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  1. Definitely understandable..and no problem my friend, always down to help with my limited info haha.. I’d still like to see these inserts your looking at because other than the TRex & billet bar grills I’ve never seen any insert style grill for our model trucks.
  2. So this is not sold by itself, you have to buy the entire grill and surround (trust me I’ve looked, in the slam’d/bagged scene this grill is a very sought after item so anyone posting them in classifieds gets picked up very quickly) I still have the unpainted paint to match surround, I had it for sale for a little while but just took it off because nobody was buying. Like I said before I’m 90% sure I bought it off of GMpartsdirect.com but I’d have to look it up tomorrow when I get back in my shop. I believe it was around $450-500 (but I’m not positive on this). The reason you can’t find any inserts or anything like that is because they are plastic welded to the actual grill itself you cannot remove the chrome inserts from this grill. I mean you could if you had to but it would be a great deal of work. When I get in my shop tomorrow I’ll go through receipts and try and get the part number. This is the other parts it comes with.. 95% sure this is the one I got.. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-grille-84056784
  3. Can you post a picture of what you’re talking about I thought you were talking about the LTZ style chrome grill for the Z 71 not the outer shell but the actual three bar grill.. I had the all black and mine and then switch to this
  4. Thanks brother! I do not but my friend Kevin does and they are pretty good at what they do. Thank again and are you on IG because I know you’re going to post videos and I got to check it out.
  5. I did the same thing you're looking to do. You have the buy a whole new paint to match grill from a 2017 Z71 LTZ with chrome insert. You have to cut the black insert out or you will break a bunch of tabs on your existing surround and then snap in the new chrome insert. I'm pretty sure I got mine from gmpartsdirect
  6. Brother I am juiced for you! A whipple on a clean ass lifted truck, thats the stuff dreams are made of! haha
  7. That's so rad!! $6500 for the whipple plus all your add ons I'm sure your over 8k I hope it runs like a beast!
  8. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I’m in California my self but if they are charging $500 the are not doing the same work as I’m talking about. I’ve spent some time watching the process which usually takes between two and three days sometimes a little longer depending on how flat they’re cutting the topcoat. And I don’t know anybody that’s doing that type of work the proper way and working that many hours for $500 bucks not to mention the material cost coming out of that would mean that they were making about $350
  9. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I deal with two extremely high end professional detailer’s in my line of work. It is very hard to explain to someone the benefits of ceramic coating that have never seen it or felt it especially if it’s done by a professional there is no substitution for it. You can tell me that you’ve waxed and polished all day long all and it still will not even come close to comparing to ceramic coating after proper clear coat preparation. They vary in price is from about 1100 to 1600 depending on if it is a brand new paint job we have just done or if it’s a customer car that we have worked on and they want their paint brought back to life. It is extremely easy to keep the vehicle clean, dirt and water just slide right off it, it enhances the shine and depth 70 to 80% and makes washing it even easier. The truck looks fantastic my friend!!
  10. 2017 LTZ chrome question

    Definitely added, I’m sure if you remove them carefully and polish the area with a light buff you will never even know they were there.
  11. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Got a chance to try out the new pressure washer and foam cannon today with some Chemical Brother honeydew soap and I feel like I’ve been washing my truck wrong this whole time! Haha it really impressed me just making the cleaning of the chassis and suspension so much easier. Did the math and it costs .72 cents a wash worth of soap and that ain’t bad at all! And since we are going to be without rain for a week or two I even cleaned up the engine bay and detailed the entire interior and treated all the leather. I’m tired now haha
  12. Jesus! The most I have EVER heard anyone charged to install amp steps was $100 and that being said most places I personally know of do it for free with purchase as long as plug-n-play or $50 for original style. Stay far far away from that place lol
  13. It is definitely not an easy task to remove. I’ll answer more in depth in your message you sent me but it takes patience and being able to work well backwards looking at a mirror.
  14. It took me about two hours to install my amp steps and they are plug-and-play because it was my first time but I guarantee you if they install these on a regular basis they get them in about 45. Or less if you got two guys on it, that’s just good business you’re not losing a lot and you’re telling your customer you’re doing something for free which always makes it a little easier to get them to make the purchase. They are great steps regardless of who installs them.

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