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  1. Three stage vs two stage leaf spring is the easiest way. Otherwise if the weight capacity stickers are available. 3500s have 7250 rgawr where as 2500s have 6600 with 18/20 in tires. #iworkforGM
  2. I believe Flint is changing over to 2021 this week. High demand and that 7 week covid shutdown has inventory very low. Flint is running OT and can't keep up. #iworkforGM
  3. The noise is steering valve hiss. There is nothing physically wrong with the system but the noise is annoying.
  4. There is an infotainment update coming for over the air update v150. There has been some issues with it not shutting down. #iworkforGM
  5. You are getting past my knowledge. I probably would either adjust one of the dimensions to force a calibration restart or create a new trailer profile. #iworkforGM
  6. The rattle you are likely hearing is hydraulic. It occurs at low speeds around 5 to 15 mph when hitting chatter bumps or larger bumps in parking lots. I often get it driving into driveway when going from gravel to concrete pad. The power steering cooler is actually rattling due to hydraulic pulses going through it. There is not a fix for it. Couple things you can try: remove the radiator close out (piano keys) and you will see the brush cooler. Loosen the bolts holding the cooler and make sure the cooler can move freely. Retighten the bolts. You can also look at your power steering pump and make sure the supply and return lines are not touching. If they are, loosen one of the bolts and rotate the pipe. Neither of these will 100% fix it. You guys are as frustrated as me with this. #iworkforGM
  7. Trim height is the same with and without F60. #iworkforGM
  8. For those that have had dead batteries, did your infotainment screen go blank before your dead battery? #iworkforGM
  9. The angle of the camera does correct. The image from the trailer looks distorted/fish eye. It needs to be rotated down about 35 degrees. Start with the camera eye level pointing straight back, then rotate down 35 degrees. I usually rotate the camera down until I can see the trailer, then move it up one click. It also will not calibrate in low light situations (night/dusk/rain/snow/etc). #iworkforGM
  10. You need option code UVS or UVI to get trailer camera. These options will add the video processing module (vpm). You really can't retrofit it if you did not order it that way. A furion setup is probably your best bet. #iworkforGM
  11. It will only calibrate while going straight under 30 mph. Find a place where you can drive at slow speed in a straight line. It's ok to turnaround or make turns while calibrating. The calibration can have issues if there are shadows in the camera view. On sunny days, you can get shadows in the image. Try going in a different direction. I recommend selecting the transparent view during the calibration process. There will be a yellow status bar at bottom of the view to see the progress as you drive. #iworkforGM
  12. You have to be under 30 mph to calibrate and it only calibrates when you are in a relatively straight line. Did you mount the camera in the recommended area? Which is basically center of trailer 2 inches above your tailgate camera with trailer attached. #iworkforGM
  13. I would really consider a gas if plowing. You can carry a larger plow on a gas than diesel without going over FGAWR. I don't have much experience plowing. The tradeoff with gas plow trucks is they ride rougher in summer due to the higher spring rates. #iworkforGM
  14. The engine is restricting shifts manually or automatically to keep temps in check. I don't disagree that it is disappointing. It generally only happens on long grades at altitude. The truck won't break but you won't win any races either. #iworkforGM
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