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  1. All good options. Wireless charger from Boost Auto is a nice product. I’ve thought about that and doing a wireless CarPlay dongle but don’t want to out in the open hanging from my dash. Worst thing GM did in my opinion putting the data port on the dash vs in the jump seat/console.
  2. I’m going to speculate that you have the console base wiring harness. It appears there are no leads for any of the additional accessories with that harness. I would assume, based on my research of what I need to do, purchase a higher model harness and swap out your existing one. Adding in the in console USB port and in theory, it should work.
  3. Did you add the usb data ports to your center console?
  4. Please keep me posted in this thread if you don’t mind. Fingers crossed it makes everything work.
  5. You’re going to need to reference the parts in my original post. From what I’ve found you should have an original jump seat harness that was present underneath your seat. You then need the new wording lead from the dash usb to the console harness, need to buy, which then plugs into your existing jump seat wiring. The new wiring harness connects then spiders off to other locations, in arm rest usb, wireless charger (if applicable), rear usb (if applicable). I have yet to do any swap this is just the information I’ve compiled along the way. Truthfully I’m ok with keeping my jump seat if I could route the data ports to inside of the arm rest.
  6. Those are definitely cool! However for the use of this truck, I would never use the carpet liner inserts.
  7. That actually makes complete sense. For me it’s a aesthetic thing since it only goes half way across the kick plate. If they would have went completely across I think I may have been ok with it.
  8. I have Weathertech in our Grand Cherokee, I really like them. I was going to just order those for the 22’ but didn’t like how much overhang there is over the kick plate.
  9. I must have missed that. I wonder if it would be possible to just cut the existing wires at the dash and extend the leads to the center console…. I honestly never used the dash ones in my 17’ even my non data port I still had plugged inside of the console.
  10. Ah so you’re on the other spectrum than me. Didn’t realize you had the whole setup less than the unit and the console plug. I can agree hind sight is always 20/20, knowing what may be involved vs what the initial cost is would be worthwhile. Being you have the IO5 and a center console I assume you have the wire that runs from the back of the usb plugs in the dash to your center console. Have you tried any of the non SD card USB data blocks to see if the access would extend?
  11. They stated it on a Facebook post, I didn’t see anything on their site though. I’m honestly ok without upgrading the unit. I mean can you get a LT trimmed truck with the IOR head unit and a center console?
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I had the rubber floors in my 17’, I wish this truck had them as well. I haven’t had carpet in my trucks in years so I’m hoping to not completely destroy it since I do work out of the truck. I posted on one of the Facebook groups and seems everyone likes the Z71s better than the standard Chevrolet liners.
  13. Second request, I’m coming from a 2017 which GM offered an awesome molded mud flap for. Obviously everyone knows that the 2020+ GM doesn’t offer true molded flap like they used to. I have come to terms with ordering either Weathertech or Husky. I am not fond of the Weathertech going so then at the tip but fitment looks near perfect. I like the overall look of the Husky ones, but from the pictures I’ve seen it doesn’t seem like the cutouts for the existing guard are cut right and it would bother the hell out of me. Can anyone confirm if they’re design has rectified this or are they still off slightly. Pictures for reference, First two are Weathertech second are Husky.
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