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  1. I would not touch them with scissors without speaking with weather tech. I have never had an issue with their customer service. I had this same thing happen on my wrangler and they fixed it quickly (at that time I lived 10 min from the factory though).
  2. Any plans to replace the dash speakers? Or did the doors make big enough of a difference?
  3. My weather techs fit great front and back. Side note on the passenger sliding around, if you email them they will send you more of the red carpet grabbers.
  4. The appointment was booked via my VIN so safelite must not have the correct part number associated with it.
  5. Just a heads up the windshield has changed in the 19s and Safelite was unaware. Luckily the technician noticed before he cut my old one out, but he did not bring the proper glass with him. In the attached photo you see an angled cut out. In the glass he brought it was rounded there as was the case with previous generations.
  6. This is odd you have this issue with apple. My wife and I talk about how seamlessly the audio transfers when you unplug/plug in your phone between bluetooth and apple carplay. Her jeep does not work nearly as well as my truck. I've had the truck about 4 months and haven't re-paired it since the day I got it.
  7. Not on a GM vehicle, but my old Explorer had this happen. Ended up someone pulled something loose from under the passenger dash presumably while moving their feet around. Plugged what looked like a little hose back in and all was well again.
  8. What size are those tires/do you get any rub with them without level?
  9. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L57LR7X/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 $20 for 13" antenna and no loss of reception. I like the look a little more than the super stubby antennas. I can get a picture on the truck later.
  10. I noticed that when I answer the phone on Apply carplay, it lowers the AC to quiet it down a bit. I thought that was neat then noticed when making a call it does not lower the AC until they answer, so you still get full power when it is ringing.
  11. I have noticed if I back in to my driveway the incline is enough to keep the tailgate up when I release it because it falls by gravity mostly (on a custom trail boss at least).
  12. Is it leveled and do you have any rubbing with the KO2s?
  13. Looks good! Those are the exact tires I was thinking about going to. Slightly larger and more aggressive than stock. The stock tires didn't handle too well in mud.
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