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  1. Found it on the app. Still not used to having a vehimicul this smert.
  2. I know...so technical... How do I figure this out? Put my wife and I’s phones on 2 weeks ago when I bought it but now I’m scratching my head trying to figure it out for my kid’s tablet.
  3. Huh. Small world. Lived in Lexington 09-14 and now in Paducah.
  4. Ranch Hand. Westin is built for guys who want a brush guard. Ranch Hand is built for guys who need a brush guard.
  5. “My old truck has had 3 major failures of the same part in 107,000 miles but I don’t like the new truck because change is bad and GM didn’t personally consult me.” Gotcha. Thanks.
  6. I can’t imagine spending the $1000 or so on a Borla system just to replace factory stainless steel mandrel bent pipe. That’s a lot of money for more noise and no performance gains.
  7. Shhhh... ...trying to poke the troll... ...poke poke poke...
  8. Huh. Have to put a magnet on mine when I get home. For the record I like how mine rides. Coming from a 2011 1500 4x4 with Bilstein 5100’s on all corners the ride isn’t as planted but it’s not bad. That said...43,000 more miles or so and the Bilsteins go on.
  9. I noticed mine drips down under the center and not the passenger side. GM do something different with the downspout?
  10. When I lived in Northern Michigan where snow meant feet of it falling at a time (no joke, they didn’t start plowing until 4” had accumulated on the ground) I always ran aggressively sipes mud terrains. Big voids and lugs to dig through the deep snow and lots of sipes and softer rubber to grab the slick stuff. Worked great. Even bought my own siping/grooving knife. That said, if your snowfall isn’t that severe you want more ice and slick road traction. Best solution for me was to move south. In Western Kentucky last winter I think we got 3” of snow all winter. Could have used drag slicks.
  11. Because it doesn’t always ring. Mine has done this. My phone vibrates so luckily I noticed that.
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