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  1. I have the icon stage 4 with the tubular control arms, I didnt cut the stops off. When I put my truck on the lift, the suspension hangs and doesn't get that close to need to cut em off.
  2. I went to bfg km3, 35 12.50 20. I run 34psi in them, so far they wear ok but they do have noise but for an aggressive tire they aren't as bad as you would think. I just reached 7500 miles with them and can't complain at all, it did awesome in the 20 plus inches if snow we had
  3. Exactly why I said that its usually with bigger tires. Like you said, stock running a 50lb tire and now an 80lb tire. Thats a big difference. Plus people with stock trailbosses and at4 trucks do have those problems but it was with bigger tires and who knows with what kind of punishment..lol.. There was a few on Facebook, they don't cry as much tho since its warranty work. They don't have cv problems tho since they have different lengths. I'm not arguing here who knows more, I'm out after this. I just put pics up and things I've seen. I'm not the guy to put a 12.00 leveling kit on my 40k dollar truck, especially seeing those pics. Each their own...carry on, thankyou.
  4. https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-forged-aluminum-upper-control-arms-29501.html Look down the bottom, it says 3-3.5 lift. These i had to use a 1/4 spacer to clear 295 60 20s. The ball joint was 1/8 inch away from the sidewall. I do think tho there is plenty of other companies around that price range.
  5. I think the rc arms are setup for the 3-3.5 lift range last I looked at them. I actually had them last year with my icon stage 1. With those it aligned fine at 2.5 inches of lift. I sold them when I sent my icon back to be converted to stage 4. The rc arms are really nice for the money
  6. I sent the last 4 pics, 2 with a regular truck with a 2 inch and 2 bosses. That's a few, you do what u think u should do. Its just ones opinion.
  7. 20 trailboss, lift kit to put the ball joint still at stock angle.. that didn't work.
  8. There are so many on Facebook with problems with those arms from everything besides stock. Most of it tho is with the bigger tire like 35s. If you never seen how bad a blown upper ball joint or one ripped off the arm looks you might want to. If it was me it would be a piece of mind to just do ucas.
  9. Thanks Duramax3oh...! Yes I do, I have the stage 4 setup. With the tubular control arms 2.5 coilovers and 2.5 rear shocks with the adjuster. They are really nice, it rides firm but not harsh. I do tho have it turned up to 3 inch tho. I keep the fronts on setting 2 and the rears at the softest setting until I pull my car trailer and then I set them at 5.
  10. You will love these headlights.!! The resistors are mounted on the metal brace next to the headlight. If you look you can barely see them when you look under the hood. The wire isn't super long for them so that was about the only place to put em. My gm fog light kit plugs in just like the bowtie so you shouldn't have a problem. It plugs in between the passenger light and the harness.
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