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  1. That’s how I’d do it. Run it through the “hook” and then the end of the strap. NEVER use D rings, hooks, or chains (either solely or at the end of a strap) to pull a stuck vehicle as the metal object at the end of the strap or cable can become a deadly projectile if something breaks.
  2. CFR was our nemesis. Still have a H&HS Miramar CFR magnet that I acquired in a raid. I was in Miramar ‘98-01. El Toro was closing in ‘98 as I got there. Helped in the unit moves to Miramar. I doubt they’re “welded”. Do wonder if maybe the carrier and ring gear are one piece? Have to find an exploded diagram.
  3. Yes. The 9.5” 12 bolt most of the 1500’s have is just a refreshed 9.5” 14 semi floater. Parts swap between them. Meanwhile the 9.76” ring gear is just the biggest ring gear you can fit in the same housing. So you could “step down” to the 9.5” ring gear and get lower gears and lockers for the rear. The front...maybe he used an older half or 3/4 ton IFS front axle adapted over? They had lower gears available. Semper Fi! Former 7011 Expeditionary Airfield Technician / Aircraft Recovery Technician here. Ran the arresting gear at MCAS Miramar and did a few exercises at 29 Stumps.
  4. AutoZone! PowerBuilt Strut Coil Compressor (autozone.com)
  5. I personally believe a lot of it is this. I think a lot of people are so used to the barely functional lighting systems that we in North America have had for decades that they see any kind of bright light and start flashing. We used to trundle along with yellow, dimly lit, poorly wired, barely performing lights and now we have actual white light producing LED and other high output lights. Even when aimed properly these people see it and freak out. I drive to work and back in the dark half the year and have for years. It was worse when I lived up north. I appreciate my bright, well aimed, lights. Wish they had a wider throw but that's a different issue I can fix.
  6. There’s a TSB so if your truck is exhibiting the shudder they will do the fluid flush and refill mentioned. Had mine done a few months ago and it solved the 70mph shake/shudder.
  7. Any more details? Your post isn't very specific. Model of truck, configuration, speed at the bumps, any modifications, wheels/tires/etc?
  8. They make fancy pliers for the rubber hangars but I've had good luck with some kind of lube and regular pliers.
  9. If you can get the truck up in the air with the rear axle drooped down then you might be able to get the exhaust out as one piece. Then you could possibly sell it. If not, try to cut it around the axle somewhere that someone else could put a band clamp on it or easily weld it back together. If you’re just trashing it unbolt it at the front and chop away. Sawzalls are fun!
  10. Sounds like mud tire noise. As you get up to speed the other noises become more noticeable and the tire noise fades into the background. The Duratracs being a less aggressive and road friendly design help limit it. I’ve had extreme off-road tires that would about shake your fillings out at low speeds and then howl at the moon as you went faster.
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