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  1. Thank you for sharing! I was able to use your method to make it happen! I did have to take apart the wireless charger to get the coils closer to the phone. Gotta love having 2 places to wirelessly charge!
  2. Thank you for sharing! I want to do the same.. how does it sound? I would like it to be louder, but not so loud that it ruins the quite ride on the highway.
  3. Awesome, you’re the man!! Thank you for sharing! That will be my next upgrade for sure! Excited to see your final pictures!
  4. Yes it does! I need to go to the dealer this week. I’ll get a price on the rest of the parts, mirror and wiring harness. I think it’s doable. If I can order all the parts, I’ll make the attempt. Just not sure how long they will be on backorder.
  5. Here is another diagram that shows the wire to the mirror. So with even more research I learned that camera is for the mirror only. So this should be easy to install. Need the mirror, wiring harness and camera. I assume you don’t need software update if it is all just in the mirror.
  6. The part number is 84487008, it’s on back order and costs $267. Here is a picture of the diagram
  7. I have the 19 1500 SLT with the rear tailgate camera, side mirror cameras and the trailering camera package for a camera on the back of the trailer. I have looked into adding the front camera, but I found out that the trailering camera port replaces the front camera, it isn’t possible to have both. I would love to have the camera above the bed in the rear backup light that is on the cab. I talked to GM, you can purchase the light with the camera for $350. I am wondering if the wires are already installed for the cameras, just unused. I also know that the software on the system would need to be updated. Has anyone added this camera? Or do any of you know if the wiring already installed?
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