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  1. The GM accessory cameras are the the only ones that work at this time. #iworkforGM
  2. HDs have a totally different brake system eboost vs hydroboost. It sounds like some other module is staying awake on HDs. #iworkforGM
  3. Transparent view will not work on gooseneck or fifth wheels. #iworkforGM
  4. Looks like body color bumpers, mirrors, and door handles. Standard tire would be 18" MT tire (new for 21). Optional content would be 18 or 20 AT tires. #iworkforGM
  5. I'm not sure of the difference between the two. I know their was a change to the connector orientation between the 2019 and 2020. I personally have only used the 2019 version. #iworkforGM
  6. Your picture looks like you got the dimensions correct. If you still have problems, send me a picture of the camera on the trailer and I can see if anyone has a suggestion. #iworkforGM
  7. You should have to only calibrate once as long as your profile is saved with dimensions. If you change any dimensions or a camera, then you will need to recalibrate. The calibration distance depends on a lot factors. I have calibrated around a 100 trucks and never seen one calibrate under 1000 ft. Calibration does not like shadows in the camera view. #iworkforGM
  8. The tick and thump are two different noises that both have bulletins on. The tick is DEF injector. The thump I don't have a lot of info on. From the bulletin, when you remove fan belt the noise goes away. This leads me to believe that belt is setting off a mode in another component. The thump goes away rpm change which proves it's frequency based. Neither issue causes any type damage to the powertrain or any other component. #iworkforGM
  9. If it is on the passengers side of the truck, it's likely the DEF injection. This ticking sound is normal on L5P equipped trucks. #iworkforGM
  10. Option code PTT. It's a small black box that connects behind license plate. I believe you can add as an accessory if it didn't come from factory with it. #iworkforGM
  11. Did you plug the camera in with your seven way attached? The camera will not work without recognizing a trailer is attached. As mentioned before, I would not recommend a "hot" plug in of camera meaning plugging it in when truck is running or still awake. Wait for the truck to go asleep first before plugging in. If you are still having issues with black screens, I would suspect a bad camera. #iworkforGM
  12. You are limited to 18 and 20 in tires at 80 psi as well. #iworkforGM
  13. Customers that own this package have been very happy. The majority the people complaining have never driven it. There are reasons why the majority of oems in HD segment have purpose built engine and transmissions. The duty cycles and cooling is significantly different. People that buy gas HD trucks want affordable and reliable. The L8T 6L90 provides that need. #iworkforGM
  14. What works on the track moving 4500 lbs does not compare to pulling around 24 to 26k GCW. LD trans don't work on HD applications. #iworkforGM
  15. After the vehicle goes asleep, there should be less than 50 mA of draw on the battery(ies). If it is more than 50, some module is not shutting down. #iworkforGM
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