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  1. The gripe I have is this... have had two GMC Sierra's in a row, 2014 and 2016, both with the app to use for free, and now I upgraded to a 2020 Sierra in which they removed the use of the app. I understand trying to save money, but I believe loyal customers should not be punished and get a feature taken away for upgrading. If you want to eliminate it for new customers, so be it, but take care of your loyal ones...
  2. So I have a 2020 Diesel with the exhaust brake which I believe is weak at best. I had a 2016 prior to this and test drove a 2017 before buying the 2016, and here is what I noticed. The 2020 has barely any exhaust brake compared to the prior years. When I'm towing 10k lbs or riding empty, my 2016 would downshift when the exhaust brake was turned on, sometime really aggressively reving up to 2500 RPM's or more depending on situation. When I test drove the 2017 which was obviously empty and not towing, with the switch turned on, I would tap the brake and it would almost come to a complete stop never having to touch the brakes until the very end. The 2020 with the switch on or off is almost the same, not downshifting and barely assisting in stopping, even with 10k lbs pushing it! I have not seen it downshift past 1500 RPM once on level ground. Now, in the mountains going downhill and either with or without the exhaust brake switch on, it would downshift and hold the speed, and even slow down. Is anyone else who pulls some weight noticing this? It would be most noticeable if you came from a 2016 or newer. I know the engine was updated in 2017, and now the 2020's have a newer transmission, but the brake assist is very weak IMO. I did take it in for service and had them look at it, which they said was operating normally and not showing any codes. Just a little disappointed...
  3. I missed that word, aftermarket! No, mine were from GM, came with the truck... But, they were not easy to program either!
  4. I did install 4 wheel sensors on my travel trailer. I will say it was a pain to get them to link up, but finally got them linked up. One kept loosing signal on my first trip so I had the dealer replace it, which required me to re-link them again. Same pain in the a** process, but could not get it to work with just deflating, so I bought a TPMS transmitter which made it a bit simpler but still not perfect. I did finally get it and they all appear to be working now. Hopefully they keep working for a while!
  5. My apologies, I did not specify 6.6 diesel, not gas, and being that they now have a 10 speed trans vs my old 6 speed, that would not be a fair comparison. My guess though is that the 6.2 will blow it away in drag like performance, especially with the max tow package that has the higher gear rear end. Plus they now have even more gears in the 1500, should be even faster!
  6. Well, I had a 2014 Max tow with the 6.2l then upgraded to a 2016 Denali 2500 6.6l. I will say the 6.2 is a monster, but when it comes to towing, they do not compare. My travel trailer is around 10k lbs and going forward was not an issue, but stopping was. Going to the 2500, stopping was no longer a problem. With the 2500 you do loose some of the plush ride quality of the lighter 1500, so I always tell people who ask that, unless you tow heavy weight, the 1500 is a better choice, for the performance and comfort. I have since upgraded to the 2020 2500 Denali, but I have not towed anything with it yet... Cant wait!
  7. I added one layer of vinyl tint. Looks much better...
  8. Not sure what it is, I asked to tint them and my tint guy said he can't use regular tint, needs to apply vinyl.
  9. Vinyl applied, subtle difference, but from far and lights off, blends in well with the black...
  10. Here are some pictures... https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=524751000&zip=33330&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D33330%26extColorsSimple%3DBROWN%26startYear%3D2020%26sortBy%3DderivedpriceDESC%26incremental%3Dall%26firstRecord%3D0%26marketExtension%3Don%26modelCodeList%3DGMC3500PU%26makeCodeList%3DGMC%26searchRadius%3D0&startYear=2020&numRecords=25&firstRecord=0&modelCodeList=GMC3500PU&makeCodeList=GMC&searchRadius=0&makeCode1=GMC&modelCode1=GMC3500PU&clickType=listing
  11. I have searched and searched and cannot find the wiring diagram for this new radio! I'm trying to add a small sub to my daughters truck and want to tap into the wires behind the radio. Anyone know where I can find this info? Thanks!
  12. Well, got it to 25048. Picking it up tomorrow! Daughter is excited...
  13. Looking at this for my daughter 2017 Silverado Reg Cab, Reg Bed, 4x2 with convenience and blackout packages, 7" Radio with Apple Car Play, Led Cargo and Floor carpeting... MSRP is 32395 Dealer offer is 22743 tax, tag and stealer fee makes it 25651... Adds up to almost 30% off! Opinions??
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