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  1. What I really hate is that you have to go to the LT to get the cup holders in the back, and the storage in the center console. There are a bunch of LT snobs going around throwing all kinds of attitude about it. Frankly, there is one really bad thing that I don't want that I would be forced to take if I got one of these trim levels with these options. People will probably think I am weird. I really don't want keyless entry and push button start. It sounds cool, but I work in tech. That kind of stuff is inherently insecure. I just don't want to spend the money on something that makes my vehicle an easy target. Someone just has to figure out how to ping your key fob for the code, and trigger your door locks and starter. Seriously, it's just an easy way to pick up an expensive truck for the chop shop. That said, the wheel controls for the DIC and the radio are something I can live without. This seat and console thing... What were they thinking? It really isn't worth the money to make the cheap seats. Seriously! Why stock a different jump seat in the first place? You gotta wonder sometimes what is going through peoples heads. I'm thinking about getting the complete seat replacement, because the seat backs look like they are getting harder to find. Is there still a good source for the 2020 seat backs?
  2. I noticed the little bow tie on some of these grills, where might one find that? I much rather have that than the Z71.
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