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  1. Search/look around on here. There's guys running 285/295's but I'm not sure about much wider. May run into it rubbing on the inside issues.
  2. Bingo...I think. I put a new battery in the remote Friday. No honking since. Kind of shocked the battery in a one year old remote went dead so quickly but whatever.
  3. I'd be interested in one if anyone else has an extra.
  4. Makes me miss living in San Diego. All the automotive and off-roading companies there.
  5. In theory no...but if you truly want the front TB kit then it is part of it. anybody have better pica of those bump stop brackets?
  6. 2nd fob is in safe in other end of the house. Where is the designated fob pocket? remote works fine otherwise.
  7. Dunno. I set it back to on when I got to work and will change it back to off later. Maybe that will stop it.
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