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  1. Nahh its level, on a bit of a hill in the pic and also had the old wheel/tires in the bed so may look like it is higher in the front.
  2. Finally got the truck done, still plenty to do but think the lift and wheels/tires turned out great. What tire pressure are you guys running in your 35s, trying to find the right pressure for the most comfortable ride. Thanks!
  3. Finally got the truck back, need to get some better pics but think it came out good!
  4. Trust me I know, its a real pain in the ass having to wait, which is also why I am trying to get the wheels/tires figured out as quickly as I can. And I was thinking the same thing, but also like the deeper lip on a lot of 22x12.. Kind of think there will have to be a decent amount of trimming anyways, but im not sure.
  5. Hey guys, so I finally pulled the trigger on the lift kit after doing a bunch of reading, went with the 6" BDS lift kit that retains the Magneride suspension on my 2017 denali, now I am trying to figure out the best wheel and tire combo with regards to looks obviously but also fitment, don't want to have to do a ton of trimming although some will be done, and also plan on either trimming the plastic air dam on the front bumper to about half its size or just removing it all together, but want to have some input from guys that have already done similar setups, apparently it will take around 5 weeks for the lift to get in so have some time to decide, but want to get it figured out. I'm wanting to run 35s with a 22" wheel, but not sure if a 22x10 or 22x12 wheel will work out best. Any recommendations or advice is appreciated, let me know what yall think!
  6. Yeah insurance is covering it, but unfortunate timing with thanksgiving and everything bc it will probably take longer, we’ll see. But yeah I was thinking if I do 35s I’ll do 3.73 gears and if 37s I’ll do 4.10s, I do a decent amount of highway driving so I’m leaning more towards 3.73s
  7. That’s awesome man, looks good. I’m still undecided on the direction I want to go. And currently my truck is at the gmc body shop because a deer ran out of the woods and right into the side of my truck, about $3,700 worth of damage and a big pain in the ass.
  8. That looks damn good buddy! How do you like it?? 6” on 35s right?? Any scrubbing?
  9. Hey man, you ever end up getting everything installed?! I wanna see it!
  10. Sweet, I am still undecided lol now I am thinking of going with a 6 in lift, maybe 7, and going with 325/50r22. Such a tough decision lol
  11. Look forward to seeing it man, when is it getting done?
  12. So if I were to regear, what would you think to go with, because I may decide after lifting that I want to go ahead and regear, you think 4.10s? 4.56s?
  13. Thanks guys, pretty sure I know what I wanna do now
  14. See that looks awesome man! Do you have the 5.3 or the 6.2? Stock gears? Any regrets or advice?!
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