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  1. I have a few items for sale. Rough country uca's 5k miles 275.00 2 inch rough country leveling kit 50.00 1 inch motofab lower spacer 25.00 1.5 block with u bolts 60.00 Icon dynamics 2.0 rear shocks for 0-2 inch lift. 150.00 All prices are shipped to the lower 48. Can send pics if needed.
  2. Black exhaust tips installed today, pretty easy to do. Remove the plastic steps in the corners of the bumper and you can get in with a ratchet. Smoked license plate cover, color matched tailgate handle cover( hard to tell in the pic).
  3. Coilovers came back, the added cdcv reservoir is really nice. The control arms with delta joint are way nicer than the rc arms. I adjusted it to 3 inch and put a 2 inch rear block. I ordered rear 2.5 reservoir with cdcv. It will now be a stage 4 complete kit. Removed the license plate and added the trail boss gloss black grill.
  4. I dont currently have em, fedex does and I should c them Thursday. At 3 inches of lift or 41 inches i had 5/8 of threads. I ended up backing the collar off further and added a moto fab lower 1/2 inch block that gave it an inch. It rode smoother instead of it being cranked.
  5. This a gmc..? On my chevy with 33s mine was 38 stock, on 35s now with a 3 inch its 41 1/4. That's from the ground to the fender lip.
  6. Make sure that shop you pick icon is ok with it so you don't void their so called warranty. Driver n passenger should be the same shock. To sell it without the spring is prob not worth it anyway, it's a regular eibach and probably an 80.00 spring.
  7. Do you have your stock struts..? I put a leveling kit on mine to get by till next week.. I can loan you it to help you out. My icons are in perfect shape, no leaks. I just didn't like the ride at 3 inch lift. So I called about revalving them and the tech said an upgrade also will help...i went right with his idea.
  8. Actually sent mine back last week, only 5k on them. They ride too firm cranked up. So along with revalving them I had them redone to stage 3/4 with the reservoir and cdcv. They have real good customer service and will take care of you.
  9. What lift heigth are you at with this pic..? Hopefully since my wheels are 1/2 less offset I can make em clear with 1/4 spacers.
  10. Perfect, thankyou for taking the time to put up the pics. I think I'll trim my droop stops off too. My coilovers are on their way back fedex. Now are stage 3, should be interesting.
  11. Did you have any cv shaft binding after you cut them off at full droop..? Im thinking ill cut mine off too. What wheels are you running, how much room do these uca's give..? I hope my wheels clear.
  12. I asked about the droop stop, if you aren't going to do any excessive offloading like jumping it you don't need to trim them off.
  13. I have the icons since November, the stage one's are too firm for these Pennsylvania fine roads. Lol. When i bought these they were the only company besides cst that made coilovers for these trucks. With already having them i just wanted em revalved since its free but when they suggested the cdcv I decided why not. I have the rear 2.0 icon shocks now with 1.5 blocks. Upfront an upper rc 2 inch level with a lower motofab 1 inch. That way it sits the same as the icons did temporarily. Prob 2-3 weeks at most. The kings on my 2500hd were a real pain, the springs sagged and the valving sucked. Accutune set me up with better valving and eibach springs for them. But these i could do myself instead of mailing them. Superlift 6-7.5 on my hd was flawless for over 10 years, id buy from that company anytime.
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