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  1. Your VIN never changes. It's assigned to the vehicle as it is built and designates certain things about it as it was built and where it was built. That never changes, even if your parts are changed. Axles are not represented in the VIN.
  2. Mine is worse. Toddler grabbed my keys and dropped the tailgate while the garage door was down. I came outside, slapped the door opener and started to load her into the carseat when I realized I kept feeling a slight bump and hearing some rubbing noise at same time. By the time I climbed out of the back seat the door was past and I have a nice gouge in the paint there. Thankfully the aluminum doesn’t rust.
  3. Pretty sure the exhaust is 2.75". Mine is and GM's used that width for their small block V8's since the late 90's.
  4. So it's just sucking in hot, dirty, underhood air? Pass. Factory air intake and all the good aftermarket ones are sealed in and sucking in cooler external air for a reason.
  5. Anyone have a part number for the EGR slim line in channels for a crew cab?
  6. Bolt on. You can do it with hand tools and a jack or strong friend.
  7. With my trailer I had to dial the gain WAY back to 1.5%. Works fine now.
  8. I have had good luck with the weight of the truck pushing down on it and the impact going to town. If you are asking how to reassemble a completely apart strut and coil Then yes, you will need some spring compressors.
  9. True but that’s not super common. Especially with GM traditionally being high geared stock.
  10. Transmission doesn’t matter. As long as the signal is corrected for the actual wheel speed after tire and gearing changes it sees nothing different.
  11. Parts are many hundreds of dollars depending on if you need bearings, races, seals, etc. Labor ranges from a couple hundred and beer (you know a guy) to over a grand (shop prices).
  12. Don't know about fitment on the new body style but I had some Opt 7 Fluxbeam X lows in my 2011 Silverado and loved them. Got them in early 2018 and then put them in my wife's 2017 Yukon last year when we got the 2019 Silverado and still doing great.
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