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  1. Already found and purchased one. Had search high and low to find exactly what I wanted but was able to find one in Texas!
  2. Have a 2021 High Country Tahoe on the way to me. It does not have the power retractable steps. Was wondering if anyone knew the part number for the power steps and the cost? Surely you can order these to add to a High Country Tahoe right?
  3. My Z71 Tahoe starting making terrible clunking noises at 14,000 miles. Take it in and of course it's lifters. After my truck sat at the dealership for 2 weeks and being told it could be months due to a national backorder on parts, I halfway joking asked if they'd be interested in buying the vehicle. 15 minutes later they offered me $72k for my Tahoe which only had an original sticker price of $68k. SOLD.....Duramax High Country Tahoe on the way. Hope these new 3.0 diesel's don't have a many problems as the 5.3's!!!
  4. What version of iOS are you running? I had these problem at first and as soon as I updated to the newest software it fixed. Also, I'm sure you've tried this already, but try forgetting your phone and then re-adding it. This has fixed some bugs for me too. I wouldn't say mine is flawless but it definitely works flawlessly 95% of the time!
  5. I've found screen protector for the front main screen but anyone found any for the 2 rear media screens? We have 2 carseats in our Tahoe and they are very close to touching the screens. Trying to prevent scratching them up!
  6. Bought my wife a new Z71 Tahoe last Friday. She doesn't like the stock steps that came on it. Anyone interested in them? Also does anyone know if steps made for a Silverado/Sierra would fit the new tahoe? Side note: LOVE the z71 but its pretty dumb how you spend 70k on a z71 and it can't be built with heads up display or ac seats. Come on chevy....
  7. Forgive me if this has been discussed. Searched and could not come up with anything. So I'm sure you all know when you have a trailer connected and use your blinker your screen shows your camera for that side of the truck. LOVE this feature. Wish it did it even without a trailer. Super handy on interstate. Anyone know how to trick the truck into thinking there's a trailer connected? I tried just plugging in a 7 pin test plug but that didn't work.
  8. I agree. Good news is this is a factory GM module made for the '21. White automotive just programs it with your vin number to work flawlessly in the 20. Worth every penny IMO!
  9. You're lucky with the carplay2air. I've bought 2 thinking the first was just bad and it was a pain in the ass to return. Neither one worked for me.
  10. Module swap in my 2020 today! Super easy. Love wireless CarPlay. Look up white automotive & media services to order!
  11. That’s correct but I think they’re saying adding navigation will cost a bit more than just adding the wireless CarPlay. I’m with you, if you have CarPlay you don’t need factory navigation. I prefer google maps.
  12. https://www.gm-trucks.com/wireless-android-auto-and-apple-carplay-upgrade-on-the-way-for-2020-silverado-sierra/
  13. Called the dealership to ask if I would have to swap head units or modules to get wireless in my 2020. They made a call and called me back to say it wasn’t possible. I call BS. Same exact truck as the 2021. There has to be a way to do this....
  14. Shouldn't any lift for the 2020 be the same for the 2021?? Not much changing other than wireless airplay and a couple camera changes.
  15. I've got 295/65/20 ridge grapplers going on my stock wheels as we speak but I also added a suspension max leveling kit. Will post pictures when I pick it up. The 295/65 is like a 35.1x11.7
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