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  1. Successfully added cooled seats to truck today thanks to White Automotive Media Services WAMS custom BCM programming. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-wams-spec-bcm-programming/ First I swapped my heated seats out with vented seats from an LTZ. I also gained power passenger seat, memory seats/mirrors and power fold mirrors (controlled by MSM in seat) see my other posts about this. You dont have to do all the memory stuff everything still works if you only want to swap to get cooled seats. You will need a new HVAC control switch that has cooled switches- 84692240. You will need programming. I purchased autosync device from WAMS. Autosync is awesome so many things to customize and new features are frequently added. One time purschase but you continue to have new features added. WAMS takes very good care of customers. WAMS added heated rear seat programming to autosync at my request! I loaded new files to autosync and programmed truck within 5 minutes I had OEM cooled seats and they feel great. All my wiring for seats were already present in my RST. Add heated rear seats too. See other post on that. Thank you Chris from WAMS!!!!
  2. If you wanted oem camera system it would be hard to add on a truck with no VCM but might be possible if you had ios or iot radio. I had an RST with a VCM because I had bedview package. A truck with only rearview cam does not have a VCM. I was able to add oem front cam by swapping VCM with a 360 one.
  3. $1000 shipped from nordstrums junk yard for pair. sold old seats for $600 on facebook.
  4. i think corona got fiatdale. pgamboa bought all the parts he is going to try eventually.
  5. Max trailering package is a different rear gear, heavy springs, a bigger diameter axle nothing with cameras. I do not have max trailering. I had the UVI package there is a camera in my high mount brake light for bedview and I had camera ports in my rear bumper. I had options for hitch view, bed view, inside trailer view, behind trailer view and rear view. I retrofitted the to UVS package which is UVI package plus 360 view and invisible trailer.
  6. Yes it recognized immediately for rear trailer viewas shown in picture. For the invisible trailer you need to drive slow in strait line for about a minute to calibrate camera as you do with $400 camera. If you take it apart the $400 trailer cam that gm sells inside you will find camera I used.
  7. For those of you with trailer camera ports on your trucks. Those GM accessory cameras are $400. Here is how to make poor man's accessory trailer camera. I made mine for about $130 dollars. Attached is a pic of my invisible trailer working. You can customize your length of wire too unlike the gm one. Parts 1. Cable Fakra A 9005 Black Female R/A - DVB-T TV Female Cable Assemblies Item# FKR-TV-F/S-FAKRA/A-F/RA (search this item number on segemart) Cable Type: RG316 Length: 50 (you can order what ever length you want I bought 50ft). https://www.segemart.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=FKR-TV-F%2FS-FAKRA%2FA-F%2FRA 2. 360 type Camera- gm part number 23390514 https://www.ebay.com/itm/front-camera-blazer-silverado-sierra-2019-gm-oem-23390514-84179367-360/193620949316 3. Mount- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SZSVT71/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 4. Casing- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F462RYR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 5. Adhesive tape and ties- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YJNVRWS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 6. 3/4 inch PVC pipe 7. Epoxy Glue 8. Wire conduit 9. Electrical tape Steps 1. Drill a hole in the mount bracket so the camera connector port with fit in a way where you can epoxy glue the camera to the mount. 2. Epoxy glue camera to the mount bracket. 3. Cut casing in half and drill a hole in the thick side for the camera lens to fit in. Use another half piece as a cover for the back. You can epoxy glue these onto the mount or use a thin long screw and nut to connect 2 casing shells. 4. Connect camera wire, cover wire with wire conduit and electrical tape and run line using adhesive tape and ties to hold up. 5. On the truck end of the camera you will can make a plug end over to slide over top the DVB plug end with PVC pipe. I put the DVB plug inside a PCV pipe and epoxy glued the back side in. I dremmeled 2 slits in the PVC pipe so connector would fit in port(see pictures)
  8. Yes, you have to have the trailer cam package to complete this retrofit. You know if you have the trailer cam package (UVI) if you have a camera in your high mount stop light but no video rear view mirror.
  9. not sure of part number but yes the fold and unfold with switch inside or key fob. menus to select fold and memory options become unlocked in radio too once memory seat module is connected.
  10. I am selling a VCM from a 2020 1500 LTZ short bed crew, regular mirrors on ebay if anyone is interested. If your truck matches that layout you wouldn't need programming. Would consider selling cheaper outside of ebay. Remember you need to have the bedview cam package UVI to successfully do this. This module would probably only work on 2020 don't know about 2021 or 2019.
  11. I added memory seat/mirrors and power fold to my truck. folding is controlled by the memory seat module. you need to buy a set of memory seats and a bunch of harnesses.
  12. I made a post about this mod. This is a cheap mod hardware wise if you have a center console and you see the body harness plug behind your driver rear seat but the BCM programming does not yet exist. WAMS says rear heated seat programming is pending. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-wams-spec-bcm-programming/ I have all the hardware in place for this mods and will say the chrome trim looks nice to on the center console. I am waiting on WAMS get enough time to figure out programming. I encourage you to ask WAMS about programming if your interested. If there is enough interest they will figure it out. I think all parts were $250 bucks. See my post on what is needed.
  13. you would need to source a 5ch video processing module to add trailer cam package UVI or a 10ch video processing module vpm to add 360 surround w trailer cam package UVS. I have heard WAMS said they can program it to work in a non VPM truck, you just need to run coax camera lines. then vpm has 2 power wires, 2 ground wires and a GMLAN line you need to tie into your trucks body harness if you dont already have a VPM. I upgraded from UVI to UVS on my truck so I already had connector harness. Trucks with only tailgate cams do not have a VPM.
  14. I upgraded to 2 camera high mount tail lamp. I had the trailer cam package bed view cam with no video mirror and I added the video mirror. Bought my dual camera lamp off ebay. Worked great awesome upgrade. Mine was a 2020 but should work in a 2021.
  15. i have as IOS radio added 360 vision using info in link I sent.
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