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  1. When driving forward the camera can be activated on radio display, but it only stays on for 8-10 secs and then turns off.
  2. If it is the rotors for me, shoot.... Brand new truck with only about 5k miles on it.... Will keep looking and report back. Please do the same.
  3. Curious if anyone has figured out a hack or method to make the rear camera (tailgate) stay on the radio display while driving. You can hit the camera button on the radio and it will display, while driving, but for only like 10 secs. It would be really nice to have that available, say for instance carrying a load of wood in a trailer. While you can see the trailer in the mirror and about 1/4 of the wood, it would be awesome to be able to see the whole trailer and the load. I am sure there is someone out there that thinks it might be a distraction, so they have time limited it. Kind of like that auto-start thing where they forced it on you. Of course, a fix was quick to be provided..
  4. Thanks all! I initially thought it was the front too... It irritated me so much, and I really, really, REALLY, hate going to the dealership for anything, I bought some new pads for the rear, couldn't find any for the front... I replaced the rear pads... I was hopeful that it would go away, but it did not. One thing I will ask though, with the brakes, unlike the older calipers of yester-year it seemed as though you need to do something more than just compress the piston. I was able to get the piston down to a reasonable level and get the new shoes in, but curious, because it did not seem like I would be able to if the shoes were so new to begin with. I will continue on the hunt for the mystery sound. If anyone else has some experiences please let me know. Once I figure it out, definitely going to let everyone else know!
  5. I have had my 2019 Silverado for a few months now. I bought it new at the end of last year. I have taken it to a local dealership and they don't hear anything and blame it on a "slushy" sound from differential and said it was normal. I just shook my head. Every time the truck has sat for about 24 hours or so and get in and drive off, a rubbing sound is heard from the rear-end. I have had my wife drive slow and walk next to it several times an tried to isolate he noise. Problem is that after driving it for a few miles the noise goes away. I saw a post about the leaf springs. I have not looked yet, but curious if other have had a similar thing happen and if so, what did you do to fix it?
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