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  1. Literally no well built offroad truck for fun, work, or racing runs anything but monotubes. Same for anything road performance oriented. He’s on the right path.
  2. Comparing those Fox shocks he's getting to Rancho 9000's is like comparing a kite to a jet fighter. Yeah they both fly in the sky but are they all that similar?
  3. The rear blocks are the exact same. 1500's and 2500/3500's use 2.5" wide leaf springs with single center pins.
  4. Nope. 5100 is basically the stainless steel bodied version of the 4600 that is available in lifted sizes also.
  5. Keep in mind that the front suspensions on these trucks are the same between the regular and TB/AT4 trucks. Only difference is the struts and CV shafts. That means you could go up 2” and still be the same as a factory Trail Boss in terms if geometry and alignment.
  6. Several listed here: https://www.carid.com/2020-gmc-sierra-off-road-front-bumpers/?filter=1&field[61][1]=Yes
  7. Is the vehicle on a humped/curved driveway or road? If the vehicle is leaning to the right slightly (passenger side down hill) this could cause what you are seeing. Also, GM could be finally beefing up the driver's side suspension a bit like the Japanese have done for decades to accommodate the fact that the driver is often the only interior weight in the vehicle while it is operating. With no one in the vehicle this often makes that side sit high.
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