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  1. still in the beginning stages of making this truck truly mine, but here's how it looks for now.Next step is a little more power and a little color as I'm getting bored of the stormtrooper feel
  2. for the NorCal mod, there's also a bracket from Rough Country that helps keep it looking "factory" https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-1500-inner-fender-trim-10002.html?find=2014-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-374089
  3. i was in the same boat with mine, just pulled out the grill inserts, simple since they detach easily, and originally plastidipped them. once I was sure they looked the way I wanted, pulled them back and painted them. looks as good as if they were original
  4. Im having a similar issue with my 2014 Silverado, except going to radio and back doesn't reset it. Edit: just tried the radio and back fix, does work. I guess I only changed through the media options.
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