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  1. Can’t wait to see them.. fall pics are always rad! We couldn’t even see the sky here until like last Thursday. It’s been pretty rough
  2. Just changing out the upper control arm isn’t going to change your travel at all my friend. Nor do you even need to change it out if you’re riding stock height unless you’re going to be doing some serious off roading to where you think you could possibly buckle a stamped steel control arm or crack a cast one. If you go with a 6 inch lift or taller you cut off the control arm limiter anyway so it’s not something you absolutely have to have but again if your vehicle is stock height the only way you would ever see that difference of travel is if you launched it off something. But maybe I misunderstanding what you’re asking why is it you think you need to change out your upper control arm?
  3. So my entire state has been on fire so have be on with pics in a while but the smoke and ash makes for some good sunrise photos.
  4. You and I are tied up brother with votes so I’m glad I got in early! Lol
  5. Nah The majority of people don’t even like my style.. I just wanted to see some more rad trucks
  6. I just don’t understand it I know I’ve seen some hella nice trucks in the picture posts so where’s everybody at?
  7. So this was and anyone could enter months with no picture requirements and we can’t get more truck pic’s than this? Out of all impressive ass trucks I’ve seen on here, where’s everyone at?
  8. No it’s behind the rubber weather strip.. no need to remove door panel
  9. It’s a little torques screw.. just loosen it up a little bit put pressure down on the end of it tighten the screw back up should take you about a minute
  10. No the build stats my friend.. @dieselfan1 ask for truck statistics.. like what you got on it!
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