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  1. Pretty excited about this next mod! I scored a brand new GM rear sliding window off of FB Marketplace for $125! Sorry for the poor photos it was dark after I picked it up last night Then I ordered a switch panel off of Ebay I ordered a panel with the HomeLink. I have read a few threads on it; I am not 100% positive but I believe the HomeLink is plug and play but I will be sure to update whether that is true or not. Now I just need to schedule to get the window installed and I also need the motor.
  2. Put the truck to work at the Christmas Tree farm! Its funny how many people are suprised what a lowered truck can do lol its still a 4x4! Turned plenty of heads in the muddy mess there. But of course it didn't stay muddy for long I also ordered some exhaust pieces. I have a carven exhaust on the truck. It sounds good but its dumped under the cab. It didn't bother me at first when I put it on but the drone its getting old. So I ordered a resonator and a tip to have a exhaust shop weld on and extend the tail pipe back to the factory location.
  3. Yes it sure is! Just doing research on what kit I want to use. Thinking this one https://www.gm-navigation.com/shop/2014-2015-io3-to-io5-6-basework-truck-8-upgrade-gmc/ I had an idea recently. Since I have the IO3 radio currently I thought I would use the center console front USB ports as a phone charging ports. I hallowed out the stock ports and glued some USB male to female extensions ran them under the console and into the 12v plug in the console. It works slick! Also took the truck on a 600 mile road-trip over the weekend
  4. Finished up my winter prep. I took the plugs out of the rockers and filled them and the cab corners with this. Then I coated a couple spots on the rocker with POR-15. Just minor surface rust no soft metal or anything thankfully but I want to keep it that way as long as possible. After I let that dry for a few days I coated it with this white Raptor bedliner. It match's extremely well and spayed very nice! *I cleaned off the overspray on the frame after this photo. I also put some of the coating in the inside of the door jambs where the paint was getting thin from shoes hitting it getting in and out. I also added some Texas Edition badges
  5. After a cold winter last year I decided it was time for some heated seats! While I was at it I put new replacement seat cover bottoms on because mine were starting to wear around the edge where you'd slide in and out. And 1 more looking good
  6. Thank you! I got it on Amazon https://a.co/d/icWUkuX
  7. Got some things done over the weekend. I did a front and rear diff service. Very easy to do and well worth it. The rear didn't look too bad (may have been done by the PO) but the front was long over due. Then unfortunately winter is fast approaching, and I do drive this truck year round so I go to doing some preventive rust proofing. In MN if you drive your cars year round rust is inevitable but I can try and slow it down. Here is what I used. I typically use Fluid Film but I have read fantastic things about this stuff so I thought I'd try it. I am impressed so far by how it sticks but we will see how it handles the winter roads. I also took the chrome window trim off, I felt like it didn't go well with the black wheels.
  8. Thank you!! I did some research on it, harnessdr make a harness to make it plug and play! Thank you!! Here are some nice shots I took over the weekend
  9. Here is my 2015 GMC Sierra Work Truck 5.3 4x4. I purchased it just under a year ago. It currently has a 4/6 drop. I enjoy reading the threads on here so I figured I'd make one! Here is what I have done so far: Here is what it looked like when I first purchased it First thing I did was remove the vinyl flooring and install carpet Next was a set of factory 20s, which I plasti dipped black later on. Then comes paint matching the door handles, mirror caps and added side moldings and emblems. Then I added fog lights, being a work truck it didn't have them. I used this really nice kit from Ebay that has a switch built into the bezel where the headlight switch is. Next some more interior mods. First was the LT style silver trim Then one of my favorite mods, a heated steering wheel. I used a harness from harnessdr highly recommended! Then comes another one of my favorite mods, 2016+ style headlights. The harness I used for this is from Gen5DIY I also added a SLT grille (Which I later changed out) Hopping back inside I added a factory center console. I did have to trim the map pocket for my 4x4 shifter but it turned out very slick! Not a very good photo, but I added helper bags because I do tow quite often with this truck Now just recently I paint matched the front end and added a paint matched rear bumper from a denali. I used the outer grille bezel from a elevation edition and used my SLT center to keep alittle chrome, I also wrapped the chrome bumper because paint+chrome never lasts. Then just the other day I traded my 20s for a set of 22s this is the best picture I have at the moment. More to come!
  10. I've read 94-96 Impala SS shocks will do the trick. Haven't tried it myself but heard they work.
  11. My 2016 Red Hot LT Z71 5.3 So far I have done -Red Bowties -GM front and rear molded splash guards -LED Reverse,Cargo and license plate lights Still need a Tonneau cover but I will be getting that soon. Have only had it 2 weeks and loving it so far!
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