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  1. so i figured out to to this you need at least a memory seat, both new door harnessess, both new switch harnessess and you need both new switches. my body harness on my RST has all the wires to make memory work according to wiring diagrams and looking at harness. i am waiting on door harness now (x500 and x600) after putting memory seats in my truck I also learn I gained haptic seat alerts and the folding/memory options are on my radio display.
  2. the wire was not in mine but i did not have power fold/puddle light. i can tell you mine had a coax in door harness but not in body harness. you can see in this pic. i messed up tip on one that came with car when removing from connector. you can see where i inserted my new custom wire.
  3. i used a blazer mirror for mine. it hooked right up. pictures great.
  4. yeah i figured it wouldnt but it was worth a try! bought seat from nordstroums in SD. great people. yes mem module is there and driver seat still moves.
  5. i dropped in, switch, cooled seats with memory seat module tonight. this did not make the mirrors fold. i will need to try custom bcm/memory programming next. power driver and passenger seat work (except memory) and heat seat works(but i had this before).
  6. It is not that easy. I hooked up power mirrors when I upgraded my RST to 360 view. I bought power fold switch and harness and it did not work. You will need new driver window switch and switch harness, memory seat module at least. Power folding mirrors runs through memory seat module and bcm. I just bought cooled seats with memory module, waiting on arrival. Seat harness looks like it has the right pins so I dont think I will need to reroute a bunch of wires like you would on previous body style truck. Chris White at WAMS will be doing my custom programming. I will keep you updated. Thanks.
  7. I think that is high mount light part number. heres a pic of mine. i want to verify what cam is in the light. I had a bed view cam in my mine 84676845 also same type they use in 360 view cams in 2020 models. i am trying to figure out if rear view mirror cam has a different part number.
  8. do you by chance know part number of the actual camera inside the high mount brake light?
  9. also module number with 360 and trailer cam package is 84743036. I had to tear a friends truck apart to find that out.
  10. gm upfitter website was a good source. figuring out the color coding on the fakra cable is the main thing you need to figure out with diagrams. I had a hard time buying module new for some reason, a couple dealerships tried to say they couldnt get it. new was like 500-750. i got mine from a junk yard for 200.
  11. right under the passenger seat lift up carpet a bit and you should see it
  12. does any one know the part number for the actual camera inside the light? I did this install with a rear view mirror cam/bed view cam lense and did not look before i put it on. i have a high mount light but it is a bed view type cam and i want to put rear view mirror cam in it to sell.
  13. I just looked at gmpartsdirect and found the parts in the diagrams, i just took everything apart and hoped it would work. I got the harness with rear heat heater. I noticed the harness behind the seat was there. I just tried adding rear heated seats this weekend it did not work. i think some needs turn on in BCM.
  14. i made this camera/harness prototype. plugs right onto truck port. rear cam works but since my truck is an RST retrofit i dont have options in trailer app to enter my trailer dimensions so it wont calibrate for invisible trailer.
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