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  1. You will see more information later in the week.
  2. It's officially out. 2024 L8T with 10 speed and 3.73 rear axle. #IworkforGM
  3. You know more in about two weeks for Chevy
  4. 2 to 1 downshift clunk is pretty common with 6 speed trans. I'm driving a 2023 right now and gotten it about five times over the last 8k miles. You just need a few more gears in there to not have such a large gap
  5. If you had early 2020 that had the recall, fuel economy probably has gone down a little. The alternative is a failed dpf. It regens more frequently. You basically get the cals from 2021.
  6. There are rocks are other debris that can get stuck in the lower shutter. GM has removed the lower shutters due the warranty issues and relatively low fuel economy impact.
  7. GM sells about 500,000 of these tires a year. Times that by 3 years and there are a ton of these tires out there. The occurrence is extremely low but, does not mean it's acceptable.
  8. There is torque limits in first and second gear on the diesel 2500s but it's pretty hard to tell the difference. #iworkforGM
  9. The 10 speeds are not the same. GM and Ford did not work together on the HD version. #iworkforGM
  10. Are you using a load equalization hitch? Part two, if you are using one did you setup like owner's manual recommends? I know on LD trucks they require load equalization hitch over 6000 lbs You could be at or over RGAWR without load equalization. It's best to get on a scale and figure out where you are at for GVW, RGAWR, and GCW.
  11. It's probably lane keep assist. If you are close to white or yellow lines, the system will add torque to steering to cause the steering to go in direction of center of road.
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