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  1. I get many compliments on my Brownstone... Great color choice!
  2. Thanks! Check out this thread, has all the information on a couple size tires...
  3. 2020 Brownstone Metallic 3500, Fuel Blitz 22x10...
  4. Build date was 08/19, but have since traded in for a 3500, build date of 09/20 and they both behave the same. Just came back from a trip in the mountains, pulling my trailer and I will agree grade braking works great, but on level ground, it is just not assisting. Its clearly the programming and if they would just reprogram it to downshift on level ground when in tow mode and EB on, it would make such a difference... IMO
  5. Yup, that's them... They come riveted together, so I drilled out the rivets and attached just the back section.
  6. Bought them with my points thru GM accessories website, not sure part numbers.
  7. So I bought the wider OEM mudflats and they are actually 2 pieces in the front. I took them apart and heated up the edge and folded it a bit to make it look better. So far so good, does not appear to be rubbing.
  8. Ride is similar, you can feel the bumps a bit more, nothing crazy. Not much louder with the Nittos either. I did the DIY route, may change them out for the actual kit, but it works...
  9. Yup, those are the wheel and tire specs, and no leveling kit, but I did turn the keys (bolts) two turns, have about an inch difference between front and rear. I’m going to work on mud flaps tomorrow, I’ll post when I get them done.
  10. Ok, got them on... I ended up moving the front bumper forward about 1/2", took front mud flaps off and will modify them to eliminate the rub there. Minimal mods to make this work. They do stick out a bit more than I would prefer, but I'll get used to it... Looks great, now debating on adding the 3/2 lift?!?
  11. So, I have recently upgraded from my 2020 Sierra Denali 2500 to a 2020 Sierra AT4 3500. My 2500 had what I felt, no difference between on or off of the exhaust brake. Either empty or towing, same nothing from the brake. I will say the descent braking is the only thing that does work. Empty or towing with exhaust brake switch on or off, it would always downshift as soon as I tap the brakes while going downhill, which is what my 2015 did on level ground with exhaust switch on! My 3500 only has 350 miles on it and I have not towed with it yet. But, I can tell you the switch on or off does not mak
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