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  1. Ford and GM are still on indefinite close status and FCA said May 4. I don't see any plants opening before first week of May in Michigan. #iworkforGM
  2. Cranking the torsion bars the little you did shouldn't change the ride. One crank changes the suspension height 4 to 5 mm. Cranking the torsion bars does not change the spring rate but it changes the check height of the spring. If you crank the torsion bars too high, you will eventually decrease your rebound travel too much. #iworkforGM
  3. I would recommend swapping your tires side to side. You should do this first before adjusting alignment. #iworkforGM
  4. Camber is 0.5 deg Caster is around 3.0 deg #iworkforGM
  5. The tire pressures are same between 18 and 20 in tire. 60 front 70 rear for 2500, 60 front 80 rear for 3500. #iworkforGM
  6. The exhaust brake on the 3.0L does not have the authority the 6.6L has. The grade braking in transmission is not as aggressive as the HD. You really need to hit the brakes hard to get it to Downshift. It works a lot different than the HD trucks. #iworkforGM
  7. While hill start assist is not new on HD trucks, the way it functions on 2020 trucks is different. On pre 2020 trucks, when stopped on a grade, the brake control module would hold the amount of pressure you applied to the brake for up to 2 seconds then release. The 2020 trucks have a new electronically controlled park brake system. When the truck senses that you are on a grade in drive or reverse, it will apply the park brake. By applying the park brake, it can hold the truck for a very long period of time. The electric park brake also allows for the park brake to be applied when parking on a grade. This keeps the truck from rolling back on the park paw In the transmission. It also automatically applies when you stop and put the truck in park while using hitch view. This will keep the truck from rolling after you get out of truck to hook up your trailer. #iworkforGM
  8. Re-opening Warren transmission to make masks.
  9. The trim heights are the same no matter the FGAWR/front torsion bar setup. The angle at which the torsion engages changes to make sure that is enough adjust ability to meet the same height with the various weights. In general, you don't want crank your torsion bars too much because it can over travel the ball joints. You can crank a couple turns but I wouldn't recommend more than that. If you crank the torsion bars, you will need to realign it. #iworkforGM
  10. Correct. FGAWR goes up 400 lbs. Everything else is the same. #iworkforGM
  11. HD front springs does not the GVW or GCW. It only raises the FGAWR. The biggest thing it helps is for pickup campers. The mass calculation can put you over FGAWR with a camper. #iworkforGM
  12. It's a mess guys. SE Michigan is in very bad shape for the virus. I would be surprised if flint is running full speed before May at this point. Michigan has been on lock down since Monday. Hopefully we see the cases reduce next week, but so far no progress.
  13. Did you run out of money for a trailer? Glad you spent your money on the truck though. #iworkforGM
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