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  1. 2 inch readylift. 295 60 20 wildpeaks, which are a 34-11.50-20. Plenty of room, I honestly think 35-11.50 -20s would fit with minor trimming.
  2. 4 inch looks great, what's used in the rear and is their a diff spacer in that kit..??
  3. Just dont run the 10ply tire at 50lbs plus air pressure. Run in the 35 range, mess with the pressure some to see if they feel too squishy or still good on the road. For instance I have 295 60 20 wildpeaks, at 45 they are still. I have em at 34 and they are much better.
  4. Let some air out of those tires, 32-35 and you will notice a huge difference.
  5. Looks great..!! I'm looking forward at doing mine, tracking shows next week. I ordered the icon stage 1. I have 295 60 20s now which are a 34, I hope they dont look too small.
  6. Looks awesome with a 6 inch, I'd like to go that big but won't. After having a 2500hd with a 7 inch for the last 15 years it would be too hard to use it as a truck.
  7. Looks great...! You can go bigger than that, I have now with a 2 inch level 295-60-20s which is a 34. I bet 35s fit with no problem at all.
  8. I totally understand the big lift theory.. My 4 door jeep has a 2.5 inch lift and 35 inch duratracs. My 03 2500hd has 7 inch tho and 37s which is cool but useless. Its 4 linked and straight axled tho. The smaller vehicle goes everywhere the big ones goes and more. So the big lift idea is kinda dumb if you want to daily drive it and use it as a truck. That all was part of the reason I only wanted 3-3.5 at most. Probably sticking with 3 inch so I'm not pushing the limits of the cv's.
  9. I ended up yesterday ordering icon dynamics stage one kit. Its 2.5 coilovers and 2.0 shocks. Also ontop of that a moto fab 1 inch rear block, not sure will that be enough tho, may need the 1.5. Finally a set of rough country forged control arms, depends if I go 3 inches or not will I need these. As soon as these get here they will be put on, not sure how long this stuff takes right now. With the holiday and ground shipping who knows..lol
  10. That tire size is stock on many trucks that come with 20's.
  11. Looks great, I was just looking for info on this lift. It rides better than stock..?? How are the bilstein on the rear compared to the ranchos you had..?
  12. I see adjustable struts aren't available and coilovers are 1k or more. Coilovers are probably the best way to go. I know the kings on my hd have been awesome for years. I did see fox has 2 inch also that are a decent price. I never had icons or anything from CST so I'm not sure how their shocks are. I'm curious tho now how the spacer inside the strut and the spacer on top rides with the uca's. Is it worth picking up the stock rancho struts to do this too instead of the low end stock black ones..? This all has me thinking. Is it better to put bilstein on the rear with the block or the oil filled cheaper shocks.. so the ride isn't too firm.
  13. Staying with the 275 the width will stay right at 10.7-11. The sidewall the middle # just makes it taller. Looks like the 275 75 17 is 3/4 of an inch taller which realistically is 3/8 of an inch all the way around bigger . Turn full lock and measure to see what u have. You will know for sure then. (Their was a post with 275 65 20s that they drove it home from the tire shop b4 it was leveled with no rub.) For instance I leveled my 19 custom. Stocks like what u have 275 60 20s. I did a 295 for a little more width, its an inch taller and an inch wider. I have plenty of room. I could of fit bigger for sure but it would rub.
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