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  1. Not sure if this has been going on the whole time I've owned it or what, but lately my defroster keeps fogging up my windshield any time I have the AC on. I DO NOT have the defroster button selected, just the main vents. Seems like the defroster vent blows whether the AC is on or not. What's up with that?!?!
  2. My 2019 Z51 (5.3l) has a bad stumble as I shift into drive following backing up my slightly sloped driveway. My driveway is the only place I notice it but then again I rarely back up a sloped section anywhere else so not sure if it happens all the time or just after starting up a cold engine. Here's when it happens Start engine to go to work Back up my 100' slightly sloped driveway in reverse Pull onto flat street, shift to drive Give it a little gas and then it stumbles The heavier I give it gas the harder it stumbles, getting it's act together after a few seconds and no further problems. Currently I anticipate the stumble so wait a second after shifting into drive, then really baby the gas the first few seconds which avoids most of it. What the heck could be causing this? It's done it from day 1. Dealer says they can't replicate and fluid levels good.
  3. My 2019 Trail Boss Z71 does this clunking a lot. Sounds like the the whole axle is bouncing around. I can rock the bed by hand and hear it. Makes a new $50k truck sound like an old piece of ******. Taking it back to the dealer soon. The first time they said they could not replicate the issue so I drove around for 8 months like this. Hoping the TSB will help and the fact I can now shake the truck and hear it.
  4. With only 6k miles on my 2019 Trail Boss I am getting the 'loose spare tire' clunk noise and the groaning suspension. Darn near $50,000 vehicle and this thing makes more noise than my 2003 Silverado with 190,000 miles. All it takes is moderate downward hand pressure on the rear of the truck to get the groaning suspension noise. I also get the clunk but haven't figured out a pattern, but surely it's the same as others are hearing. My suspension groaning noise even does it with a couple hundred pounds of camping gear packed into the truck. My shiny new truck sounded like an old rust bucket as I bounced around on a forest service dirt road. I have not gone to the dealer yet - they are the only chevy dealer in my small town and known for sucking.
  5. Hmmm. My 2019 Trail Boss seems to have stopped with the auto stop/start but I assumed it was due to me running the A/C with the summer heat. I wonder if mine is defective? It hasn't done the stop for a couple months.
  6. Does it require the special trim tool? If not how does one get these tabs free?
  7. I gotta do this but don't understand the part about "with trim tool" to remove the step bumper. I don't have a trim tool. How exactly is it used and can I use some other tool?
  8. @wizard4878 when you say you installed "this" - did you mean to add a picture or something?
  9. Wow. I would expect that would make the ride even firmer/rough!
  10. I'm interested in this too.I don't care if it is factory parts or some after-market that works differently. Anybody added this to their Silverado?
  11. I'm not talking about after having left the vehicle. In my case I haven't streamed/played this podcast/music inside the truck yet. In fact I don't want to - I was listening to it earlier before getting in the truck, but stopped. Yet later when I go to start the truck the bluetooth connects and starts to play the podcast.
  12. I don't understand why this is happening. Say I was listening to a podcast while working in my yard, but stopped it hours ago. When I get in my 2019 Silverado the iPhone will auto-pair with the truck (which I want) but it then starts to play the podcast (I don't want that). I don't see anything that controls this in settings anywhere.
  13. @Jovinski here is the link https://www.shopchevyparts.com/bed-products/2019-silverado-1500-side-mounted-bed-storage-boxes-short-box-without-multipro-tailgate/84705350-p-92300619.html
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