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  1. The shocks won’t affect your GVWR or weight carrying capacity in any way.
  2. The problem that most people have is that the phones actual ringer volume is set very low and remains so even after you get out of the vehicle.
  3. That doesn’t fix the phone’s ringer volume dropping every time it hooks up to the truck.
  4. It’s not exactly the same but look into the Tyger Star Armor bars. I have a set and like them. Mounting points are actually better than the GM bars. Price is about half what the GM bars are.
  5. Like mine. Came with the truck. Next best thing to just having a vinyl floor.
  6. Put a set of those on mine last week. Liking them so far.
  7. We are sort of benefiting from GM stringing the TH700R4/4L60E family of 4 speed OD autos along for most of 3 decades. They learned that it wasn’t strong enough for heavy duty use and increasing power levels by the early 90’s but kept half ass upgrading it into the 4L65E/4L70E etc. Engines got more powerful and people expected more towing capability out of a half ton. Finally GM quietly admitted defeat and introduced the 6L80E 6 speed in the late 2000’s. Ten years before GM would have considered a transmission of it’s capabilities to be a 3/4 ton or 1 ton transmission. Now we have the 8L90E with two OD gears, a deep 1st, and intended to tow up to 1x,xxx-lbs on a Max Tow equipped truck behind a 355-hp engine. GM learned it needed to beef up it’s transmissions. Parts got bigger. Shifts are more pronounced. This is a good thing.
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