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  1. I'm happy I have a 2019. 12" inch screen and no column shift is already making me question ever buying a new one. The nail in the coffin tho is the new global B architecture these supposedly have. Everything is encrypted and locked down and already all the reports from C8 and Tahoe/Yukon issues is making me never want to own a newer gen GM vehicle. Sounds like they will be a nightmare to even get something simple like speedo calibration done when getting a lift and bigger tires
  2. guess we are going to have to wait until some brave soul out there decides to take one out on a more rigorous trail lol
  3. This is from GMC’s website. It seems like it could be promising but no way to know unless it’s actually tested: Terrain Mode is designed for use in low-speed off-road driving and helps replicate the control of a traditional low-range four-wheel drive gearing. Additionally, it works to assist the driver on very technical terrain, where precise vehicle control is essential. “Our goal with Terrain Mode was to assist the driver, but to ensure they didn’t feel isolated from the off-roading experience,” says Creehan. ”We wanted Terrain Mode’s functionality to feel natural – and above all, be enjoyable.” In order to select Terrain Mode, the transfer case must be in four-wheel drive (4 High). A unique transmission calibration helps leverage as much engine braking as possible. Like Snow Mode, the accelerator pedal is tuned to respond slowly, allowing for a more precise application of throttle – important when trying to regulate wheelspin when climbing uneven surfaces – while Start/Stop is disabled to avoid any interruption when slowly traveling over rough terrain. Terrain Mode also employs advanced brake-based controls to not only modulate torque across axles – important on loose or uneven surfaces – but it can also work along with engine braking to help regulate speed, especially when travelling slowly downhill. At speeds between 10-25 mph, Terrain Mode will slow the vehicle to a creep speed, much like low-range gearing would in a two-speed transfer case. In the case of more challenging situations – like traversing small boulders or logs – the driver can manually shift the transmission into first or second gear (L1 and L2). In this case, the brake system will work to bring the truck to a full stop if the driver removes his or her foot from the accelerator. Terrain Mode can also leverage an advanced form of Hill Start Assist, which helps hold the brakes under certain conditions while the driver shifts his or her foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator, helping prevent Sierra from moving during the transition, especially while driving through rocky terrain or steep paths. The part about modulating torque across axles sounds particularly interesting. Sounds like the computer doing left foot braking for you to help with traction Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah same here. I tried it on a dirt road and it has some cool tricks but I just wonder if it can handle light trails especially going up or downhill. I wish someone like TFL Truck would take one off road just to see how it does lol. I don't think the torque should be a problem since these trucks already have way more torque than a lot of older trucks that did fine off road. I just worry about the transmission or brakes over heating going up and down hills.
  5. Wondering if anyone has used it at all yet. Worried that the transmission or brakes might overheat
  6. is this something that White auto and media might be able to add perhaps? I know I've seen someone add parking sensors in the front on K2 trucks but I don't know if that would work if you don't have any sensors at all or what parts that would entail.
  7. A politician thinks they are above the law. Shocker. Republicans have been hypocritical and downright moronic as well. Like that guy who tried to pay his mistress to have an abortion. The real problem in this country isn't right vs left. It's the elite vs the common man. The rich and powerful will do everything they can to keep their grip on this country and keep us ignorant and in the dark. Neither party cares more about the American people than they do about keeping their power over us
  8. So I got a really good deal on my truck and my stupid ass didn't know until after I bought my vehicle that it had the single speed transfer case without 4 low. I just assumed since basically every GM truck I've had that was a 4x4 has had 4lo that this one did too. Plus I didn't care about Z71 package because I was going to upgrade the suspension anyway. Now I was thinking, since it seems like everything is identical in both 4x4 trucks other than the transfer case, couldn't one just be swapped in? I found a post on a Tahoe forum where someone with a 2012 Tahoe that had a single speed swapped to a dual speed and everything was identical other than the transfer case and the TCU
  9. Yup, kinda like how the T1s have single speed transfer case now if you don't pay extra for Z71
  10. I've owned a Canyon, two Silverados, and a Volt and every single one has had this problem. Is this a common GM thing? Every single one needed the actuator repaired under warranty
  11. Same here. I'm pretty sure the hardware is present for it as well. All you need is Wi-Fi and these trucks already have that. If these trucks don't have the new infotainment screen of the Tahoe and it is just an "updated" 8 inch screen then I see no reason they can't update the old ones. Or at least maybe we would be able to install the "new" radio into our trucks. I'd rather pay for that than trade in my truck to get a new one
  12. If it's just the console I wonder if we will be able to swap it into the current trucks... or the infotainment. The biggest thing I want from the new interior is the wireless carplay, but I don't want a push button shifter. I got a hell of deal on my truck and I don't want to trade it in just for something like wireless carplay that we should have had already built in
  13. Are the z71 trucks and single speed trucks identical other than the transfer case and skid plates? I wonder if it would be possible down the line to swap in the two speed transfer case (assuming you could reprogram the BCM and that all other mechanical bits are identical)
  14. I'm going to have to test it out and see if it is sufficient using "emulated" lo range. I would imagine that these trucks have enough torque that it's probably the slow crawl in 4lo and not the actual gear reduction that helps you out of a tough situation. So in theory the "emulated" lo range should be sufficient since it turns off traction and modulates the brakes
  15. dang so what's the point of just having 4hi? Seems like it's just AWD but without running full time. Feel like the truck is going to be useless off road now
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