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  1. Updated original post to remove Curt from suggestion, thanks for posting that followup!
  2. I'm guessing no, itll still have to drop to around 4-6 inches for the ball to clear the step
  3. I never "tried" the curt, but the curt is the closest design to the ultratow I could find. There are some reese branded that have the correct angles but they don't go far enough into the truck receiver which negates the angles.
  4. I never got to try the Curt one, but was looking for similar built items. The ultratow is sold at Northern Tool, I was able to go to a local store and try them out.
  5. Yea I belie Yes the 4inch will not work with the step out, 6 inch does just fine. I suppose you could easily just cut a small piece of sticky foam tape and slap in on the angled part of the curt/ultratow just in case there was contact. Don't think I ever said anything about 4inch... ive always maintained the 6 inch was the goto for clearance and no worries.
  6. Yep no issues at all, and im not a skinny guy by any means.
  7. My original hitch solution is working perfectly, 6inch drop is about perfect for a trailer to sit level. Just don't have adjustability, but then again hardly ever need to adjust it.
  8. Why make another account? If you don't have something relevant to post to the OP don't post it!
  9. Nope my utility trailer sits damned near perfectly level while hauling my Mule Pro or mowers. I will say it is fun to watch the reactions when I just walk up and drop the tailgate with that hitch.
  10. Generally speaking those adapters don't add any height over a normal rail kit install. Pretty sure the ideal clearance is around 6 inches minimum, and the 2020 bed heights didn't change much.
  11. Yes I knew that, was just stating that there are adapters out there for use with any hitch.
  12. I really haven't found an upside to adaptive cruise because it takes away from the awareness of driving the vehicle. However if you want to set it and forget it, its by far the best feature you can get. Me personally, if I set my cruise to 75... its gonna stay 75 right up until I plow into the person in front of me. That being said, my wife had a highlander with adaptive cruise and I also had a Subaru outback with adaptive cruise. The systems themselves perform relatively well, but yes if your not paying attention you will essentially be going as slow as the person in front of you the entire time. There was a couple of times the adaptive cruise actually made passing more problematic or less smooth.
  13. Your better off just getting a rail adapter plate and using an older rail style hitch, essentially the samething but works with factory prep. Something like this …. https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Demco/DM6206.html
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