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  1. I got the B&W 3 ball hitch. What an incredible piece of hardware! I ordered the locking pin to help it to not grow legs. I really like it, had to pull car trailer with 2-5/16 ball, pull pin, rotate, and done. They are expensive, but pleased with the build quality.
  2. I wish it was there too, doubt it will ever happen. GM can access the temp as its on the vehicle network, not sure CarPlay can get data off the network, or more likely they dont want to deal with the vehicle network across multiple vehicles / brands, etc... Putting the outside temp in the little screen in the dash would be great, GM could do that I believe.
  3. My 2020 AT4 came with the small carpeted storage. Is there something larger available?
  4. Found my own answer, Factory 20s weigh in at 44LB
  5. Thanks, good to know. Does anyone know what the factory 20" wheels weigh? or have a place that shows wheel weight?
  6. I am looking at another set of rims and tires too. My truck is not lifted (no plans to do so), running the 20" rims now, would likely do the same for my 2nd set. I would like the 2nd set of wheels to be more for road use, maybe Michelin Defenders. The factory wheels are +40 offset, that's the part that has me confused, I don't want to end up with wheels that stick way out. Can I run +20 or lower offset with OEM size tires? and does that mean the wheel will be sticking out from the truck by 20mm more than the factory +40 wheel?
  7. 20" wheels (not my favorite wheel, but its growing on me)
  8. Update, no warranty on tires. Talked to Discount Tire they said "factory tires have no warranty". Called dealer, basically told same thing "sidewall damage not covered". Did put the Duratrac tires on, they work amazing in the snow and ice.
  9. I am very happy with the Bose in my AT4, but then again I have one deaf ear....
  10. I considered F-250 Platinums (was intrigued by the Tremor option,) Chevy and GMC. Ended up with the 2020 AT4 2500. (didn't look at RAM) Too many reports of death wobble on the Ford, I have never liked the Ford interiors, and the ride seems harsher to me. I just asked a lot of people with newer Ford's, Chevy and GMC's "how do you like that truck?". Overwhelmingly the Chevrolet / GMC owners were happy, the Ford guys were about 50/50, and of the ones not happy, it was death wobble or other service issues. I am 2800 miles into the AT4, and so far I am extremely happy with it, the Duramax with that 10 speed is an amazing combo. Drive both and compare, only you can decide whats right.
  11. SilveradoX2, good to hear on the Duratracs. Trying one more time to load the pics, didnt catch the HEIC format, must be coming off iPhone that way... Bulge is right at the "A" in AT.
  12. IMG_3561.HEIC IMG_3562.HEIC IMG_3562.HEIC IMG_3561.HEIC
  13. I am lost I guess, will try again to push a pic up.. Well the forum wont let me post any pics now, so I guess people can just keep an eye on their sidewalls, I will try to warranty the tire and see how that goes.
  14. IMG_3562.HEICIMG_3561.HEICI noticed on my AT4 that the Trail Runner tires have developed a bulge in the sidewall. I am putting some Duratracs on the truck, and going to see if they will warranty the tire. Posting this so others can be on the lookout. IMG_3562.HEIC IMG_3561.HEIC IMG_3562.HEIC IMG_3561.HEIC
  15. Probably need a stereo person to look at it. I wonder how much better it would sound if the back of the cab was working correctly...
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