more expensive but the quality of it is 5 times that of most aftermarket . That whole portion that says Chevy across the center he can make light up with LEDs I have it in mine it’s pretty slick.
  13. Oh right on and I apologize my friend I talk to a lot of different people on different media accounts.. what’s your ig brother
  14. Oh right on right on and nice yeah we’re sitting at about the same height then it’s nice not having to worry about rubbing on s*** and not having to trim your bumper.
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