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  1. 27k miles on '19 custom trail boss and still drives perfectly straight.
  2. It will heat/cool depending on outside temp. I believe it always is full fan speed, just varies the temp as mentioned above.
  3. There are no nuts and bolts on this assembly (at least not on a silverado). I have over loaded my tailgate with lumber and when I emptied the bed and closed the tailgate it was popped out. Mine popped right back in no issues since, I would go to the dealer before double sided tape.
  4. My Custom has XM, but I don't even use it. With Carplay I do not really see a reason. As others have said, maybe next time check it out before you commit to dishing out 50k.
  5. At 75 month term you aren't paying that principal down very fast. GAP insurance is like any other insurance in my eyes. I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it if I will be riding the line of being upside down on the loan for a period of time. I don't have it on my truck (had enough down on a short loan), but my last vehicle I had it through state farm.
  6. Please explain how I would be better suited in another vehicle. I use my short bed to its' fullest extent and I need a crew cab as I am 6'5" and need space for car seats and other adults. Please tell me another vehicle that would be better for a bathroom remodel one weekend, a trip to the golf course with buddies the next, and a hunt where the extra 10" of bed would cause issues on every creek crossing. In between there throw in I need a full back seat for people, dogs, kids. Sorry you aren't one of the "rich folk" or maybe you just don't have enough friends to need a crew cab because of your views that "only women drive them"
  7. Except I can throw dead animals (that I have hunted not road kill), mulch/dirt, construction debris, tree branches in there and still have my back seat. In most SUVs golf clubs wont even fit without folding seats down so four golfers cant drive together in that scenario (who wants to have to designate TWO sober drivers let alone one).
  8. Didn't want black because where I hunt it would be covered in obvious scratches. Never thought I would, but I ended up going with Cajun Red. Get a lot of compliments on the color.
  9. If you are using good ramps you should not need to do this. The traction in the ramps and the tread on your tire should be plenty to get up the ramp.
  10. I just use myQ on my phone linked to our garage door. Requires FaceID to get into phone and FaceID again to open garage so I am not concerned about the security of this compared to a button in the truck in my driveway. (I drive a custom, but did this vs a traditional door opener in my truck at all times which is effectively the same as homelink it seems - hot all the time).
  11. Interesting, I have the same on my TB but they are not quite as long. Guess they used different lengths for the trailboss vs other models.
  12. Maybe in other areas it happens, but I have never heard of people putting unwanted materials in gas tanks. I used to drive a wrangler that did not even have a door for most of its life and I never had an issue.
  13. He said he was towing motorcycles, may have thrown the distance to empty calculation off.
  14. Believe only trailbosses and AT4s get monotube
  15. Not super high mileage, but 22k on my 19 TB Custom with zero issues.
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