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  1. Yeah insurance is covering it, but unfortunate timing with thanksgiving and everything bc it will probably take longer, we’ll see. But yeah I was thinking if I do 35s I’ll do 3.73 gears and if 37s I’ll do 4.10s, I do a decent amount of highway driving so I’m leaning more towards 3.73s
  2. That’s awesome man, looks good. I’m still undecided on the direction I want to go. And currently my truck is at the gmc body shop because a deer ran out of the woods and right into the side of my truck, about $3,700 worth of damage and a big pain in the ass.
  3. That looks damn good buddy! How do you like it?? 6” on 35s right?? Any scrubbing?
  4. Hey man, you ever end up getting everything installed?! I wanna see it!
  5. Sweet, I am still undecided lol now I am thinking of going with a 6 in lift, maybe 7, and going with 325/50r22. Such a tough decision lol
  6. Look forward to seeing it man, when is it getting done?
  7. So if I were to regear, what would you think to go with, because I may decide after lifting that I want to go ahead and regear, you think 4.10s? 4.56s?
  8. Thanks guys, pretty sure I know what I wanna do now
  9. See that looks awesome man! Do you have the 5.3 or the 6.2? Stock gears? Any regrets or advice?!
  10. I would want to run 37/13.5, would that change your opinion at all or go for it?
  11. I hear you, so in your own opinion, going with the mcgaughys set at 9" with 37s will be fine with stock gears? I will eventually probably have it tuned also, but not right away. Just really been trying to decide between 37s or 35s but really want to go with 37s.
  12. I was just reading another guy's topic asking which lift to go with and was reading what you were saying to him and was about to send you a message lol I am really wanting to go with the McGaughys 7-9 set at 9 with 37's, so very similar to your setup. However with reading so many mixed feelings in regards to whether you need to regear it or not I am not sure if I should do it or not. But with what you're saying I feel like I would be fine to go ahead and do it. As of now I do not do much towing but will eventually be picking up a boat and would obviously want to be able to tow it with my truck, and from what I've read I will be able to do that with a nice drop hitch no problem. I guess the question that I've been wrestling with the most is whether it would need to be re geared because I really don't want to have to do that, and thought with the 6.2 it would be able to handle the 37s, but lots of mixed feelings about that lol
  13. Yeah that is what I am hearing too and not sure if that is really necessary.
  14. Hey guys, I have a 17 Sierra Denali with the 6.2. Looking at lifting it and having a hard time deciding between going with 35s or going with 37s.. I am going to go with the mcgaughys 7-9" inch lift and if I decided on 37s would have it set at 9 and if 35s probably set at around 8. Would really like to go with 37s bc I think these trucks look great on 37s, but want to get advice from people who have done it. IF i went with 37s is the power loss on this 6.2 going to be ridiculous? Completely terrible MPG? Obviously know it is going to go down a decent bit, but wondering around how much. Not looking to get flamed here, just looking for advice from people who have done it and experienced it. Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks guys
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