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  1. If you are not going to use a snowplow or pickup camper, I recommend changing to non snow plow prep torsion bars. It looks like you have a gas truck. A gas snow plow prep is two front spring rates higher than standard truck. The front shocks are different as well. As far as wheels, the 20" wheels are 8.5" wide from factory. If you go wider, this will hurt ride. #iworkforGM
  2. These trucks use a brake assist system called hydroboost. The power steering pump helps make assist for both the brakes and steering system. You are likely just feeling the initial pressure build for assist after the power steering pump starts turning. Diesels don't make vacuum so you either need a vacuum pump, hydroboost, or eboost for brake assist. #iworkforGM
  3. There is no change on conventional towing on trims but gooseneck can reduce on the higher trims. Depending on options, higher trims can be 500 lbs higher than work truck. #iworkforGM
  4. Demand and covid are the reasons here. We have to reduce some complexity to help the suppliers. Its easier for them to make more of fewer variants than to spend time changing a bunch of times for a lot of variants. #iworkforGM
  5. If you lose power steering communications, it will disable esc and 4wd will either be limited or disabled. Both systems need steering wheel angle to function properly. #iworkforGM
  6. You are more likely to get water on clean side of induction in 2" water at 50 mph vs 16" at 5 mph. A sustained puddle at 2 in and 50 mph is much more severe than driving through deep water very slow. Look at the wake the vehicle makes. F = m x a #iworkforGM
  7. You can turn them on and off through your camera app. When you have the camera up, I believe the icon on the touch screen that looks like a ladder is what you need to select. You may need to push it a couple of times to cycle through the options. All else fails, check your owner's manual. #iworkforGM
  8. Cranking the torsion bars doesn't change the spring rate, only the check height so that won't change your ride. I'm not sure the model and tire you are running. If you have a 18 or 20 inch tire, snow plow prep will bump up your front spring rate two steps (three on reg cabs) and you get the diesel front shock. If you have 17 inch tires you get the same suspension changes but also about 10 to 15 psi tire pressure increase. I haven't rode any bilstein shocks before. A shock can only do so much with higher spring rate. The higher spring rate not allow you to use full length of travel in compression due to you not having enough mass for that spring rate. I probably would look at a torsion bar change first. You would have to realign vehicle after the tbar change. This would lower your FGAWR to 4400 or 4800 lbs from 5600lbs as well. #iworkforGM
  9. The towing difference is due to how SAE 2807 is calculated. You must use EPA curb mass for vehicles under 8600 lb GVW. GMC EPA curb mass is higher than Chevy. EPA curb mass means you must include every option that has over 33% take rate. GMC typically has to use a denali mass vs chevy using LT mass. This is why the fuel economy and tow numbers are different between the brands. The acoustic packages are the same between brands. There are three levels of acoustics: work truck/custom, LT, and lux. This is why you will see things like hood blankets, rear wheel liners, and rear seat acoustics not on work trucks/custom. #iworkforGM
  10. Did you have trailer attached? If so, it could be trailer security. #iworkforGM
  11. Just remember how the trailer ratings are calculated by SAE 2807. Base vehicle weight + 300 lbs passengers + 100 lbs cargo + hitch weight (forgot the exact weight think it is 125 lbs) + 15% pin weight. Then the trailer weight is raised until it hits GVW, RGAWR, OR GCW. So if your passengers, cargo, or pin weight is higher, your max trailer weight is lower. I generally tell people if you get to about 80% of max number so should be good, over 80% you better find some scales and start weighing truck and trailer. #iworkforGM
  12. The 6.6 gas was developed for fleet customer. The 6.0 6 speed combo that it replaced was the lowest warranty powertrain in all of GM and GM wanted the 6.6 gas to be the same. I have had over 19k gooseneck on a 50 mile trip in Michigan without issue. I would recommend a 3500 to handle the higher pin weights of 5th wheels or GNs. The GVWs of 2500 and 3500 are both over 10k so it will be a CMV for you either way. #iworkforGM
  13. Not sure of model you tried to order, but flint is only building crew cabs. Not sure if they will build any more reg or double cabs for 2021. #iworkforGM
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