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  1. 2018 z71 grill swap.

    Exactly.. no way around it due to plastic fusing you need the whole thing
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Finally snagged a roller by CF.. love seeing trucks in motion, lifted, lowered or stock it’s a rad look. Also with a friend and his newly pro charged beast.
  3. Post Your Transformation

    Like this topic, here’s my truck 2days off the lot and 8 months later
  4. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I got a set of unused fox shocks if you wanna go that way
  5. 2018 Crew Cab Z71 LT (first lifted truck build)

    Nice day out with my mini me
  6. I have the blue tooth Oracle rock light set up that you control with your phone. Two pods per wheel well. They’re bright but not crazy bright so if you’re looking for super bright look elsewhere or more pods. I just got to Oracle wheel lights as a gift which I here are crazy bright, and should look pretty slick with all the candy powder coating I just haven’t had a chance to put them on yet.
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I know people are probably tired of me posting pics of my truck but I thought you guys might think this edit a guy on Instagram did for me was as funny as I did. Normally 9.5 lift, crew cab 6ft bed on 22x12’s with a few mods turned into basically an adult hot wheel. Haha
  8. Definitely understandable..and no problem my friend, always down to help with my limited info haha.. I’d still like to see these inserts your looking at because other than the TRex & billet bar grills I’ve never seen any insert style grill for our model trucks.
  9. So this is not sold by itself, you have to buy the entire grill and surround (trust me I’ve looked, in the slam’d/bagged scene this grill is a very sought after item so anyone posting them in classifieds gets picked up very quickly) I still have the unpainted paint to match surround, I had it for sale for a little while but just took it off because nobody was buying. Like I said before I’m 90% sure I bought it off of GMpartsdirect.com but I’d have to look it up tomorrow when I get back in my shop. I believe it was around $450-500 (but I’m not positive on this). The reason you can’t find any inserts or anything like that is because they are plastic welded to the actual grill itself you cannot remove the chrome inserts from this grill. I mean you could if you had to but it would be a great deal of work. When I get in my shop tomorrow I’ll go through receipts and try and get the part number. This is the other parts it comes with.. 95% sure this is the one I got.. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-grille-84056784
  10. Can you post a picture of what you’re talking about I thought you were talking about the LTZ style chrome grill for the Z 71 not the outer shell but the actual three bar grill.. I had the all black and mine and then switch to this
  11. Thanks brother! I do not but my friend Kevin does and they are pretty good at what they do. Thank again and are you on IG because I know you’re going to post videos and I got to check it out.
  12. I did the same thing you're looking to do. You have the buy a whole new paint to match grill from a 2017 Z71 LTZ with chrome insert. You have to cut the black insert out or you will break a bunch of tabs on your existing surround and then snap in the new chrome insert. I'm pretty sure I got mine from gmpartsdirect
  13. Brother I am juiced for you! A whipple on a clean ass lifted truck, thats the stuff dreams are made of! haha

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