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  1. Same I’m still waiting for my tailgate mechanism and mirror replacement
  2. I’m located in Texas but send me your zip code to find out on the shipping price
  3. Got my center console swapped and was a perfect fit so now I have my bench seat with storage available for sale
  4. I’m currently in the process of swapping out my bench seat console to a complete center console on a 2019 Silverado LT so far the process is simple
  5. Highly doubt it reprogramming would be required if just swapping it out to just test it out
  6. That’s awesome but I also did notice it has dual button one for the lower part of the tailgate and the other button for the upper part so will both buttons actually get power?
  7. Found one here locally for 700 with all wiring and hardware but wasn’t sure if the power lift will work since mine only comes with power open
  8. Has anybody swapped out a silverado tailgate with the Denali multiPro one? Will all the electrical wiring be plug and play?
  9. You can rent a T1 from a local Uhaul where I live they already have the new 2019 custom Silverado
  10. Correct most roads don’t have the speed limit updated but the white sign can always be removed in settings if that bothers you
  11. The radio trim with leather sits on top of the trim that goes around the speedometer that’s why it needs to be removed
  12. The actual swap is not so complicated but radio will have to be removed
  13. 150 for the cluster and programming is 299 since it was used
  14. They had it programmed for my Silverado so I’m guessing they used the gauges as the high and country. The Denali cluster was my cheapest option than purchasing a new HC one
  15. Tools Needed 7mm Socket t-15 Torx screw driver flat head to pry off plastics Step 1 remove Radio - Remove Plastic Trim around screen it has 11 Clips -The remove bottom cover by removing the 7mm screw next to driver pedal then pry off the plastic should have 3 clips -remove middle plastic should have 4 clips -remove radio by removing 6 t-15 torx screws 2 located on bottom and 2 on each side - pry off the back leather trim doesn’t have to be completely removed just enough to have room for trim attached to the cluster Step 2 removing trims - remove the top leather trim above the speedometer should have 6 clips - remove side trim next to the driver door that access the fuses - remove 2 T-15 screws that attaches to the switches -remove the 3 7mm screws on the trim in front of the speedometer that are located on top of the trim Step 3 removing cluster -cluster has 4 7mm screws one on each corner -unplug cluster and replace it Step 4 Put everything back together
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