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  1. Well for those following this thread, after having unplugged the power lead to the motor on the passenger side brake caliper (the emergency brake), I have no issues with the scrubbing, rubbing. I will let everyone know how the week progresses...
  2. Welp, confirmed, not the fuel pump. I really wish it were that but it wasn't. I disconnected the connector to the "parking brake" motor on the passenger side, unlocked the doors with the key fob (which at that point I would have heard the motors spin up before), this time no motors on either side spinning... Drove it around a little tonight and parked it... Of course I have the "maintenance on the parking brake, idiot light" on while driving. I will let the truck sit tonight and see how things go... Fingers crossed this is it...
  3. I will go out tonight and disconnect the leads from the caliper and motor attached and will confirm that... With the cars and trucks I have owned, the priming of the fuel pump, it does not sound like it is coming from the opposite side of the truck. This is on the passenger side... but stranger things have happened... and after disconnecting I will leave it like that after driving tonight and see what happens...
  4. I pretty sure it is all related to the rotor and caliper.... something is not working correctly. I have looked at replacing the caliper a few weeks ago, the caliper itself is about 250.00 not including manhours, someone replacing it... I really think it is related to that parking brake motor and caliper....
  5. Hi, What I have done so far... I have taken the caliper completely off, compressed it, put it back together, rotated the tire by hand as in the video, no noise. Drive the truck around, applying brakes at stop signs etc. and then parked it. The next day when I come out and unlock the truck you hear in the rear, the motors from the parking brake "spin." As soon as I hear that I know, I know that I will have the scrubbing return. The scrubbing noise eventually goes away and I suspect that the pads and rotor just eventually seat, "warmup" etc.... I really believe it is related to the braking system. I have not had a chance to redo what I just explained and disconnect the power to the motor and see if it happens again. That will be the piece of the puzzle that I think will answer the question, once and for all. It has been a huge disappointment in this truck for me. I really like it and have enjoyed driving it except for the "rubbing/scrubbing" noise.
  6. Sorry to hear that! I have yet to fix mine either... I really think it is related to the electric motor on the rotor, the electric motor that is used to engage the "parking-brake" action. The reason I call it action is that the same pads are used for normal braking or the parking brake. Unlike the older systems where there were two separate systems one for normal braking and the other for parking brake, they are using the same... I really think it is related though to the motor and possibly something that needs to be adjusted somehow with the braking system...
  7. Duramax dude and Mobud Unfortunately I have not taken it to the dealership yet. The week I had scheduled we were placed under quarantine. Not was sick but... about a month later we were hit with the big nasty... In the meantime I have not been able to schedule some time yet... Hoping in the net week or two. What I have done which worked just once was remove the wheel and caliper, compress the piston and then reinstall. Of course no scrubbing. I drove it and no problems. Brakes worked great. I parked it, left running for a little while jumped in and no problems. I then parked it over night and locked it. Got up the next morning and unlocked it. As soon as you do you here the motors for the brakes spinning. Get in and the problem is back. Next time before I rolled out of the drive, I resorted initially to something I know everyone here will say is not good, I used some I squirted some WD-40 on both sides of the rotor near the pads. The problem was gone. I did this every other day. The days I did not, problem, the days I did, not problems. I have two thoughts, that little motor that is used for the emergency brake, if there is a way to adjust it I will. The other thought, disconnect the wire going to it or look at adding a resistor, or something. Disconnecting it though will throw the "go take the truck to the stealership and have them fix your brakes" light... Of course I bet it resets if you plug in back in so may not be an issue. I have some time over the next few days so going to try a few things. The last resort will be to just buy a new caliper assembly and install it. Thinking maybe the original is bad? Really am irritated by it for sure. I am concerned also about undue pad wear as well as possible damage to the rotor. Has anyone else found anything out?
  8. Well I think I have finally narrowed it down, but have not been able to figure out the best course of action to resolve the issue. I let the truck sit for a day and night and then jacked it up just enough off the ground. In the video (hope it attaches correctly) you can hear the noise. Now it does go away after a few hundred feet of driving, but it sounds pretty bad. So here is what I ended up doing to narrow it down. I removed the caliper, compressed it, inspected the pads, they are virtually brand new, less than 1,000 miles. I put it all back together and no noise. I drove it around with minimum stopping. Parked it for a day and a night, no noise. Then I engaged the parking brake on a hunch. Disengaged it, drove it around the driveway a little and then wham, there was the noise! With the new emergency brakes/parking brakes, they use an attached motor of some sort to engage the caliper of the actual brake shows, not a separate set of brake shoes or calipers. I suspect that the motor or something needs to be adjusted some how to back-off maybe a small amount, but not sure. If you listen to the truck when you first unlock the doors you can hear what I think are the motors disengaging or at least spinning. This is pretty annoying! I had, had a trip planned to the dealership, but the nasty little bug Covid struck some folks and had to cancel the appointment. Anyone here though know anything about this new parking brake setup and maybe how to adjust it? Avoiding the dealership is always on my list of things to do, avoid at all costs if at all possible. Rearendnoise Example1-1.mp4
  9. When driving forward the camera can be activated on radio display, but it only stays on for 8-10 secs and then turns off.
  10. If it is the rotors for me, shoot.... Brand new truck with only about 5k miles on it.... Will keep looking and report back. Please do the same.
  11. Curious if anyone has figured out a hack or method to make the rear camera (tailgate) stay on the radio display while driving. You can hit the camera button on the radio and it will display, while driving, but for only like 10 secs. It would be really nice to have that available, say for instance carrying a load of wood in a trailer. While you can see the trailer in the mirror and about 1/4 of the wood, it would be awesome to be able to see the whole trailer and the load. I am sure there is someone out there that thinks it might be a distraction, so they have time limited it. Kind of like that auto-start thing where they forced it on you. Of course, a fix was quick to be provided.. ?
  12. Thanks all! I initially thought it was the front too... It irritated me so much, and I really, really, REALLY, hate going to the dealership for anything, I bought some new pads for the rear, couldn't find any for the front... I replaced the rear pads... I was hopeful that it would go away, but it did not. One thing I will ask though, with the brakes, unlike the older calipers of yester-year it seemed as though you need to do something more than just compress the piston. I was able to get the piston down to a reasonable level and get the new shoes in, but curious, because it did not seem like I would be able to if the shoes were so new to begin with. I will continue on the hunt for the mystery sound. If anyone else has some experiences please let me know. Once I figure it out, definitely going to let everyone else know!
  13. I have had my 2019 Silverado for a few months now. I bought it new at the end of last year. I have taken it to a local dealership and they don't hear anything and blame it on a "slushy" sound from differential and said it was normal. I just shook my head. Every time the truck has sat for about 24 hours or so and get in and drive off, a rubbing sound is heard from the rear-end. I have had my wife drive slow and walk next to it several times an tried to isolate he noise. Problem is that after driving it for a few miles the noise goes away. I saw a post about the leaf springs. I have not looked yet, but curious if other have had a similar thing happen and if so, what did you do to fix it?
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