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  1. I assume it would be the letters on top and you have to finish off "Chevrolet" yourself. That way they arent infringing as they technically did not sell you a Chevrolet grill, they sold you a Hevrol grill and a few letters. Ford aftermarket grills do this if you want the Raptor style Ford grill.
  2. How is the light output through the grill? this is what I want to do.
  3. Building one online it seems for the customs, the bed liner is a standalone option, not part of a bed protection package.
  4. I have a 2019 Custom Trailboss with Factory bedliner and do not have rear liners.
  5. This would be nice for those with bed covers. My ultraflex came with an extra light that goes on the rail, but the bed mounted lights are brighter.
  6. I went with an undercover ultraflex tri fold hard cover. Keeps the bed dry but folds almost completely out of the way for bed use if needed.
  7. Lifetime average is 18.1 but I have taken a few road trips in it. 5.3 AFM
  8. 2019 LD is the same as a 2018 (K2 Body Style). 2019 (T1) is the new body style
  9. I had the light come on once at startup around 5k miles. Went off about 30 sec later and has not come back since (now about 10k). Following this thread in case it comes back.
  10. Are you parking on a level surface? If I park with the nose of the truck lower I will get a little water in my undercover, but if I park with the nose uphill it is completely dry.
  11. Is this leveled? I have the 20s as well and want basically this same look. Not many TBs with the 20s out there so this is one I can copy. Spacers definitely give it a better stance, nice truck!
  12. Getting in my bed with the Tonneau closed to look for any light after install was enough for me.
  13. If you look through the extensive amount of posts regarding levels on a Trail boss there was one about someone with a spacer who had a CV boot tear (similar to the readylift video). There are way more people though who have used just the spacer with zero issues. When it's time for tires and I level mine I will use a kit with new UCAs.
  14. So I am not sure total weight I had on the tailgate, but I have had issues with this. I was picking up boards for replacing my deck ( I should have used a trailer) and I had to have over loaded the tailgate. Now the drive was not far, but when I got home and closed the tailgate it had actually flexed the backup camera/tailgate button assembly out of the tailgate. Luckily it popped right back in and have had no issues, but these tailgates are definitely not as strong as the older generations. The load of an ATV will be closer to the support bars you will be using, but I would keep an eye out for tailgate flex.
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