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  1. If you are good at fabing you could transplant the rear suspension from a Yukon or Tahoe or Suburban but for that much work you could also come up with a long travel 4 link. Give it a while and I bet Kellerman or someone has an air bag and links setup. $$$$$$ though. Could always get Atlas or Deaver to make some long travel leafs. Lose some carrying capacity but sounds like that’s not your main concern.
  2. There ought to be a few different programs/settings In the computer since the different tire sizes are noticeably different. That said...check your actual speed vs the speedo. I’ve seen more than a few vehicles over the years where the factory speedo was off with the stock tires. I once heard years ago that GM considered a 5% speedo variance ok. Not sure on that though.
  3. I was also told I was a peasant for expressing my experiences so don’t feel bad. Local dealers in Western Kentucky have repeatedly shown my wife, FIL, and I that they don’t want our business. Lackluster offers and higher prices than we can get elsewhere. I’ll drive 10 hours round trip to save $8,000. They just figure we’ll stay local rather than drive so far. Jokes on them.
  4. Yes sir. I and my other peasant friends will be quiet sir. Sorry sir. Didn’t mean to offend sir. Beggin’s ya pardins sir.
  5. Clearly you have a negative view of the’19 plus trucks and GM as a whole. why are you here again?
  6. Behavior like that can get a dealer in trouble since your warranty is with GM, not the dealer. The dealer is an independent contractor that is not actually owned by GM. To do business with GM they sign contracts on what to do and not to do. Violating that can result in GM penalizing them. It happens. I live in Western KY. Local dealers are small and have a, “where else are you going to get it?”, attitude as if you can’t leave and buy elsewhere. My ‘19, my wife’s Yukon, my FIL’s ‘19 Ram 1500, and my previous ‘11 Silverado were all purchased out of state 3 or more hours away because the cheaper price was worth the trip. Local dealer still had ‘18’s on their lot two months ago for more than I paid for my ‘19.
  7. I bought mine 5 hours out from home. Beat any deal I could get locally by about $8000 minimum. All GM dealers have to honor the warranty no matter where you bought it.
  8. Hmmmm. Like that. Have to decide where to put it. did you drill and mount it?
  9. How are those switched? Factory light switch or something added on?
  10. Tint. I had them put a strip on the top of the windshield too. Sooo much nicer now.
  11. Sounds like he’s full of shit. The 6L80E is a 3/4 ton spec trans by any old measure. GM just finally learned from 25 or so years of 700R4/4L60E/4L65E/4L70E mediocrity to just upgrade to a stronger transmission from the start. If you were talking cam, heads, blower or turbo, etc you might eventually get to where you’re stressing things with hundreds of additional horsepower but what you’ve listed won’t even be 100hp. You’ll be fine.
  12. Not really any more. Anything over 33” is over $200 per tire and if it’s name brand it just goes higher faster.
  13. Have you contacted Mastercraft/Cooper? I bet this would interest them.
  14. Tradition and perspective. A light duty is pretty much anything on this site. Medium duty is the 4500 series and up to where you require a CDL.
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