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  1. Post Your Wrap/Decal Jobs!

    Kind or old thread. But did this a few months back. Just got rid of it for a diesel though. I removed the emblems. Then used 3M emblem press tape or something like that to put them back on. Lining up letters was a pita even with a template I made. I even wrapped the little red rings in the wheels. New color is the metallic brown. Stock color is the white diamond or pearl white or whatever they call it nowadays.

    Hey Guys!!! New to the GM-TRUCKS forum. Not new to the forum and gm world though. Cant seem to keep many of them long. Just picked up a 2015 Silverado 1500 LTZ. The 2014-present body style has been one of my favorites thus far. This is my second one of the same year. I have had a 2015 2500 Silverado High Country diesel. Have browsed and been a member of many other GM forums but this is the first that I have heard of this one. Phil can actually be thanked for that. I had come across one of his youtube videos and love what he is doing. I love factory style customization to no end. I am probably going to do all of his mods if possible for my year. Anywho, here is a picture of what I picked up. I had the thing for two hours and ordered a set of AMP steps and put them on already. However, after coming across Phil's videos I would really like to try and put the Denali steps in instead. This truck does not appear to have the same options in the fuse box as the '16's do, so not sure if it is a possibility. If it can be figured out then I may consider trading someone steps.

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