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  1. This is SO rad! I’ve never seen anything like it. Such a slick idea.
  2. Yeah engine enamel has almost no UV protection so a couple month seeing sunshine and weather is going to break it down super fast. As far as powder coating to tow hooks it’s probably going to be whatever the shop minimum is unless you’re getting them in some strange color that they have to special order. Around where I am that’s between $75-$100 depending on where you go.
  3. That’s definitely understandable but myself and I’m sure a few others have a reasonably substantial amount time and money invested in our trucks so if people have recommendations on how to better protect those vehicles I’m always open to hear it. And from being in the businesses that I’ve been in and dealing with automotive insurance companies for 20+ years the only thing that insurance check is going to do for you is make you cry. Unless they find your vehicle because they mark everything down as it is in the worst condition possible and they give you the lowest valued amount that you could even ever find for your vehicle. And the only way to prove them wrong is if they find your vehicle on the side of the road somewhere still in decent shape. They are ruthless unless you have show car insurance where you have Annual photos of the vehicles condition inside and out. Which most people with stock or lightly modified vehicles don’t have. Just a heads up.
  4. Also my friend what kind of air management system do you have on there?
  5. Also I thought one of the big benefits of OnStar is if your vehicle does get stolen they can disable it and notify the police where it is. If somebody wants to steal something they’re going to find a way to do it I thought one of the big things was being able to shut it down and find it while they have it.
  6. I love this thing! Are you planning on keeping the rear bumper giving it a roll pan
  7. So what is it that we’re supposed to do to keep our vehicle safe?
  8. Definitely put it in The new truck of the month
  9. Very nice! Cut through or raised floor bed?
  10. You either need a cut off wheel To cut one of the bolts or to remove the bumper to get the driver side tow hook off because of the way they put one of the bolts through.
  11. Your ride will completely depend on your tires my friend. Small sidewall rougher ride bigger sidewall a little softer.. I have 37x14.5r26 but I’m definitely lifted. Mine are not on yet because I’m powder coating but a friend has the exact same setup and his rides as expected. As far a issues if you’re keeping close to a stock offset like the picture above you shouldn’t really have any problems at all as far as your suspension goes. My 26s are 14 inches wide with an 8 inch lip so that’s going to be putting stress on all joints and bushings and slightly effect my turning radius but you shouldn’t have that issue. With the thinner tires you really just have to keep your eyes on the road to avoid damaging them. I had a bodydropped 2001 gmc on 24’s Billet Intros with 35 Series Perelli‘s and for all of that for a few years with no problems just because I made sure to avoid potholes and road damage.
  12. Under construction my friend! Just making it a little easier for people to see her in a crowded parking lot
  13. This thread is picking up some speed.. great looking trucks everyone! Much love to my white “work truck” brothers doing unwork truck things! Haha @dieselfan1 I think I understand why they put themes to these vehicle of the month threads now. You have all these rad trucks but only one person is going to win so you get guys that can reenter their vehicles just with theme type pictures so it’s not the same photos every time.
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