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  1. My 2020 3500 just got back from its shakedown dealer visit with 8800 miles, most of it was just poor QA. We shall see what happens going forward, if it didn't cost so much for the emissions stuff to fall off I would have already done it! I think I had 2 recalls done, A/C dial cluster was replaced, oil cooler gaskets replaced, cam shaft seal replaced.
  2. say what? what did I miss? Pretty sure he was asking about oil for a diesel or am I wrong?
  3. If ya want a good tried and true oil for the cheaps, goto walmart and grab the Mobil 1 TurboDieselTruck 5w-40. Past that its pretty much whatever your opinion is, me personally I run Amsoil Signature 5w-40 currently, but will be switching it back over to the 15w-40 oil after my first 10,000 miles. If ya go Amsoil.. its worth every penny to buy the yearly $20 membership because itll save you 20-30 every change.
  4. Been looking around for general things that would improve the life of the 2020 l5p. S&B has a map sensor spacer that supposedly keeps it from getting soot build up. Anybody running one? or tried one? I haven't really dug around much, but was thinking about getting a larger oil filter to increase the amount of oil circulating through the system.
  5. I don't think Toyota will ever get into the 2500/3500 market simply because that's not how they operate. But I will admit, if Toyota did happen to get into the market I would probably be one of the first ones to jump over. There is a company based around San Antonio TX that does diesel conversions for Toyotas. dieseltoys.com
  6. Mine had vibrations when I bought it... drove it home 550 miles. Next day drove down to my local tire shop and put brand new Michelin LTX AT2s on and its been butter every since. Most good tire shops will give you a decent return on nearly new tires so its a win win to me. Spend 70-80k on a truck and complain about tires, or spend 70-80k and replace the crap stockers and go on down the road.
  7. 75 mph? with a 16k fifth wheel? you got more ballz than I do!
  8. This was actually a problem with previous l5p, and was resolved with a computer flash. I bet youd find it wouldnt take much def.
  9. Yep 2020 trucks you dont notice it, about the only thing I think I've noticed is the brakes dont seem as easy to stop the truck during a regen. Mileage is probably the biggest give away your in regen.
  10. Could always try the unhook batteries method let it sit couple of hours unhooked, and then try it out. Almost sounds like transmission related the way your talking.
  11. Same noise on mine with 7200 miles, haven't had any issues other than the random check engine light that will come on and go away randomly after several drive cycles. They changed transmission, injection system, oil cooler, bigger fan/radiator... pretty sure Gale Banks did a comparision video and listed off most of these items. It's a 2020 new platform and powertrain combo so there is bound to be some glitches or hiccups, best thing you can do is get the noises etc recorded at a dealer so if anything ever comes up they have it on record for warranty purposes.
  12. Never heard of that or seen it with my truck. Good luck finding answers!
  13. It all comes down to how fast your going pretty much, my 6.5x12 utility trailer with my Mule Pro FXT on it ~ 3000lbs will get 15mpg. My 14.5k fifth wheel doing 65mph will get 9.5 - 10.5mpg depending on wind and roads.
  14. Updated original post to remove Curt from suggestion, thanks for posting that followup!
  15. I'm guessing no, itll still have to drop to around 4-6 inches for the ball to clear the step
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