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  1. I got everything working for QT6 like factory. To upgrade from at QT5 (originally I had version with one lock actuator there is a QT5 version with 2 lock actuators) You need new torque rod 84536703 ($20), new right hinge gate side and body side 23388858 ($30) and 23388847($30), lock regulator right 84533175 ($65), lock regulator left 84533174 ($65), module 84652297 ($100 got mine used for $40 a new one would probably require programming), harness 84682842 ($75 I got a used one for $40), switch for dash 84482867 ($15), motor 84490334 ($200 got mine used for $100) Before you remove torx bolts on right side body hinge you need to remove the right side taillight and remove the 15mm bolt holding the soft open spring. You may have to dremel a plastic key tab on male fakra connector for camera wire to allow it to plug in at body harness You may have to drill out some holes in the mounting plate on bottom of tailgate for actuator With all of these items installed you will have up/down use of interior switch and exterior switch but not key fob. To get key fob to work you can do this. There are probably better ways. I was able to get key fob to work I removed the green and yellow/black wire and plug from my old harness QT5 harness and added them to my QT6 harness to power the old QT5 actuator (these wires come from BCM). I turned my old actuator into a switch by sodering a wire to the actuator cam and sodered a wire to the latch bump I ran these wires to exterior switch so when I activate fob the actuator spins and connects the circuits and complete exterior switch circuit.
  2. yeah i bought that switch too and it did not work. I bet we could bypass logic board on fan motors. I havent torn a motor apart yet to see how easy that would be.
  3. i figured out the interior dash button for tailgate is different between a qt5 and qt6. I switched this switch out. now tailgate worked up and down with interior switch, tailgate switch but not working with the key fob.
  4. I thought about running a line to run coolers separate but i think each blower motor might have a can bus logic board. I dont think it is simple power ground. Let me know what you find out though I havent gotten the chance to investigate this. What do you mean WAMS said not mapped for T1? they are now advertising BCM programming for T1 for heated/cooled seats. Thank you.
  5. power seats are plug and play both sides even with memory for my truck. heat still worked. cooled did not. I did not get BCM programming for cooled yet bc I was waiting to see if WAMS is going to figure out rear seat heating too.
  6. I noticed I had the heated rear seat connector behind my drivers side rear seat. Recently I put an oem wireless charger in my truck and in that process I bought a wiring harness for my center console that supports heated rears seats. I have a RST Silverado 2020 with a center console. I needed 8 parts to get hardware in place for heated seats trim plate 84505576 $30 seat heat switch 84476688 $30 heat switch bracket 84172412 $8 harness 84482759 $56 (2) seat cushion heater 84369788 $20ea module 13523031 $35 module bracket 84180630 $10 seat harness 84441561 $35 Total $250 I switched everything out and I tucked the heating pads under the seat covers. I figured it was likely I would need some custom programming but I gave it a shot anyhow. After all that it did not work. No light turns on the switch. I thought about making a canny device but then WAMS came out with custom BCM programming for T1. His website says support is pending for adding heated rear seats. I have everything in place for cooled/heated front seats too but I am waiting to see if WAMS adds the heated rear seats. Anyone done this? Or made any canny device for any functions on these trucks?
  7. It is easy 4 torx bolts and harness plug. I did it in my RST Silverado maybe check pin out to make sure you have ground and power.
  8. I tried it. You need a new torque rod, right side hinge gate side, right side hinge truck side, latch motors l and r, you need actuator motor it mounts on right side of gate, you need new harness and a lift gate module. I hooked all this up and I got it to come down intermittently but I could not get it to come up. The last thing I didn't try was switching out dash switch. I still have all the parts so maybe I will try that someday. Fiatdale did you get HUD to work?
  9. I put power fold mirrors on my RST. power fold mirrors are controlled by memory seat module. i upgraded to factory powerfold mirrors, 360 view, memory seats/mirrors and soon vented seats when I get WAMS to program BCM.
  10. I finally got a new right side latch. This did not fix the issue. I think I am going to give up and send these parts back to salvage yard unless anyone else has ideas. Maybe @GTPprix can solve.
  11. right now tailgate will drop smoothly with push of handle button. I think I have a bad right side latch. the latch doesnt lock correctly. I ordered a new one and am waiting for it to arrive. I think sensors in lock are causing module to limit function.
  12. in closed position, if i hit handle button it beeps. i think the qt6 tailgate is supposed to beep in down position. right now i think in up position it thinks it is down. maybe i need to take out motor and spin motor 90 degrees? i have succesfully added memory seats without programming so i was hopefull this would work too.
  13. i installed everything today. didnt work. there is clicking from module when i press handle button but nothing else happens. i will play with it more.
  14. i am doing this within next week. i have rst with power down gate. i am going to try QT6 i have all parts, just need time. you need new torque rod, new right side hinge gateside, new right side hinge body side, module, harness, left latch, right latch and motor. I found some parts at nordstroms and some on lookupgmparts.com I will do a write up if it works.
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