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  1. H11 are low beams and the 9005 are the highs.
  2. I don’t understand why steps hang down so low either. I don’t offroad near as much as I used to any more but clearance beneath the steps concerns me. However I also fail to see the point in that comment. It’s someone else’s vehicle. Let them do with it what they wish.
  3. 33" tires on LT?

    The truck is the same height no matter which wheel was installed on it from the factory. Also remember the people at tire stores, parts stores, 4 x 4 stores, and online retailers are probably not subject matter expert‘s on your exact Vehicle.
  4. If it bothers you enough you could put a longer drain hose on and route it clear of stuff. I’ve had to do that on other vehicles.
  5. Throttle body spacers literally do nothing on vehicles with fuel injectors at the cylinders. Been worthless since the mid 90’s.
  6. A - get some accurate measurements. Garage height and your truck. Also your tires and what you want to run. That way you know for sure how much height you have to play with. B - do you want to actually lift it or just run bigger tires? You could fit at least a 2” taller 33” tire stock. That would likely clear the garage without issue since your height only goes up half the diameter increase.
  7. Is the ground wherever you’re noticing this perfectly level?
  8. Good LED’s work fine. $20 generic parts store bulbs do not.
  9. I will say I saw it in Michigan. All that salt and chloride did numbers on that newish vehicle you still owed 5 digits on. My ‘11 has no body rust and minor surface rust here and there on the frame and suspension. Still surprises me when I climb under it.
  10. I solved that issue. Left Michigan and moved south.
  11. Yes, the wheel wells are bigger than the previous generations.
  12. Have a front on view of those?
  13. GM Torque Specs

    Tried AllData.com? i use that for my vehicles but don’t know if they have the ‘19’s in there yet.
  14. Have any closer pics of how those mount? Any side view pics?

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