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  1. If the pull direction swapped you may need a new front tire to repair.
  2. Flint is running mandatory 7 days a week right now. They are doing everything they can do to make trucks as quickly as possible. #iworkforGM
  3. Technically only right front is out of spec. 45lbs at 60 psi, 50 lbs at 70 psi. Glad to see them replacing tires at lower specs to help fix these trucks.
  4. The deadban on center sounds normal. You need some deadban to help make the steering be not to quick when loaded. The deadban decreases with load and could lead to trailer sway and vehicle stability issues with steering that is too quick.
  5. I would be equally disappointed if I had to take my new truck to the dealer multiple times to fix the same issue. Dealers should be putting picoscope on these trucks to confirm the issue is tire related. These HD tires can be hard to balance due their high weight, large offsets, and large pilot opening. There is special equipment that is needed for hunter machines to ensure the tire asm is mounted to the machine before road force.
  6. Road force balance will not determine a pull issue with a tire. Dealers are supposed to swap the tires from side to side to determine if there is a tire issue with belt angle. #iworkforGM
  7. The VPM, video processing module, is located behind the passengers seat back(second row seat on double and crew). You have to remove the seat back to access it. #iworkforGM
  8. There is two issues: one where the steering wheel shakes after hitting a bump and your more typical tire uniformity shake. The steering calibration fixes the first issue. Tire flat spotting, uniformity, balance are causes of second. These tires are difficult to balance and I'm not sure if they all have the correct equipment. A proper balance would include driving the truck for 15 minutes to remove flat spots and then road force balance. #iworkforGM
  9. I calibrated these systems in the past. I would be really looking at longitudinal and lateral acceleration sensors. I believe these are contained in the air bag module (SDM). I would probably see if these signals could be zero'd or recalibrated. I would look at the mounting of the module and make sure it is sitting flush (seen issues before where welding flash on a stud made module not sit flush when torqued up). With you having a hill start issue (using long acceleration to determine grade) and issues with torque reduction in corner (looking at lateral acceleration sensor), I would start there. #iworkforGM
  10. You can get trailer cams with the 270 deg camera. The option code is UVI. I'm not sure of the official package name. 270 deg has bed and tailgate cams. No cams in mirrors or front grill. #iworkforGM
  11. You can't get the 360 deg camera with sle so no transparent trailer. You can get the 270 deg system with trailer cams but it is lower tech. #iworkforGM
  12. They are jumping the gun a little. They haven't hit start of production yet at Flint.
  13. Are you correcting for your miles driven based on your odometer not being correct? You are driving more distance per rev than the vehicle thinks you are.
  14. You have the 360 deg system (uvs). The other poster has the 270 deg (uvi) system. The 270 deg system has more limited functionality. No transparent view, no turn signal bias, no turn bias, and no Camara views for longer than 8 sec above 10 mph. #iworkforGM
  15. There are two systems that accept trailer cams. Do you have cams in mirrors and front grill?
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