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  1. Not super high mileage, but 22k on my 19 TB Custom with zero issues.
  2. Relax and back into spots at the back of parking lots. I had jeeps and SUVs previously, but my last two vehicles were a BMW 3 series and a little chevy commuter. Took some getting used to going to a trail boss, but now no issues.
  3. My tints have been illegal when I lived in Chicago suburbs, Chicago, and Louisville and I have never had an issue. 20% all the way around with a front strip on the last 5 vehicles my wife and I have owned. The BMW dealer even put the illegal 20% on mine before I picked it up.
  4. Are those stock 20s? If so what tire are you running and is it leveled?
  5. By hand or with a buffer? I have some light scratches where it looks like a purse/keys brushed on my passenger door (my wife denies it was her).
  6. link to youtube video? could use one for the passenger seat for my wife
  7. Did you end up ordering a knob? Link?
  8. Undercover ultraflex here. Make sure your corners are sealed well and your drain tubes are hooked up well and you should be good. As for security someone will get in if they want to, but in my opinion this is better than a soft cover.
  9. Also good to know as I was worried I would want to swap speakers immediately after.
  10. I am on the fence on this one because of cost, but ease of just having everything. Non-bose here as well. I will add the kicker knob as well though to adjust bass on the fly. I have installed many systems in my day, but it seems like custom boxes for these trucks are so expensive this may be worth it to have it all delivered to my door.
  11. If you weren't speeding and a speed bump bottomed your truck out, time to get others involved. If you were speeding, well then sorry.
  12. I used to work for michelin and we did a track day demonstrating differences in tires (new on a mini van vs worn on an AWD BMW, underinflated vs over, new in front vs rear). New tires in front vs rear was definitely the most surprising to me and the one most people get wrong by mounting them in front.
  13. Whatever is cheap. I have kept almost all of my vehicles past 150k miles with zero fuel related issues. I think people overthink things here.
  14. Are they on opposite sides? If you flip driver to passenger side would that get you the alignment you are looking for? Short piece up front and longer end in the back.
  15. Interested in this. I need one as every time I haul anything with debris it falls down between the bed and tailgate.
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