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  1. I just bought mine while my wife (who is in her 20's) was out of town
  2. The only shift I have noticed was directly after a polish and wax while wearing polarized sunglasses it looked much brighter red. Odd scenario but that is the only time I noticed.
  3. I went cajun red. I thought about the red hot, but decided to tone it down a little bit. Never really thought I liked red, but then only ended up test driving red trucks.
  4. Trail boss ranchos are not the same as the normal Z71 ranchos. I have no vibration in my trailboss, but I have 20s so I do not have the duratracs.
  5. Shorty antennas can be purchased on amazon for less than $20 as well. I went this route because of my garage door and have had no signal loss.
  6. A lot of people order those from amazon/ebay as they are not included with the truck.
  7. I do not have that camera so it was not an issue for me, but it would cover the camera as it covers the brake light. Quality wise the MX4 seems similar, I just did not want it resting on the cab going down the road. Also, If you have the multipro there are two different part numbers. I am not sure the difference, but one for multipro and one without multipro.
  8. Installed an Undercover Ultraflex. Great cover and customer service. I was missing a piece of the strut to hold the cover upright and they have already fedexed a new one.
  9. No matter which way you slice it if you move the wheel further from where the UCA is mounted you are going to increase angles.
  10. Just installed an undercover ultraflex. Looks great and I love how it does not rest on the cab in the full upright position. Little pricey, but I got the $100 rebate so that helps. It got rained on almost immediately and had very little to no water in the bed.
  11. I would say most of the customs on here are the custom trail boss models which have the 5.3. I have about 7200 miles on mine so far with zero issues. If you do not mind losing many of the bells and whistles it is a great price truck for what you get. I have had the top trim wrangler and BMW and my wife has a well optioned Grand Cherokee and I personally do not miss those things since I bought this to be a truck not a luxury vehicle.
  12. I second that. Replaced the decking from our back deck and sitting in a pile I thought no way it will all fit. Well it all fit with room to spare to head to the dump.
  13. Would be nice if opening the tailgate turned them on for a certain period similar to cab lights.
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