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  1. Wow! I know some have reported the leaf springs as a problem... In a new truck I would never have thought the drive shaft, rear end, or anything related to those... I have been letting my truck sit for a day or so now... will be pulling it out of garage most likely tomorrow or Thursday... Hoping that it is still all clear! Will have to wait and see... @Sckidd91 , did the dealership say give you any indication of how wide spread the issue is and if they are finding other issues? I have been chasing this for over a year now....
  2. Agreed... This however and unfortunately was not that... Sitting outside for long periods of time I have even seen some cars have a lite coating of rust... could be the salt in the air or something else.... What I have had unfortunately was a little different.. The video I posted earlier kind of gives you an idea of one of the symptoms... When I first started the journey, I had really hoped it was just go away, but it just got worse and worse, happening even after the first 100-1000 ft of rolling down the drive way...
  3. Well for those following this and curious, after a lot of frustrating, think you have have but you don't moments, I think I may have found the issue. So it was related to the brakes as suspected. It was related to the caliper. The rear parking brakes (electric) best I can tell do some sort of self-test/check (maybe) every time, the first time you unlock the truck. The pads press against the rotor and then disengage. I don't drive it much and even less last year with everyone staying home. Most when seeing the video I posted earlier last year would say the same I was thin
  4. Offroadman, if you had the autodim already installed and working you had the "extra plug" that others talk about. A lot of the trucks have the standard flip mirror, the ole manual style mirror. For those instances the wire is tucked up in the headliner, glued to the headliner. You are good.
  5. Glad I was able to help! Just remember take your time, keep track of the screws, don't forget some sealant/caulk for the bolts for the spoiler.... the mirror will come with the mount in a different place than expected, you may just have to move it to a better location for the power wire to reach... Also allocate about 2 hours or so.... does not take long, just tedious work... One of the best adds yet.... People who see it are amazed, one said, wish I had that in my Ford.... This weekend, installed the upfitter aux power switch bank... that was much more difficult t
  6. 84479945 - The harness you will need https://www.gmpartsoutlet.net/oem-parts/gm-harness-84479945?origin=pla&gclid=CjwKCAjw9r-DBhBxEiwA9qYUpVZTZIgJjFVsTvCtVxD8K1RD85WywCBnPYCDhZmiKC95YKD8yMswDhoCQ40QAvD_BwE 84487008 https://www.gmpartsoutlet.net/oem-parts/gm-high-mount-lamp-84487008 I think you will also need the camera as well... something like: 84486910 (the third light description calls out that it is without the camera) https://www.ebay.com/itm/19-GM-3rd-Brake-Light-CAMERA-Chevy-Silverado-GMC-Sierra-84486910-Reverse-BackUP-/284144845910 I can tell
  7. Hi Dennismc, don't buy the spoiler alone, it no longer comes with the camera and harness installed. You will use your own spoiler... Here are the parts you need: (I ordered from GM Part XPERTS, try all of the different parts distributors, the biggest difference will be the shipping cost) 13536995 Mirror Inside $553.84 1 84335461 Cable $28.26 1 (this is the cable that will run from the harness connection to the mirror) GM OEM 3rd Brake Light Lamp with Camera 2019-2021 Chevy Silverado Sierra https://www.ebay.com/itm/264900887988; $115.00 Anoth
  8. Hi, For anyone thinking about doing the swap out in their truck, I would suggest doing it! The parts are pretty simple to find. I would try to order the rear-brake/camera with cable assembly off of EBAY, (https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-GM-OEM-3rd-Brake-Light-Lamp-with-Camera-2019-2021-Chevy-Silverado-Sierra/264900887988?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648) you will save a few bucks doing that and probably get it a lot faster than direct through some of the GM parts houses. You may have to order the coax harness (cable) and mirror from them, but like someo
  9. For those following this, I have completely replaced the passenger side caliper with a brand new one... the rubbing is not there at the moment, but I still have noises on an initial movement forward, however it is now mainly when I ride over a bump or drive off a ledge and the rearend bounces a little... Could it be the leaf springs or possibly the shocks now? I am starting to wonder now if it has been a couple of different things I have been chasing.. The Parking Brake, I learned a lot about that thing for sure. The motor actuator is "neat" but like the other older method bett
  10. Well for those following this thread, after having unplugged the power lead to the motor on the passenger side brake caliper (the emergency brake), I have no issues with the scrubbing, rubbing. I will let everyone know how the week progresses...
  11. Welp, confirmed, not the fuel pump. I really wish it were that but it wasn't. I disconnected the connector to the "parking brake" motor on the passenger side, unlocked the doors with the key fob (which at that point I would have heard the motors spin up before), this time no motors on either side spinning... Drove it around a little tonight and parked it... Of course I have the "maintenance on the parking brake, idiot light" on while driving. I will let the truck sit tonight and see how things go... Fingers crossed this is it...
  12. I will go out tonight and disconnect the leads from the caliper and motor attached and will confirm that... With the cars and trucks I have owned, the priming of the fuel pump, it does not sound like it is coming from the opposite side of the truck. This is on the passenger side... but stranger things have happened... and after disconnecting I will leave it like that after driving tonight and see what happens...
  13. I pretty sure it is all related to the rotor and caliper.... something is not working correctly. I have looked at replacing the caliper a few weeks ago, the caliper itself is about 250.00 not including manhours, someone replacing it... I really think it is related to that parking brake motor and caliper....
  14. Hi, What I have done so far... I have taken the caliper completely off, compressed it, put it back together, rotated the tire by hand as in the video, no noise. Drive the truck around, applying brakes at stop signs etc. and then parked it. The next day when I come out and unlock the truck you hear in the rear, the motors from the parking brake "spin." As soon as I hear that I know, I know that I will have the scrubbing return. The scrubbing noise eventually goes away and I suspect that the pads and rotor just eventually seat, "warmup" etc.... I really believe it is related
  15. Sorry to hear that! I have yet to fix mine either... I really think it is related to the electric motor on the rotor, the electric motor that is used to engage the "parking-brake" action. The reason I call it action is that the same pads are used for normal braking or the parking brake. Unlike the older systems where there were two separate systems one for normal braking and the other for parking brake, they are using the same... I really think it is related though to the motor and possibly something that needs to be adjusted somehow with the braking system...
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