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  1. What he said. You’re looking at custom made wheels or the WT package steel wheels painted white.
  2. Lots of guys on here have added blocks to them. Seems to work fine. I plan on doing it with mine.
  3. They’d work. Your speedo would register fast though.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/JDM-ASTAR-Extremely-Bright-Reverse/dp/B00MUF1APW I’ve had good luck with this brand’s LED reverse lights. I just wish they were bigger like the 3047’s in my 2011. Those put out more light just due to being physically larger.
  5. I agree. That bypass hose sitting down there like that would make me nervous.
  6. I would bet physically they would bolt up. It would make financial sense for GM to have as much commonality as possible other than the actually physically different parts.
  7. Remember back in the day factory exhausts were narrow, crimp bent, and not always stainless. Cat backs improved all of that. Now? Not so much. I plan on replacing muffler and eliminating the flapper and that’s it.
  8. No reason you can’t. Blocks will go under them and standard rear springs will bolt in place of them.
  9. Z71. I just can’t comprehend not having 4lo in a 4x4 truck.
  10. Yes and it will help correct what you are describing.
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