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  1. No, top visor, left side panel with the headlight control and radio panel needs to come loose. It’s easy.
  2. From WAMS yes it’s 100% plug and play. Dash is simple to take apart, takes 10 mins.
  3. Working on it as we speak! Have all the parts, working on the harness now. It’s certainly not going to be cheap.
  4. Good stuff in this thread. I keep going back and forth with this myself. What’s funny is nobody seems to mention the added stress on the ball joints with the level. Even with the GM kit, it does nothing for the ball joints, only the CV.
  5. Maybe something like this? Automotive Integrated Electronics OE Integrated Vehicle CD Player via USB Radio Connection (USBCDPLAY1) - (See User Guide Pdf for Vehicle Fit Chart) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DHXY5X3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_fQNDDbYA8EQCC
  6. 2019 last year of the legacy. 2020 only new bodies.
  7. Sounds like you just didn’t do your homework on what they offer in each trim before you purchased. No offense but if you’re not happy with the features you did or didn’t pay for, that’s on you, not GM. These features in no way need to be “standard”. Same as being entitled to everything.
  8. See a chiropractor. Most likely it’s not the seat, it’s your body. May not be the answer you want, but it’s probably what needs to be checked out.
  9. I’ve had both, personally I think Kings ride better. Mine was a pavement king so I can’t comment on the off-road performance. Either way you go - they are quality shocks.
  10. And keep in mind - it’s not just a selection button the Tech pushes to activate the camera - it’s way more involved in that. And most techs at most dealerships are not trained to add these sort of features.
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