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  1. Yes bumper will have to be removed since bolts are not accessible
  2. Yes the entry tube has the right hanger just the exit tubes need modifications
  3. Same with passenger side since old hanger wouldn’t work as seen in picture
  4. It’s got a L Bracket with bolt and nut. Hole was already in the frame didn’t drill any new holes
  5. They are welded. I did a diy from hangers sold at auto zone and it worked . I meant to get it fixed properly but been driving like that for almost a year without a problem
  6. It’s doable I did it on my LT Silverado but I swapped the bumper at the same time to one with dual exhaust. Keep in mind that on the driver side there won’t be any hangers to hold it so you will have to support it by yourself. Other than that it’s possible
  7. If anybody needs a kit to complete a swap let me know I’m selling one on eBay or can make a deal on the side. I can help you through the process https://www.ebay.com/itm/224281736946
  8. I just swapped mine from halogen to LED tail lights on my 19 Silverado just tap to the green wire and black wire coming from connector coming from the tail light
  9. Skid plate is 84176756 and lower valance is 84219073 not sure what’s the different from the others so ordered this one and it worked perfectly keep in mind the valance has a $75 Core charge so you can pay for it or get it refunded with the old one
  10. Black part that’s attached to the bumper (Lower Valance) will have to be replaced to be compatible for the chrome skid plate. I did the swap about a month ago and it’s worth it. parts needed to do is the chrome skid plate and the lower valance
  11. All the plastic trims can be removed but you have to remove the bumper completely first to remove the bolts. The lower valance is bolted and the edges are just clipped on
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