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  1. I added a oem HUD to a 2020 silverado that didn't have HUD. How do you have HUD cut out with no HUD? Are you sure you aren't talking about proximity warning light cut out. that cut out is much smaller than HUD cut out.
  2. yes got it working perfectly like from factory just need parts listed and autosync device from WAMS
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254607784978?hash=item3b47ce7c12:g:5TcAAOSw-Rley4BH&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4NUZ%2F4NHsCQmNMawA5t1U25KhyFkc2ZAddIiBWCCK4lCoZMyvvuYn5%2FnSq755DlDClXBNwzwkjHCBYVkE5%2Fmjxfcw6PYnmksRfzED61ZJ0xY8bOGkXbaOAX8sAumVdvDdN3OzkJqvaDjxLL3peT3UFst%2B%2Ba7s6Ry84kaK9OEyD3Mhd%2BLbot86%2F7Kc7n8ggPDdHU1omvX%2FF%2Bh2JjFpcTCIPWPWiRLS%2BSqta9ob8NqURzaXc3P7bsc9wa6OHaXQLFu5fS6R1U03679oq1zVipHmTcmCJjGDzWtkrfBmUmzu%2BeX|tkp%3ABFBM1NTTxbVg there is link
  4. Your pass door has an auto down AND up regulator. That door harness is for auto down only regulators.
  5. I am thinking about swapping dash and console out too. I know 13" screen is global b tech so probably won't get that or and new DIC to work but WAMS is working on getting 10" screen upgrade with me (kinda with me...he is brains I am test dummy) so I would mount 10" screen into 13" screen hole. I think it has potential to look good. Then you sell old parts and you got <$500 in getting better interior and it would be a fun project, instead of me trading truck and losing $10k. Main thing is it is kinda my hobby, I like tearing things apart so don't hate.
  6. I would like to see if the new refresh interior door panels fit on a 2019-2021 or 2022 LTD. I thought about trading my truck but to get same options I would be paying a lot. I cannot find part numbers from online gm parts dealers. I would like the part numbers for the LTZ. If anyone with a LTZ refresh that has black interior has their door panels off can you get me part number? Or does anyone have any good parts department friends who are good at finding parts?
  7. WAMS is working something up on programming end. I will then figure how to get it mounted so it looks stock.
  8. For anyone thinking about performing the video mirror swap. I have some excellent condition DRZ oem video mirrors and mirror kits for sale if anyone is interested. 380 shipped for mirror and 675 shipped for total kit (video mirror/harness/light/camera. Delete if not allowed. They are also listed on ebay for $400 and $750. Ebay charges tax to customer and me then takes fees so I am trying to make it so we all win.
  9. you need... -pair of oem cooled/heated seats -hvac switch 84692240 -autosync T1 bcm programming from WAMS i already had heated seats/make sure your harness has the cooled seat circuits
  10. Make sure the tailgate switch you install in dash is for power up down tailgate not just power down. Were your tailgate lock actuators new? Here you go.
  11. When I retrofitted memory seats, power fold and mirrors in my 2020 truck I had to use auto up passenger switch but the window regulator has a different connection. I bought a new regulator and it still didn't work. My truck now has two passenger window switches. One is hidden in door trim it controls memory mirrors. The other switch is my normal switch it controls the window. So you need switch, harness, regulator motor and BCM programming. Dont know if custom programming for that has ever been done. White Automotive Media Services would be the only place that could do it.
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