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  1. Got it. So it will be no different than the American versions. That’s cool they can get you setup then. Here in the Midwest there are more than enough idiots that drive around at night without their lights on.
  2. And are we glad we have guys like you that can and Vik to test and make stuff like this.
  3. Oh crap. I completely missed that apparently. I guess I thought they were both needed. Even better then. Thanks.
  4. Back on target here. Looks like the only thing left off your list was the new hood or cover or whatever that thing is called. Anymore ideas on cost or time frame of that. Seems so far to be around the $1200 range. Which isn’t bad. To answer others questions. I would expect this to be no different than the suv versions as far as info showing up. There is a decent amount that can show. I have only messed with the suv ones so... Viktorrocks15 please correct if wrong here. Call info speed directions station info i think a couple other things would be cool if the kids inclometer would show but I doubt there is enough space.
  5. Same question on the one that is in the location of the factory radio. How’s the stock radio work? Or is it replaced? But cool that the center console ones can still be built. May have to look them up.
  6. Is the expected final hope on this to only be pass front? As there is only one motor in the pic there. Or is it going to be for the rears as well?
  7. My other vehicles are keyless. It is just nice to not have to turn the truck off for three minutes to jump out and do something then come back and turn it back on. Sometimes I have to do that multiple times. Never really thought about the turbo timer thing. But nifty idea since it is a diesel.
  8. Just saw the new video put out by Phil. Pretty cool stuff. Only thing I thing could be added is a function to keep the truck running with key removed. Just so keys can be taken and the truck can remain running without turning it off. I like the window up option and will be excited once the auto window function mentioned in the video gets debuted. Also so what gives on going back to the Silverado cluster? Sorry if answered elsewhere.
  9. Sweet. I most likely will be in as well. Family member had a Buick and I freaking loved the HUD.
  10. Is the visor and the hood the same thing here? Also anyone think there would be any issues with the listed HUD and an ‘18 model diesel? When I look up that part number, more times than not it stops at ‘17 in the descriptions. Regardless. I would probably be interested in the dash HUD visor or whatever it is called.
  11. I know this has been beat to death in other threads. But it would be nice if a fully loaded diesel could somehow utilize up fitter switches. Or at the very least upfitter slots in the fuse box as I haven’t seen a switch panel that has six switches for a fully loaded diesel.
  12. Finally. Someone has done it. Been wanting to see this one these trucks for years now. Interested once all the parts are ironed out.
  13. You guys aren’t kidding on the recirculating air thing. My old LML was at the dealer a few times for this and they gave me hogwash answers every time. So I have just dealt with it in my L5P.
  14. Kind or old thread. But did this a few months back. Just got rid of it for a diesel though. I removed the emblems. Then used 3M emblem press tape or something like that to put them back on. Lining up letters was a pita even with a template I made. I even wrapped the little red rings in the wheels. New color is the metallic brown. Stock color is the white diamond or pearl white or whatever they call it nowadays.
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