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  1. My previous 2019 had the Sirius XM travel link that enabled weather forecast and weather radar. Am I blind? I don't see this option on my new 2020? Please tell me they haven't moved over to the myGMC link crap etc.
  2. Haven't touched mine as of yet, hasn't really bothered me much. I do like it at night because going down the road or backing up it gives you a great indicator of where your truck is.
  3. Losses are there for sure, but your also not paying those employees.
  4. I've got just shy of 3000 miles on my 2020 Duramax, have not towed heavy yet still waiting on my hitch to come in. However have had several long trips and I am consistently seeing 19.5-20.5 and that's doing 75-80mph on Texas and New Mexico roads with random wind. Comparing this to my outgoing 2019 Duramax, I'm seeing around 2-3mpg better mileage overall on the highway. Currently calculating city mileage over a good amount of time before I report those numbers. I think the mileage is improved mostly due to the 10 speed transmission and new DEF usage characteristics.
  5. With the strike going on might be best to just look around and find one on a dealer lot. 2020 DRW are not scheduled to be released till later in the year. 14,500lb fifth wheel should be just fine on a 3500 SRW, if you were full time RVing, then yea id go DRW simply for safety and reliability.
  6. Take your truck empty, fill it up with all fluids including DEF. Go weigh it, once you have that number you can subtract it minus the 10,000 GVWR of your truck and youll have an idea of how heavy a pin weight you can carry. 2019 2500 Duramax is limited to 14,200lbs fifth wheel... 17,200lbs on the SRW 3500. Can the truck handle a heavier load, sure it can... but it wont be legal.
  7. I paid 74k for my 79k MSRP Denali HD in August. I feel like I got a decent deal but not a great deal... in the end it all comes down to what kind of deal you feel your getting. Every dealer, every region, every market will have different pricing. Some of those dealers such as Laura do advertise great deals, but 90% of the time there is hidden costs like TTL/registration fees. Each state also has different sales tax implementations, in Texas you pay tax on the trade difference, some states are straight up full tax on every purchase.
  8. That's great to know, I'm sure there will be tons of aftermarket options for these tailgates. The angled ball mount I posted doesn't require any worry as it clears regardless.
  9. I had not tested on the half ton trucks, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did work on all. The only drawback maybe the drop is too low for the half tons. Now technically speaking you could get a ball with a riser on it to gain some height back. However I would think the riser ball would again hit the step when its engaged or pulled out.
  10. Here is a 2.5inch option that looks like it would possibly work. Its around double the price of what I paid for the 2inch version. Curt 2.5inch - 6 inch Drop - Forged Ball Mount
  11. 2.5inch ball mounts are hard to find around here at least in the specific configuration needed to clear the multi pro. Reducer doesn't really have any drawback from what I've seen other than maybe some weight limitations.
  12. While I'm sure we are all waiting for the adjustable hitch manufacturers to come out with a solution to work with the multipro tailgate. I decided to try and find something that was already around that would work. I originally had a b&w tow and stow, and it was set to 6 inches of drop for my 2020 which sits just about right for a level ride with my utility trailer. Got me to thinking is there a 6 inch drop hitch that has the angled design? And would it clear the new multipro tailgate fully deployed? The answer to both is YES! YES it does! Here is a couple of links to a couple options. Hopefully this helps a few people. Ultratow 6 inch Drop - Forged Steel Ball Mount Curt 6 inch drop Forged Ball Mount
  13. I went with the BAK Revolver X4, I've had the fold up covers before and had issues with the seals over time. Its also much much easier to roll up than fold up.
  14. With all the talk of the wired connection being problematic with turning on fifth wheels/GNs. Is there any wireless system that would plug directly into the system? Seems like this would be the no brainer way to do things.
  15. My 2019 was slightly rougher ride wise, perhaps more nimble in steering. Overall the 2020 is a definite improvement, 10 speed is an eye opener.
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