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  1. Did a few searches but seeing if anyone knew of any companies that offer a full front/rear coilover lift for the ‘21 2500 AT4. Just got my truck back from the dealership and am looking to buy one ASAP. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Hopefully they get these parts in ASAP. They are trying to ask for the part from one of the trucks they have on order. Crossing my fingers and hoping this doesn’t last a long time.
  3. So I ordered my '21 2500 AT4 and finally received it last week. Literally driving it off the lot, it threw a check engine light on the way home. I ended up taking it back to the dealer the next day to drop it off. Got a call a few hours later and was told that the DEF heater tank was to blame. Now the problem is that theres not even a part number for the new DEF tank for the '21. So they have my truck and are waiting for GMC to let them know when they would be able to get a replacement one. Unfortunately, they cant even give me a timeline as to when one will be available. So now im stuck with no truck. lol
  4. So my ‘21 AT4 2500 will be arriving next week. Just trying to see what lift kits from the 2020 will be compatible with the ‘21. Right now I’m set on the BDS 6.5” kit. Just trying to see what other options are out. Some reservoirs would be cool.
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