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  1. I thought about this kit since it had longer cv shaft. Went icon instead, that kit installed was more than my icon kit when I looked.
  2. Looks real good, hows the ride with the ranchos compared to stock..??
  3. I just did this mirror upgrade, was about a 20 min job and the worst was getting the glue off the plug. It works perfectly, I have to say thanks guys for figuring this out..!!
  4. All cleaned up, ready 4 Saturdays snow fall. Heres the newest if the stance with the side steps.
  5. The gm auto dimming mirror went easy, the plug was glued to the roof. Few torx screws and the jobs done. Mirror was plug n play and works perfect. The mud flaps I used gm part # 84649174, larger rear mud flaps. These fit perfect and cover pretty well.
  6. These should work on a trail boss, I dont see why they wouldn't. Set at 2 inch will be what u have now. Set at 3.5 will give you 1.5 more than now. Way cheaper at poly performance tho, I bought the stage one for 1375 black friday, cheapest I could find them.
  7. Installed hdx stainless steps. I needed something to help people get in before they tear the grab handle off..lol. yes its dirty, pa winter time sucks. Also will be doing the auto dimming rearview mirror and gm rear mud flaps friday
  8. Just drove mine on a 400 mile trip, on the way back the ck engine light came on with the cruise control light. I stopped by the dealer today and it's a brake issue. It was just programmed to the latest program last week when they did the recalls. They ordered another module. For now it all works fine, I'll be notified when it comes in.
  9. Not sure how these struts are but I have a rc lift on my 13 wrangler and the n3 shocks sucked. I had them on for a few hundred miles and sold em.
  10. Westin hdx, yes its dirty. 200 miles in the snow, salt etc..!!
  11. Its 3 inch up front and 1.5 in the rear. To me it sits perfect.
  12. I dont have the at3 or trail boss but I do have a custom with the icon stage 1 set at 3 inches. It rides pretty firm but not in a bad way. Has 295-60-20s
  13. Addictive desert designs bumper really nice but over 2k.
  14. It's a gm kit, comes with a new dash switch. To me it was a pain in the ass to do. The fog lights them selves just bolt on where the covers are on the lower valance. The wiring on the other hand you run a wire from the left side of the truck to the right, thru a grommet behind the glove box and out the firewall. Then open up the fuse panel and add the rest. Then it has to be dealer programmed to work.
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