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  1. Thank for your advice ! You can look for BumperPlug.com, the make paint matching plugs for GMC.
  2. what kind of screwdriver should I use? Never see this before. IMG_8536.HEIC IMG_8539.HEIC
  3. What kind of screw driver should use to take the license plate holder off? Never see this kind of screw before. IMG_8539.HEIC IMG_8536.HEIC
  4. Exactly, I uesd to have 2019 ram1500 limited and 2018 Jeep grand Cherokee trailhawk, I am used to have the rain sensing wiper. Also the automatic high bean works like trash, ram/jeep didi much better job on that, by trash I mean when Im cruising on highway the high beam will turned on and off even their is car coming front like im flashing them, so awkward I have to turn the automatic high beam off.
  5. I don't know what GM engineers were thinking, does your passenger side mirror dim at night?
  6. I just purchased 2021 Sierra at4, and I couldn’t find where to turn on the rain-sensing wiper. I live in pacific northwest, so rain-sensing wiper is a very handy to have. I had this feature on my previous cars, I assumed it should be standard on this truck at this price range as well. Does anyone know how to activate it? Also can I change the air conditioning temperature unit to centigrade without changing anything else? Like right know when I changed the unit to metric the speed also change to km/h.
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