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  1. Good to know! On my BMW it was a lever with two clicks, one click was 1 mph and if you pushed all the way (two clicks) was 5 mph. Pretty handy leaving the city on the highway.
  2. Rented one out near Vegas when I was there last and had a hell of a time.
  3. You guys are going to make me buy a mountain bike. Used to ride road and tri, but have been thinking about a mountain bike for a while.
  4. The only issue with sliding things around is those objects may get scratched. I have a bed mat for if I am hauling anything I do not want to get scratched and it is easy enough to roll it out if I am hauling scrap, mulch, anything I hunt, etc.
  5. Happened when I loaded a bunch of lumber, freaked me out a little as the truck was about 2 weeks old. Glad to see I wasn't the only one, but it is a little worrisome that the tailgate flexes so much.
  6. The 6" lift may remove the standard 2" lift so 83.35?
  7. I test drove a 2016 (I think) SLT when I bought mine. Drop my phone in and the charger didn't work. Must be a common problem.
  8. Had mine done and have put on about 1k miles since no issues.
  9. Pretty mixed driving in a 2019 custom TB with about 13k miles. Lifetime average is about 18mpg. I probably could do better if I slowed down on the highway, but I usually am around 75-80 mph.
  10. Both of those are 33 in diameter so I do not see an issue with keeping the original spare. Didnt your factory 18s have 33s?
  11. I ordered my ultraflex from Amazon for this reason. I have seen too many damaged in transit and Amazon is amazing about returns. Thankfully I did not need to.
  12. Just where I hunt, steep in and out of creeks with some questionable steep trails and I have not had any rubbing issues.
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