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  1. All 3500 diesels have 12 inch rear axle regardless if they are srw or drw. 910 ftlbs in first gear only with 3500s and when the truck is in tow haul. If the truck is not in tow haul, they start in second gear. #iworkforGM
  2. 3500 has no torque limiting while the 2500 has some mild limiting due to 11.5" vs 12" ring gear difference. Both trucks start in second gear when not in tow haul. For ride, the front suspensions are identical between 2500 and 3500. Tire pressure (70 to 80), rear shock with more rebound force, and leaf spring pack. Unloaded, the first stage spring rate is equal between the two but the second stage engages quicker. Both trucks ride pretty good. The rear is a little firmer on 3500 but some guys like the 3500 better. 3500s are a little worse for freeway hop due to the increased shock forces. #iworkforGM
  3. It's an electronically controlled limited slip differential where the unit can vary the load to the clutch pack based on driver and vehicle feedback. It's a similar concept to active transfer case or awd systems.
  4. For those who want transparent trailer to work on conventional trailers, I have attached the trailer camera install location. Before purchasing the camera you may want to check this location on your trailer and see if it will work. You can mount the trailer camera in other locations but the transparent view will not be available. #iworkforGM Camera Install Instructions.pdf
  5. The noise you are hearing when tires are spinning is the traction control system activating. These trucks control wheel spin with a combination of engine torque reduction and applying the brakes. The noise is coming from abs module building and dumping pressure. If you push the traction control button once, you will turn off engine traction control but brake traction is still on. If you press and hold for 10 secs you will turn off both and stabilitrak. Even after a press and hold for 10 seconds, driveline protection is still on and can apply brakes to prevent axle or transfer case damage. The steering noises on rough surfaces are likely hydraulic. There is very little that can be done to change the performance unfortunately. #iworkforGM
  6. 3 This where the camera needs to go for transparent to work. You should have an inch or two flexibility in vertical direction if needed. #iworkforGM
  7. Brakes are the same on all 2500s. #iworkforGM
  8. 12 to 13 mpg for typical city/combined driving is pretty typical especially in the winter. 6 to 9 mpg towing depending on weight and drag. 11 to 12 mpg in city 16 mpg highway These are the numbers I feel are pretty typical from my experience. #iworkforGM
  9. If you have a conventional trailer and want transparent trailer view to work, the camera needs to be in the center of trailer 4 inches higher than your tailgate camera with the trailer attached. Then once the camera is mounted, tilt the camera 35 degrees (zero is straight down). #iworkforGM
  10. If you are comparing diesels, the differences are only in chassis, driveline, and load capacity. 3500 upgrades 1. 3 stage leaf spring 2. 12 in ring gear (max torque available in 1st gear) 3. 80 psi rear tire 4. 7250 lb RGAWR and 12,000+lb GVW. 5. Rear shock with more force #iworkforGM
  11. It's pretty normal to have some amount of dead ban on center for HD trucks. This amount of dead ban can reduce with load. You don't want your steering too quick with a trailer or load. If the steering is too quick, you can have trailer and/or truck instability. #iworkforGM
  12. I believe you can only use the GM corded cameras to integrate to the truck. I have been told that only corded cameras can be used to give the HD picture needed for the system to work properly. I have installed cameras on several GN and fifth wheels. 35 to 37 ft about as long as trailer that you can install the cameras on. You have to put a very large loop at the front trailer to allow for turning otherwise you will pull the connector off the camera. The transparent/invisible feature does not work with fifth wheel and goosenecks. You will still have the turn signal biasing and split view from mirrors with a GN or fifth wheel attached. If you have the trailer tps system installed from factory the truck should have came with four sensors. I believe they are installing this module as an accessory as well and not sure of your situation. The only problem I have seen with GM system is some of valve stem openings in the wheel are larger than the sensor can accept so they will not work with those wheels. #iworkforGM
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