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  1. I second this, also I lived up in Northern Illinois/Chicagoland and never had an issue with salt on the factory wheels. Wheels are the least of my concern when it comes to salt damage.
  2. I would be buying a new house rather than a new truck if I was this worried it would be stolen.
  3. Undercover ultraflex here. I will always have a hard folding that allows full bed access. I went with the ultraflex because it has arms to keep it upright for full bed access, I did not like the idea of it riding on the cab even if there is padding.
  4. I have learned always file a claim. Got rear ended at very slow speed in my BMW which did not appear to cause any damage other than a scuff. Filed a claim and they found the exhaust was bent slightly and there was a broken bracket as well. Ended up being over 2k and my insurance went after them and I got my deductible back.
  5. You want the front significantly higher than the rear of the truck?
  6. GM accessories has rear seat infotainment. An iPad and tablet mount would be cheaper though. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/electronics/rear-seat-infotainment-system-with-dvd-player-in-jet-black-leather-(for-high-country-models)-84556201?year=2019&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 1500&modelId=491&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheel=Short Box&wheelId=651&trim=Custom Trail Boss&trimId=5100&drive=4WD&driveId=8&engine=5.3L V8 GAS&engineId=2059&bodyNumDoors=5&categoryId=12013
  7. I have the ultraflex and would recommend it to anyone. Great customer service as well. I was missing a clip on the support bar when it was delivered from Amazon and they fedexed me a bag of them. Recently I broke the little retainer clip that hold the support bar against the truck bed rails and again they fedexed me a bag of them.
  8. You mean to tell me you don't ride around town with them on like everyone else?
  9. Damn, where are you parking that you are concerned about people smashing your windows? Most of the time cars are "broken into" they are really just left unlocked and someone gives the handle a jiggle, "breaks in", steals what they can sell quick. Lock your truck, have an alarm, don't park in shady areas.
  10. Cracked my windshield the week I got the truck and it cracked again before I could get it replaced.
  11. I have the undercover ultraflex and love it. No leaks and great customer service. I ordered it from amazon for shipping, but have had a couple small issues (bracket that holds arm in place and the latch on the arm) and the manufacturer sent the parts no questions asked fedex 2 day.
  12. Curious as to what makes you say Tesla are crap? I have many friends with them and all love them, and the new long range models have 8 yr/120k battery and drive warranties. Now sure I have seen some issues in workmanship, but for a model Y you are getting a full electric vehicle for ~60k with all the options aside from the factory performance upgrades.
  13. I like those better than mine. Take offs or did you buy new?
  14. Profits to the upper management maybe, wages for middle class stay here (workers in parts manufacturing, assembly, etc).
  15. Tundras are towards the top of the list as "most American truck" if not at the top of the list for full size trucks based on where labor and parts are sourced rather than who owns the brand.
  16. To be fair they do say "Predicted reliability score," but I agree. CR reviews have no affect on my decisions to purchase anything.
  17. As has been said multiple times, unless you added it only the trailbosses have the lift. A normal Z71 LTZ has no lift.
  18. Only issue with OEM Michelins is that since 2018 they stopped covering them under warranty. You can buy the exact same tire and you get the Michelin warranty, but if your truck came with them no luck.
  19. I use one while golfing to hold my phone for gps, music control, etc but in my truck I did not like losing one of two cupholders. At least in a golf cart there are four.
  20. I had this happen about a week into owning the truck. I loaded a large amount of long deck boards into the bed and once unloaded I noticed the camera popped out. Appears these tailgates are not very rigid and must have a decent amount of flex. Popped it back in and have not had an issue since (I do use a hitch mount bed extender now to take some load off the tailgate).
  21. 27k miles on '19 custom trail boss and still drives perfectly straight.
  22. It will heat/cool depending on outside temp. I believe it always is full fan speed, just varies the temp as mentioned above.
  23. There are no nuts and bolts on this assembly (at least not on a silverado). I have over loaded my tailgate with lumber and when I emptied the bed and closed the tailgate it was popped out. Mine popped right back in no issues since, I would go to the dealer before double sided tape.
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