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  1. Heres the fronts, actual right now pics.
  2. Pm me if your interested, I don't get why I don't get notifications. Sorry
  3. Boost automotive just came out with the wireless phone charger for the both style consoles, look at their directions on how they wire it. It may help you with what you need.
  4. No, ran power to it and the switch doesn't light up and the wheel doesn't work.... sorry... its a shame since everything else works.
  5. Went for breakfast at a firehouse, that's their parking lot and yes that are has a few fields that way.
  6. I did a few changes in the last few weeks, I picked up a set of gm new trailboss ranchos, trailboss cv shafts, 2.0 trailboss leveling kit , 2.5 rear blocks and xl9000 rear shocks. Removing the icon stuff wasn't the original idea but the current setup rides pretty nice and it looks good. Yes it handled and felt more controlled with the icons but its pretty soft and smooth now.
  7. Well jimbo, I dunno what to tell you. I never looked at how the stuff that already works worked...lol. I just know what I needed to do to get what didn't work to work...lol
  8. They operate separately, so does the heated wheel. You need to run a wire from the cluster harness plug to the clock spring. Also need tho a better cluster if you have a custom.
  9. This stuff is off the truck and boxed, just removed last night. ill get pics asap. If interested make an offer, thanks for looking.
  10. Food for thought on this subject. No need to remove them, your sway bar won't let the front end fall that far anyway. Even with the extended coilovers you can put your finger in the gap from the icon uca to the stop. Even hanging on a lift without the wheels when you unbolt the extended coilover the lower arm falls 3/8 of an inch. Still no where near the stops.
  11. Not to sound bad or anything but I haul 2 sit on fishing kayaks with the tailgate down. I ratchet strap them to the bed front and rear. I only go 50 miles at most and it works for me. I would think one that goes in the hitch to support them while in the bed would be perfect for longer trips. I was actually going to build one out of 2 inch square tube.
  12. The factory gm kit you unplug the right headlight and it plugs in between the 2. So your idea with the headlight fuse would probably work fine.
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