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    2021 GMC Denali Ultimate 3.0 Duramax
  1. Good clean install! Really like the windshield tint sunscreen too. I have added that to our new vehicles for several years now.
  2. Thanks again for the replies. I bought the Ultra Flex model after looking at all the different versions at the local dealer. Armor Flex is really nice but To me it looked just like my bed liner. Dealer installed it comes with a 5 year warranty and dealer was able to sign me up for an additional five years by registering it. I think they are pretty much the same cover other than one has the Line-X on the exterior and the other has carpeted under panels. They both come with the integrated bed rail light which I didn’t really need. All in all I am really pleased with the cover. It appears
  3. Thanks for the reply and the info will look at the Armorflex version a little closer.
  4. I’ve been researching tri fold bed covers and am really interested in the Undercover Ultra Flex cover. Any one have any experience with this particular cover?
  5. Thanks so much for the quick responses! The Rev cover #19418277 from GM parts is the one I was looking at and it sounds like it will work well for me.
  6. I’m seeing lots of trucks with Tonneau bed covers. I am interested in a trifold hard cover but am curious as to how they do when going thru an automated car wash. Seventy years old and don’t care to hand wash any longer. I have an annual subscription with local drive thru that has rolling brushes. Anyone have any input on this type of car wash with hard covers?
  7. I just had the autostop eliminator installed on my 2021 Denali Ultimate with 3.0 Diesel, not worried about my selling dealer since they installed it for me. I was a little hesitant to try to remove all the console trim to gain access and dealer said, no problem we’ll put it in for you. It works great and exactly as advertised.
  8. My 2021 Denali with Ultimate package does not have rain sense wipers.....go figure
  9. I have used the passive locking system with the horn beep for over a month now. It hasn’t failed to lock yet with several tests of repeated unlocking and opening front and rear doors. I will probably continue to test with horn notification for another month or so before I trust it enough to turn off the horn notification. Eastex
  10. I’ve driven my 21 Denali for almost a month now am very pleased with the sound level. There is a little rumble during acceleration but when it settles down at highway speeds it is quieter than the 2018 Centennial Edition I traded in. Sound level for me is great and fuel economy is consistently in the 24mpg range in mixed driving.
  11. Thanks guys, I am really loving the 3.0 and ten speed transmission, and I do love the color!
  12. 2021 Denali 3.0 Duramax. Longtime Chevy/GMC owner but first diesel. Very happy with it so far. 2” level kit on stock 22” wheels and tires.
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