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  1. Does it require the special trim tool? If not how does one get these tabs free?
  2. I gotta do this but don't understand the part about "with trim tool" to remove the step bumper. I don't have a trim tool. How exactly is it used and can I use some other tool?
  3. @wizard4878 when you say you installed "this" - did you mean to add a picture or something?
  4. Wow. I would expect that would make the ride even firmer/rough!
  5. I'm interested in this too.I don't care if it is factory parts or some after-market that works differently. Anybody added this to their Silverado?
  6. I'm not talking about after having left the vehicle. In my case I haven't streamed/played this podcast/music inside the truck yet. In fact I don't want to - I was listening to it earlier before getting in the truck, but stopped. Yet later when I go to start the truck the bluetooth connects and starts to play the podcast.
  7. I don't understand why this is happening. Say I was listening to a podcast while working in my yard, but stopped it hours ago. When I get in my 2019 Silverado the iPhone will auto-pair with the truck (which I want) but it then starts to play the podcast (I don't want that). I don't see anything that controls this in settings anywhere.
  8. @Jovinski here is the link https://www.shopchevyparts.com/bed-products/2019-silverado-1500-side-mounted-bed-storage-boxes-short-box-without-multipro-tailgate/84705350-p-92300619.html
  9. I have been thinking of buying the Decked bed storage system which has some pros and cons that I'm still thinking through. But today I just learned of this factory side mounted bed storage boxes that go over the wheel well and really like them. Does anybody have them or have any input on how well they work? They are cheaper than the $1200 Decked system but still pricey at $896 at chevyparts.com.
  10. But what about online access? Do they sell that separately?
  11. Is it cheaper to just pay for the online/app access and not satellite access?
  12. I love the Chevrolet grill and this looks awesome. I wonder why the higher end trim levels like my LT Trail Boss didn't offer it? I just have a black bowtie.
  13. Just took delivery of my 2019 Trail Boss this past Saturday, and the sales guy showed me how the Tire Pressure Monitoring System shows up in the infotainment screen. When he showed it to me it said tires were 36 to 37 psi, which I assume was the correct pressure. But now I am looking at the online vehicle diagnostics and it says they are in fact low and it recommends 41 psi. Just curious how accurate this Tire Pressure Monitoring System is, and if the diagnostics are accurate as of today? Online it says "Diagnostics Report Date: 11/16/19" which was 2 days ago so is this even a real time system?
  14. Picked up my new 2019 Trail Boss this past Saturday. I actually was supposed to pick it up Friday, and in fact had driven 2 hours to the dealership to get it, when they called and said a new recall had been issued Friday morning about my airbag. They said they could not legally sell me the vehicle until the airbag recall issue was addressed so I turned around and went home. Friday night they call and say they figured out how to fix the recall issue without waiting for a part so I can come get it Saturday, which I did. Now I see this seatbelt recall is needed for my vehicle, and it existed prior to my purchase, so why the heck didn't the dealership fix it before selling it to me? Now I have to figure out when to get it fixed which they easily could have done.
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