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  1. Flowmaster

    It’s about the loudest they have except for a full-on race muffler. Look around on YouTube. Lots of 5.3 exhaust vids on there. See what you like. If my muffler ever bites it I’m replacing it with a 3” stainless 26” Jones muffler. Straight through for the most flow but long so not loud and barky.
  2. Flowmaster

    A 40 series is NOT quiet. Someone was messing with you.
  3. 3 inch Lift

    Trail Boss/AT4 suspension is basically just a leveling kit. So a 6” lift would probably only result in about 4” of lift over the stock TB/AT4 suspension. Also, a lot of lift kits reuse the stock front struts of regular trucks. Problem is the TB/AT4 has a different strut setup so the lift probably wouldn’t work unless you went with the expensive new coil over option up front.
  4. I believe they come from the factory with synthetic now.
  5. GM 2” lift

    Probably the Trail Boss spec suspension can’t handle the weight that the Max Tow suspension can. Lifted suspension and towing optimized suspension are different things.
  6. GM 2” lift

    Doubt it. Track width is only minorly different at 2” of lift. It’s the CV’s operating at steeper angles part that is the issue.
  7. GM 2” lift

    Likely the larger angle the shafts are operating at.
  8. re-gearing for 37's ??

    Don’t forget that the rpm numbers don’t take into account that the tires are heavier and the truck is taller. That’s why going a bit deeper with the gears is a good idea.
  9. Eh, sounds like typical hysterical BS. Heard similar stories ever since OBD-II in the mid 90’s. GM LOVES that the LS motor is becoming the new SBC and is getting modified and played with and swapped into everything. Ever seen a 80’s Camaro with a Ford mod motor or Coyote engine? Doubt it even exists. Meanwhile LS swaps into Fox bodies are driving the purists nuts. In order for all those LS engines to be used GM had to sell them...in trucks, cars, and crates. In order to put that 6.2 in a place it didn’t originally start it’ll need it’s brains and they’ll need to be tuned. The computers are just more complicated and the systems and programming are as well. With time tuning will come for them. I can guarantee you there’s 2019’s sitting at Baer, Diablo, Superchips, etc and others right now hooked up to computers and sitting on dyno’s.
  10. The tuning aftermarket will crack the code. 20 years ago people said the LS engines would be the death of the GM aftermarket because of how computerized they were and different from the SBC. Look at them now. Give it a little time.
  11. re-gearing for 37's ??

    4.10’s or 4.56’s.
  12. 500 miles then whatever the factory says. Synthetic from day 1.
  13. Spray In Bedliner

    That looks just like a trick of camera perspective.
  14. 1.5 inch rear bock

    OffRoad Design Zero Rates should work for 1”.

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