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  1. Same here. I'm pretty sure the hardware is present for it as well. All you need is Wi-Fi and these trucks already have that. If these trucks don't have the new infotainment screen of the Tahoe and it is just an "updated" 8 inch screen then I see no reason they can't update the old ones. Or at least maybe we would be able to install the "new" radio into our trucks. I'd rather pay for that than trade in my truck to get a new one
  2. If it's just the console I wonder if we will be able to swap it into the current trucks... or the infotainment. The biggest thing I want from the new interior is the wireless carplay, but I don't want a push button shifter. I got a hell of deal on my truck and I don't want to trade it in just for something like wireless carplay that we should have had already built in
  3. Are the z71 trucks and single speed trucks identical other than the transfer case and skid plates? I wonder if it would be possible down the line to swap in the two speed transfer case (assuming you could reprogram the BCM and that all other mechanical bits are identical)
  4. I'm going to have to test it out and see if it is sufficient using "emulated" lo range. I would imagine that these trucks have enough torque that it's probably the slow crawl in 4lo and not the actual gear reduction that helps you out of a tough situation. So in theory the "emulated" lo range should be sufficient since it turns off traction and modulates the brakes
  5. dang so what's the point of just having 4hi? Seems like it's just AWD but without running full time. Feel like the truck is going to be useless off road now
  6. Has anyone gone off roading/camping with the new Single Speed Transfer Case? I didn't realize it until after I bought my truck that I don't have 4 lo and I am worried that I might need it. I don't go rock crawling but I worry about getting stuck in the dunes/mud and rough terrain trails
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