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  1. What is wrong with harness i originally posted when I started this thread? It has usb/sd, wiring for wireless charger and wiring for heated rear seat if you wish to add later.
  2. you can add video rear view mirror to a bedview truck. but you cant add bedview without adding at least video processing module (i do have one from my truck i may sell) and radio programming. WAMS may be able to help.
  3. gm version of surround view in 2020 and 2021 has 1 front cam, 2 side mirror cams, 1 rear camera, 1 bed view cam, 2 trailer ports, I retrofitted my RST truck which had bed view package (only has bed view, rear cam and 2 trailer cams) to a 360 gm oem fully functional swapping module out and adding cams.
  4. you need to pull out glove box. on the hvac body there is a white plug(i think) in the hole. pull plug and that is where it goes.
  5. You probably don't need the air duct unless you live in death valley. I ran mine without duct and it wasnt bad. It is actually a little tricky to get to where duct plugs into hvac. you have to remove glove boxes. Could try without and see if you feel charger getting overly hot.
  6. I had WAMS working on this. Thank you WAMS! WAMS really is the best. The tahoe screen was built for global B electrical architecture so it was not possible. We may try something else with a global A cars screen.
  7. try using the cool/heat module i kept cool/heat module in my truck and heater worked fine when i swapped. it was plug and play. check fuses i suppose. gmupfitter has pin out if you want to see that. or is the seat adjuster not working?
  8. the programming master has it now. waiting to see if he can solve it.
  9. 84486910 is the camera part number and if you need a mirror, there are some very very nice video DRZ mirrors on ebay right now (i may be the seller).
  10. mocking it up. I found one of the best to work on a solution to the resolution. I will provide updates.
  11. I have been thinking about putting a bigger screen in my 2020 silverado. I bought a used 10inch screen from a Tahoe. The connections on the back are the same. I thought I would try it out. Today I plugged in and the image displayed but it was showing 6 screens! I know nothing about vidro screens but I do like to experiment. Touch screen did work. Can anyone or does anyone know someone who can come up with a way to fix? Is there a way to convert image or program something? Or I wonder if a Tahoe radio receiver could be installed?
  12. what are specs on relay? where did you get yours? I know nothing about them. I want to do the relay way instead of using old actuator. what i did was kinda ghetto but i had to work with my limit knowledge and was really trying to get fob to work.
  13. you need to check where seat harness connects to body harness. take side trim sheild off seat track and you should see that big connector.
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