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  1. 35 12.50 20 km3s load range e, pressures set at 35 psi. These ride nice and smooth and for now are quiet. They do rub on the mud flap at about 3/4 turn to full lock. Also tinted the mirror lights and the amber headlight corner lights.
  2. 35 11.50 20. Is 34.7 x 11.2 285 65 20. Is 34.8x11.5 You have 295 65s. 35.1 x 11.7 So to stay a tire around that size the 285 65 would do but will it help with only being 1/2 inch narrower and a little more than 3/8 of an inch shorter After that is 295 60 20 but thats still 11.7 wide but only 34 tall. I run those now with a 3 inch.
  3. I have an 8k smittybilt on my car trailer, 10k superwinch on the jk, 12k superwinch on my 83 and a superwinch on my 18 year old king quad..lol. i have never had a problem with any of them. 4 wheeler magazine did an article comparing the badland winch to the rest and it was rated really good..!
  4. Supposedly the trailboss cv shaft is part # 84554912 measurements are 22.661 to 24.211. 2.45 travel My custom stock shafts on rock auto are #84554913 measurements are 25.260 to 25.551. .300 travel Doesn't make sense, trailbosses are shorter with more travel..?? Alot shorter tho, over an inch which seems wrong.
  5. Any of you guys swap to trailboss cv shafts for the extra length..?
  6. since these are adjustable what heigth can they go to. I take it threaded down like in the pic is for a 6 inch, but would they work for a 4 inch turned up to the top..??
  7. I read and heard 100 things, the comments are hilarious. No it doesn't add power, no it won't remove all the laziness, no its not a complete tune. What it is tho is what it says, pedal commander. With electronic throttle pedal it changes the frequency making the throttle touchy and responsive. I have one and its on sport +, it made throttle real responsive( thats it). I enjoyed it so i kept it. That with the range afm disabler makes it really nice to drive. For sure i will do a complete tune when places start doing it. Probably better off buying another pcm, spending the money for it and tuning that one. That way the original was never flashed. For how the gm warranty is it might be a better idea. On the other hand 5 star tuning has a hand held that now tunes the 5.3 with afm and the 6spd. Only the custom trucks basically.
  8. I can't see how it hurts the ride putting shorter blocks in. If removed totally id have to make sure the driveshaft isn't going in the transfer case to far or that the shocks arent bottoming out rolling up the highway. The rear shocks don't have a ton of travel. Would be easier to put an inch up front under the strut, less than a 1/2 inch spacer. Its only a small amount and won't affect much. Just needs to be aligned afterwards.
  9. I figured out how to make the lights work in the mirrors, they can be turn signal or come on when you unlock it. Between the doors there's a cap. It has a bunch of terminals in that spot. I'd imagine it would be better when you unlock or use the cab light. Thinking about it, its not going to be easy to make the light color match the led turn signals.
  10. I would wait and see how tuning goes and see if anyone can do it. You know they are trying to get it done. Part of the reason the pcm deal is so much is because at the moment they are the only one. Also tho look at other options too, the magnuson 2300 and the whipple make some super nice efficient stuff. I have a 2300 on my 408 stroker and its pretty bad ass..lol. My 5.3 needs something but I'd rather wait till the warranty is up.
  11. That's why I didn't buy them, its gonna take a switch, both mirrors and a harness to even try it. That's a few hundred bucks that could be for nothing.
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