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  1. I’m by no means any type of expert my friend, but I will be regearing both my differentials to I believe 4:10’s with this new rebuild. The man doing the job builds race cars for a living and told me I will get power and gas mileage back from the swap. But I know those are for my size tires I will be running because he wants to measure the inflated circumference of tire to do his calculations before making the gear purchase. At that point I just nod and smile haha
  2. If anything you would get some MPG back by regearing I believe my friend.
  3. So I’m starting the second version build of my truck and this is all been double and triple checked for fitment and clearance and I’m currently just waiting for the wheels to arrive so everything can go to coating. McGaughys 7-9 SS suspension lift, Zone 1.5 body lift, 26x14 wheel, 37x14.5r26 tire. So on a 10 wide you should be just fine with the 7-9 turned up 8 or 9 running a 37. Hope it helps
  4. Nice.. I have nothing to say bad about BDS, the kit has been great to me I just need to go taller than they offer. And McGaughys is a built a little more substantial if you get the SS kit with traction bars and compression struts. I won’t be switching for at least another month and half because I’m waiting for my wheels to be made before talking everything to powder coat. So you made the right choice if you needed it now my friend.
  5. Going up! Lol Also I will be selling my BDS 4-6 inch lift kit with everything but the coil overs in about 2 months. Just over 8,000 miles on it. You would just need to determine whether you want 4 or 6 inch and buy the spacer for the front strut from them. I will be selling it either stripped to bare metal (so you can color coat it) or re-coated black for additional money. Brand new never run rear fox shocks and lift blocks as well. So if you’ve been thinking about wanting a BDS kit for cheaper than retail I might be the guy for you.
  6. Exactly.. no way around it due to plastic fusing you need the whole thing
  7. Finally snagged a roller by CF.. love seeing trucks in motion, lifted, lowered or stock it’s a rad look. Also with a friend and his newly pro charged beast.
  8. Like this topic, here’s my truck 2days off the lot and 8 months later
  9. I got a set of unused fox shocks if you wanna go that way
  10. I have the blue tooth Oracle rock light set up that you control with your phone. Two pods per wheel well. They’re bright but not crazy bright so if you’re looking for super bright look elsewhere or more pods. I just got to Oracle wheel lights as a gift which I here are crazy bright, and should look pretty slick with all the candy powder coating I just haven’t had a chance to put them on yet.
  11. I know people are probably tired of me posting pics of my truck but I thought you guys might think this edit a guy on Instagram did for me was as funny as I did. Normally 9.5 lift, crew cab 6ft bed on 22x12’s with a few mods turned into basically an adult hot wheel. Haha
  12. Definitely understandable..and no problem my friend, always down to help with my limited info haha.. I’d still like to see these inserts your looking at because other than the TRex & billet bar grills I’ve never seen any insert style grill for our model trucks.
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