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  1. One option if the station is on it - get the iHeartRadio app and stream it. AM will sound crystal clear.
  2. It’s quite entertaining. Don’t like the Sierra front? Don’t buy it. Don’t like the Silverado? Don’t buy it. Simple.
  3. Not that simple, the harness is not there. It’s being discussed on several other threads
  4. Curious if the 2019s will play movies off USB or SD in park like in previous years. Has anyone tried? Also - is the SD slot solely for nav?
  5. Same. You can always add homelink. And the cubby on top of the dash is perfect for sunglasses
  6. So is your truck about the same height as a stock trailboss like that? Or is the rear maybe an inch lower?
  7. Temp Gauge install

    Check your DIC settings - you should already have trans temp on the digital display.
  8. noise from roof - pop

    I’m wondering if it’s the type of foam they used between a roof cross member and the roof panel. Possibly when it gets hot it expands and separates causing the pop?
  9. The ding king endorsed by Mr Billy Mays!
  10. 2019 Silverado HUD upgrade

    Last I spoke to white auto, they’re working on it. Said it should be easier than the K2XX
  11. Removing Speedometer

    Pop off the upper shroud, it’s held in by clips. Then the outer shroud around the cluster pops off via clips. Then some 7mm bolts. Easy. Contact white auto & media for the programming. Cluster is $$ expensive though
  12. Speed limitation deleted?

    It’s fine to break 100. It’s limited due to tire speed rating. If you changed some things on the truck there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be allowed to go over 100 in a controlled environment. Ie: track. I don’t agree with it on public roads- don’t be that dick driver.
  13. noise from roof - pop

    RST here no sunroof, I also get the popping. I figure it’s Houston heat on that plastic spoiler causing expansion / contraction. I get it multiple times daily
  14. Depends if it broke the paint. Aluminum door - don’t try to do it yourself, you’ll make it worse. Bring it to a paintless dent removal place or a reputable body shop to have a look.

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