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  1. Pretty sure since it's a defect from GM you can complain to them and get it fixed the correct way if the body shop the dealership is sending you to is wishy washy about it.
  2. It's still a defect from GM. It's up to them to fix it for you under warranty. If their body shop won't do it they need to send it to a place that will. There's lots of body shops out there that can do world class paint jobs FAR, FAR better than anything that ever rolled off an assembly line. If they can't fix it correctly someone else can.
  3. Jones 3” 24” case straight through muffler. Removed the flapper. Still have it at home if this thing drones but I don’t think it will.
  4. What, you mean my vehicle might not always be 100% perfect? It's just a simple thing with tens of thousands of moving parts! Has amazed me how many people making those comments about lemon lawing a vehicle seem to have been through that process multiple times. Sorta like divorce...happens once it's life...happens multiple times then it's you.
  5. Had a fuse question. Reinvestigated my sources and found the answer. Couldn't figure out how to delete the post on my phone.
  6. Wrong. The struts on the TB/AT4 place the coil spring mount 2” higher.
  7. Neither. That assembly is the CV shaft/axle. You buy it as one unit. The stub shaft is the short axle shaft that goes from the differential to the end of the axle where the Cv shaft attaches. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,2020,silverado+1500,5.3l+v8,3444633,drivetrain,axle+shaft,10439
  8. Maybe. However the GM fix and attempts weren’t about the cv shafts but the stub axles inside the diff. They replaced my driver’s side stub shaft and it fixed it. Still using original CV’s.
  9. The noise doesn’t come from the CV shafts. It comes from the axle stub shafts inside the front axle.
  10. I can't confirm that. I do think that they must have changed something internally on the AAM Co made front axles since it seems like the ring and pinion from the 14-18 trucks won't work. The new GM front axles are not supported by the aftermarket yet.
  11. Take a look at your front diff. About ten years ago GM went from the split diff style front IFS diffs they had been using to a more conventional (looks like a rear diff with a removable cover) diff. I believe the ring gear changed then as well. Starting in 2019, after the AAM Co rear axle vibration issue the 14-18 trucks suffered from, GM has started making their own axles again as well as using some AAM Co axles. That's where the change is. These axles can be regeared just like any other axle. The aftermarket just hasn't started making gears for the front yet. The rear axles are pretty much the same internally since 2014.
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