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  1. 305 will be 12-12.5” wide so not really skinny.
  2. Yes you would still need an alignment. The suspension is being disassembled so a new alignment is needed.
  3. What he said. A good muffler shop will weld in the muffler of your choice for a couple hundred. That keeps the factory exhaust system which is actually pretty good quality and build.
  4. Any good exhaust shop would put the 3 inch muffler of your choice under your truck for a couple hundred bucks tops.
  5. Whatever they did to mine fixed it. No noise since November and I drive 300+ highway miles every week and used to hear it every day when I got off the highway.
  6. Check your exhaust flapper(s). My wife’s Yukon was doing something similar. Was the flapper valve in front of the muffler. Removed it. No more noise.
  7. Modern exhaust is a stainless steel (but not shiny), mandrel bent, well designed system. Replacing it with most of the modern cat back systems is a waste.
  8. Go farther back. If you lift from towards the center/rear of the front doors it lifts fine and gives you a lot more height up front.
  9. Reverse lights don’t need any kind of special version.
  10. That’s how I’d do it. Run it through the “hook” and then the end of the strap. NEVER use D rings, hooks, or chains (either solely or at the end of a strap) to pull a stuck vehicle as the metal object at the end of the strap or cable can become a deadly projectile if something breaks.
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