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  1. Sorry accidentally posted in troubleshooting first and cant figure out how to delete that thread but I’ve got the b&w hitch made for multipro tailgates with the dual ball(2" & 2 5/16"). Looking to sell so I can get a tri ball. Dm me if interested. 280 obo
  2. I’ve got the b&w hitch made for multipro tailgates with the dual ball. Looking to sell so I can get a tri ball. Dm me if interested.
  3. I noticed too. The brushed look way better than the chrome. Not sure why they'd use 2 different colors for the same style knob!
  4. Anyone else experiencing a ticking sound most noticeably at drivers side of engine? I notice mostly at a drive thru or when I leave truck running and get out for something. I've read somewhere that this is normal? Just started noticing it the past week or so. I'm at 9200 miles.
  5. Anyone using a stealth module? Is it worth the $600? Main reason I'm considering is the turbo lag. I've had 5 1500's before making the jump to a diesel and the turbo lag drives me nuts at bad intersections when I really wanna scoot across! Also, does the stealth module truly not leave any type of footprint??
  6. Looks awesome. I get confused with the wheel offset stuff. I want to keep stock rims and do these exact tires. What would be the difference in that and your setup? More of a chance of rubbing or no difference?? Thanks
  7. Anyone know what these "minor tech enhancements" are supposed to be for 2021 models? I read mainly software updates. I wonder if it'll be something that can be added to 2020 models. That is if its even something worth adding....
  8. was wondering same thing. Is it backlit? Also are they physical buttons you press or like a touch screen?
  9. Interested myself. I can't find any info on this online other than a GM-authority article. Does anyone know if this is wireless and just sticks on or how its installed?
  10. https://www.bwtrailerhitches.com/product/multipro-tow-stow Just ordered mine
  11. Had the service bulletin performed yesterday. Night and day difference. Absolutely zero steering wheel shimmy at any speed so far.
  12. My truck is stock and needs at least 4-6” drop to get trailer level. If not the trailer is pointed up. Sounds like you just wanna pitch your “tailgate fix” that you won’t give any real details on...
  13. yeah apparently its brand new just in time to show off at SEMA. He said it should be on the site up for sale before the end of the month.
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