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  1. 19 is supposed to be a one year only steering wheel. The 20-21 are different.
  2. I put the black sumo springs on my 19 2 years ago. They work perfect for what I need. I have them tho with a spacer but I have a 2 inch rear lift. I have these set about 1/2-3/4 from the axle. Normal driving they don't touch. When I haul a ton in the bed it goes down about 1-1.5 inches. Towing they work perfect, I hauled 3-6k on my car trailer. The pic it looks close to the axle but it's because the pics so dark.
  3. I have a less than 2 year icon dynamics stage 4 kit. 2.5 front coilovers with cdcv, tubular control arms, rear 2.5 shocks with cdcv. Not perfect but really nice shape. Can include rear blocks and ubolts. Was set at 3.5 up front and 2 rear. Rides real good but on the firm side. Complete setup is over 4k new. Looking for 3k shipped to the lower 48. Would prefer PayPal if possible, will remove when arrangements are made to purchase.
  4. Been running them on 2 front and rear. I have them turned up to 3.5 up front so they tend to be firmer.
  5. Sorry it been months, I didnt receive any notifications. I bought the gm fog light kit without task lights since my mirrors didn't have em at the time. I did buy the task light switch at a later date tho. The fogs came with the new switch in the kit. The fogs have nothing to do with the task lights working.
  6. They tightened up a good bit, with the warm Temps and sitting in it they pulled nice n tight.
  7. Here's my latest addition to my 19 custom( ltz wanna be). I did the heated clazzio leather kit, came out real nice and really made the seats softer. That with the high country cluster, ltz wheel( everything works) and gm upgraded door pulls really made this into a totally different truck. The pics are from a week ago, now that it's been adjusted and pulled more it fits alot nicer than the pics. I can take newer pics if needed.
  8. I had the stage one kit on my 19 last year , it drove decent but still too firm. I sent the coilovers back, they converted em to stage 4. That's long travel with the compression adjuster. Huge difference..!! Now the stage 4 has tubular control arms and rear reservoir adjustable compression shocks. Here's 3.25 up front and 2 rear with 35s.
  9. I completed this and everything works except the heated wheel. Ordered a high country cluster from whites, wire from harness dr and a wheel from the dealer. Cost me about 1k to complete. Yes that's alot but its really nice..!! Since it's a custom the stereo bezel didn't match, I ordered the silver one to match.
  10. I used the same headlights but I bought em on ebay as low mileage takeoffs. 1200.00 a pair, the grille is the gloss black oem but from ebay too for 400. Then sold the old lights 350 each and the grille for 300. So my swap was 1k plus the harness.
  11. The phone button on mine only works if a calls coming in and u answer or want to hang up. Although I can push the wheel button and the phone won't come on otherwise.
  12. I changed the radio trim to match the steering wheel. Trying now to find the driver n passenger chrome vent part# so it all matches.
  13. The radio doesn't need to be removed, side of dash, top above the cluster, column cover and the vent/headlight switch need to be removed.
  14. Job done in under an hour, all wheel buttons work with the radio and cluster..!!!
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