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  1. I have a 2020 AT4 with about 2500 miles and I experience the same shimmy you're describing from time to time...
  2. Did you ever have any luck with touch up paint? Same issue with my truck door. Just ordered Dr Color Chip to try.
  3. They fit because those aftermarket wheels are a different offset. I wanted to keep stock wheels. I would have been pushing it.
  4. Anybody else that’s got their truck already notice the AT4 doesn’t come with the black painted mirror caps like a lot of the pics online? Would look a lot better. I don’t even see where you can buy them anywhere. Weird.
  5. I’d be interested to know if the 35s scrub with no level. I got ridge grapplers but stayed with stock size because i didn’t think I could go bigger without scrubbing. The stock at4 tires fill up the wheel wells!
  6. They were actually really cool and did it under warranty. Wrote it up like they didn’t know why I was getting low pressure warnings.
  7. yes I saw that. looks awesome. Did say it scrubs the frame just a little and had to pull the inside of the fenders up too whatever that means lol
  8. Got it! Some dealerships didn’t wanna mess with it but luckily found one that would.
  9. Did the dealership do this for you? Had 2 dealerships tell me it can be done but they can't legally do it because it's "supposed" to be set at the recommended pressures on the placard. 60 front 70 rear in my case....
  10. So my 2020 2500 came with 60 psi in front and 70 psi in rear. Rode like a horse and buggy. Very knowledgeable diesel mechanic buddy of mine told me go 50 front 45 rear. Rides like a different truck!! Problem is the sensors keep telling me low pressure in the rear. Can the dealership reprogram the psi threshold of my sensors? If not is there a way I can do it?
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