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  1. I dont have dfm, I have afm since mines a custom 5.3 with a 6spd. I have a range disabler for that so I just have v8 sound. Mines only a 5.3, I dont think they have an atak catback for it. So I choose a s type and its plenty loud enough with no drone and mild in cab noise. Cruise is almost stockish sounding.
  2. I have a used( 5 mo) set of mori moto 2 stroke low beam headlight bulbs. They are h11 with the adapter. Are super bright and enough not to need high beams. These fit under the dust cap perfectly. These are 145 new I'll take 100 shipped to anywhere in the us.
  3. What offset and size are the fuel wheels..? What size tires...?
  4. I think the stock suspention too stiff for the soft shocks causing what you feel. Exactly like said a set of shocks should help. I think a pair of bilsteins in the rear will help a ton and wont break the bank. Or look into the eibach for front and rear, still decent but not super expensive either.
  5. A few months ago I installed a gibson catback, it's already rusty brown and looks awful. Sounds fine just looks bad. So I put the stock exhaust back on with the muffler delete . Well that turned out bad too, honestly it sounded ok but start up and low speeds its sounds awful. Today I installed a borla s-type, fit and finish is perfect. Start up is loud but not as bad as the delete. The tone is really impressive and no drone whatsoever. That's what I get I guess for not just doing it the 1st time.
  6. Sorry I missed this. It's all plug n play with the harness I posted above.
  7. Not to toot my own horn but the borla s-type fit really nice, couldn't of went on any more perfect. The finish is even super nice. Also sounds incredible..! To me it's well worth the money.
  8. Well..lol... I hated the gibson since it turned brown and looked awful so I put the stock pipes on with the muffler delete. I dis like that more than the gibson. At 1st I thought it was good but no, theres no drone but at low speeds it sounds awful and at start up it's stupid loud. So that brings me to where I'm at now and it's with a borla kit. Hopefully that's the right move...!
  9. I was told on the phone that those uca's with the uniball are only good for 15k miles max. They have a different style that has a clearance ball joint they prefer for the daily driver the rep said. So that's why I didnt buy em and just bought a different brand ball joint style for 3 inch and up lifts. I have 400.00 rough countrys but I dont hammer it offroad , its basically a 3 inch lifted daily driver.
  10. That's a toss up, some people like the stock z71 or trailboss suspention. For some ranchos that came on it are fine.. To upgrade to ranchos tho is another story....I don't feel as it's an upgrade but that's only one person's opinion. To sell the stock setup I'd think the trailboss struts would sell pretty decent price wise, the regular ones not so much but i will say selling on ebay many sell that stuff there and make out. Food for thought..... I bought the icon stage one on black friday for 1300, that comes with adjustable coilovers 1.5-3 and rear shocks. I also bought a 1.5 block kit for 80.00. So for less than 1400 and its set at 3 inch up front. Now it doesnt have a smooth plush ride, it's more firm but handles really well.
  11. I'm opposite all this..lol. I would not pay 1200 bucks for white shitty ranchos...no offense to anyone. For a lil more you can get coilovers up front and a block kit with shocks for the rear. Plus it's easy to do.
  12. I agree the kings and fox may ride nice but I will say the icons really aren't that bad. It rides firm but not rough, I also have lt 8 ply tires. A softer tire will makes it pretty close to stock. Mines turned up to 3 inch and is really nice.
  13. I removed the gibson catback today and put my stock exhaust with the muffler delete. At 1st it was a test as I was unsure how it was going to be. My expectations were it was going to be loud and sound bad.. well at idle cold it sounds like a vette and warm its quieter than I thought. Revved up on the other hand it sounds horrible but I'm not 16 anymore and dont rev my vehicles like that anyway. On the road it gets louder with throttle and doesn't drone like the gibson did, actually sounds better than I thought. So I ended up welding the pipe in. So far so good, I kinda like the tone, didnt seem to loose power or response either.
  14. I just went thru this, I bought a 2 inch drop for my car trailer from tractor supply. I did buy the 10k rated version which is solid steel. It worked out pretty well, It's a little nose high empty but loaded it sat perfect. So my truck has 295 60 20s with an 1.5 rear block..
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