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  1. i got the BDS 6" on mine, went with the recommended size from BDS of 22x9.5 on 35x13's... all i can say, don't go that narrow of rim, looks goofy and im already looking for another setup. probably 22x12's. no matter what you do though, the BDS kit will make you poke out.
  2. if you want them, i got my old chrome mirror caps and door handles in the garage collecting dust...
  3. 2014 LTZ with a BDS 6" coilover lift with deavers on 35x12.5s on 22x9s. been a daily for now but want to blow it apart and go full in on her.
  4. 6" BDS with 2.5 coilovers and Deaver's with 22's and 35's. 35's still slight rub with the 6 inch lift on full lock, can only imagine 35s with a 4"...
  5. Air lift only makes a load leveling kit. Ultimate Air Ride is a lift kit that will go 6 to 10 inch lift, but air down to 1.5 inches over stock height for loading. A large part of their marketing is that it doesn't decrease the towing capability but helps a 3/4 ton or 1 ton ride like a 1/2 ton.
  6. hey everyone, I know I'm probably out of luck on this, but I am wondering just how different the rear frame is between a 2014 1500 and 2500. I am looking at the Ultimate Air Ride kit for the back, but they only have it available for 2500 and 3500. I know the frame is taller, but haven't been able to find how much so. and if there is any difference in the axle tube size of the rear diff. I know there will definitely some modifications to the brackets required, but I'm trying to see if it is feasible to try to adapt their kit or if it isn't worth it. or if anyone knows of something
  7. still in the beginning stages of making this truck truly mine, but here's how it looks for now.Next step is a little more power and a little color as I'm getting bored of the stormtrooper feel
  8. for the NorCal mod, there's also a bracket from Rough Country that helps keep it looking "factory" https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-1500-inner-fender-trim-10002.html?find=2014-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-374089
  9. i was in the same boat with mine, just pulled out the grill inserts, simple since they detach easily, and originally plastidipped them. once I was sure they looked the way I wanted, pulled them back and painted them. looks as good as if they were original
  10. Im having a similar issue with my 2014 Silverado, except going to radio and back doesn't reset it. Edit: just tried the radio and back fix, does work. I guess I only changed through the media options.
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